Mexico Pineapple concentrate production line Project

Since our inception, Goldcheer has always regarded product quality as the top priority of the company’s development. This is deeply reflected in the product concept of Gongcheng Machinery’s “Quality=Our Lifeline”. Good products not only need to strictly comply with quality standards but also need to be produced with care.

Recently, Goldcheer shipped the entire pineapple concentrate production line to Mexican customers. Among them, the whole line includes a floating washing machine, brush washing machine, sorting machine, pineapple peeling machine, pre-heater, finisher, decanter, triple effect vacuum evaporator, tube in tube sterilizer, double head aseptic filler, and other equipment. Excellent mechanical quality and stable production efficiency have left a good impression on customers.

Product quality is the foundation of an enterprise’s survival. Goldcheer will adhere to the business philosophy of combining innovation and quality. In terms of product quality management, from technology research and development, manufacturing to consumer use, we are committed to ensuring, keeping promises, standardizing operations, and developing a conscience. We are constantly providing consumers with rich, diverse, high-quality, and reliable products.

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