Speed up the development and utilization of seven fruit and vegetable processing equipment

China is one of the world’s four major fruit and vegetable production countries, with the current fruit and vegetable processing capacity of less than one-seventh of the production, mainly fresh. Relevant departments forecast and fruit and vegetable research experts pointed out that the future should speed up the following seven kinds of fruit and vegetable processing equipment and key technologies, technology development research, and utilization.

First, beverage processing machinery. Speed ​​up the development of aseptic filling technology, improve the production capacity of filling production lines, improve the existing equipment and automation level, promote the computer control automation production line, and further promote the use of high-pressure sterilization technology.

Second, vegetable processing equipment. Improve the standardization of existing equipment, automation and mechanization level, strengthen scientific research and development, the establishment of a national fruit and vegetable processing machinery research center and base, the establishment of fruit and vegetable processing technology and equipment information network, to keep abreast of developments at home and abroad.

Third, juice filtration, separation equipment. Speed ​​up the development of large-scale filtration equipment to improve the level of automation, butterfly separator should be large-scale and automated direction to meet the different material requirements.

Fourth, crushing equipment. Strengthen the research and development of key components to improve its wear resistance, corrosion resistance and impact resistance; to strengthen the development of sealing materials to improve its pressure and high humidity resistance, speed up the promotion and use of ultra-fine grinder.

Five is sterilization equipment. Improve the level of automation of sterilization equipment and its detection and monitoring equipment reliability, speed up the development of high-pressure sterilization equipment to promote the development of ultrasonic sterilization technology, magnetic sterilization technology and pulse sterilization technology.

Six is ​​the drying equipment. Speed ​​up the development, development, improve the automatic control system and heat pump technology to improve the performance of drying equipment, the development of heat recovery devices to improve energy efficiency.

Seven is quick-frozen equipment. Improve the existing equipment, automatic control system to improve efficiency; the development of liquid nitrogen quick-freezing machine and steel freezer and so on. Improve the performance of supporting machinery and standardization, automation and mechanization level.

Experts advise, the seven types of machinery and equipment should be timely development and production, the sooner the more the market, according to different varieties of fruits and vegetables and performance structure, development and production of different models, performance of mechanical equipment, and for China’s regional economic development level and the East , The development of differences in the West, the appropriate development of large, medium and small assembly of fruit and vegetable machinery.

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