Quality is the future of the company

With the expansion of the domestic juice beverage market and the recovery of demand in foreign markets, the development prospects of Goldcheer in the concentrated juice machinery industry are gradually becoming clear.

Faced with fierce competition in the same industry, Goldcheer has won the trust of customers by virtue of its excellent product quality and good after-sales service. Recently, Goldcheer exported a complete set of fully automatic grape juice falling film evaporators to overseas.

The falling film evaporator of this shipment belongs to the natural circulation liquid membrane-type concentrating equipment, which has the characteristics of high heat transfer rate and short heating time, and can maintain the original color, fragrance, taste, and composition of the material to be processed, and is suitable for Production of juices and dairy products. At the same time, the equipment has automatic control of temperature and liquid level, and the Italian Marsali online detector accurately controls the function of sugar output. As a company with extensive experience in the food machinery industry, Goldcheer focuses on the turnkey project of the whole line of equipment and builds its brand with strength.

Without quality, there is no business tomorrow. Quality creates the profit, productivity, market, and future of the business. As a company providing high-tech products, Goldcheer will focus on customers and meet the requirements of customers. In the future, the company will bring more high-quality products to customers.

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