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Goldcheer is the perfect manufacturer you can fully trust especially when it comes to the qualities of the machines and the excellent services we are providing. We are professional enough to manufacture high-quality bottle cooling tunnels.

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Your Incomparable Bottle Cooling Tunnel Supplier

Goldcheer is the only manufacturer you can rely on the machines you wanted to use for your plants or any business including bottle cooling tunnels. We are sure of your fulfilling operation when you consider our offered bottle cooling tunnel for your business. We made it with secure materials, easy to clean and less maintenance for the benefit of our clients. Goldcheer provides incomparable customer services and assistance. Our intention is to satisfy our customers by supplying you the best operating bottle cooling tunnels.

Goldcheer Bottle Cooling Tunnel

Smooth Operation Bottle Cooling Machine

This smooth operation bottle cooling machine measure dimension of about 7.2*1.5*2.3m. Goldcheer made it with sustainable quality and performance.

Fully Automated Bottle Cooling Tunnel

Fully automated bottle cooling tunnel is widely used in freezing products for your business. It is effective to preserve properly the specific item.

Semi-Automatic Bottle Cooling Tunnel

A lot of manufacturing plants use these high-quality semi-automatic bottle cooling tunnels mainly to seal, pack and label the bottled water.

Wrapping Bottle Cooling Tunnel

The wrapping bottle cooling tunnel we provide measures dimension of about 1720*740*1050 + 1260*670*1290 mm. It operates 220V/50HZ 50Hz.

Auto Bottle Cooling Packing Machine

This auto bottle cooling packing tunnel is mostly used for bottling and packaging. It has multiple functions for packaging individually the products.

Shrink Wrapping Bottling Cooling Tunnel

Goldcheer shrink wrapping bottle cooling tunnel has maximum sealing size of 550*450 mm. All over this bottle cooling tunnel measures 1760*940*1580 mm.

Juice Filling Bottle Cooling Tunnel

In this machine you can process many methods such as filling, capping and even washing. It makes the work faster than usual machines. 

Bottle Cooling Tunnel for Beverages

This bottle cooling tunnel for beverages is the upgraded design by Goldcheer. It operates three ways and levels of processing the bottled beverages.

Bottle Cooling Machine with Steam Tunnel

Goldcheer formed this bottle cooling machine with a steam tunnel that can label the specific bottle of about 60-150 / min. It has total dimension of 4000(L)*1050(W)*2000(H)(mm).

Glass Bottle Cooling Tunnel

This glass bottle cooling tunnel has the capacity to operate liquids of about 10000-15000BPH (on the base label length: 500mL).

Sunstick Bottle Cooling Tunnel

This sunstick bottle cooling tunnel is usually used for cooling and filling cosmetics. It operates with voltages of AC 380V,60Hz,3PH. Select your choice.

Small Bottle Cooling Tunnel

These small bottle cooling tunnels are designed to be easy to operate. We can give you full assistance via videos and manuals.

Why Goldcheer Bottle Cooling Tunnel

You should choose this Goldcheer bottle cooling tunnel for your faster operation and productivity of your business. Our bottle cooling tunnels have spray with chilled water. It is constructed of sanitary stainless steel for your easy cleaning operation. It has the capability to operate cooling of about 25K btu/hr to 500K btu/hr based on its quality and type.

Goldcheer can provide all types you need and suits for your applications. We are always ready to present to you the selection of types and sizes of bottle cooling tunnels. You can also tell us your requirement details and we will take care of customizing your ordered bottle cooling tunnels.

Our main production lines are tomato paste production line, mango pulp production line, fruit(apple, orange) juice production line, guava passion fruit production line, yogurt production line, UHT milk production line, coconut milk powder production line, milk powder production line, honey production line, beer brewery production line.

bottle cooling tunnel video

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Gold Cheer Your Great Bottle Cooling Tunnel Manufacturer

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Goldcheer Bottle Cooling Tunnel

Goldcheer can be your reliable source of numerous models of bottle cooling tunnels. We can manufacture immense quantities of bottle cooling tunnels that can fully support your developing business. High-quality bottle cooling tunnels are what you can expect on Goldcheer.

These bottle cooling tunnels are made up of high-grade stainless steel which makes it more reliable and durable. It makes use of water spray to quickly lessen product temperature right after filling. By the use of Goldcheer bottle cooling tunnels it helps downstreams labeled and packaged easier.

The bottle cooling tunnels are applied in three stages designs to maximize the efficiency of the water and conserve water. Goldcheer formed these bottle cooling tunnels with effective and well functioning parts. We assure you satisfying results with operation of our recommended bottle cooling tunnels.

Goldcheer is your knowledgeable manufacturer and supplier of valuable bottle cooling tunnels that surely contribute to the accomplishments of your business and plants. As your solid supplier of various types of bottle cooling tunnels, we are accountable to give you the best products we have manufactured.

Be with Goldcheer’s hands and we guarantee you satisfying conditions and features of the bottle cooling tunnel you need for your processing plants. Look forward to the convenient and full assistance of our staff. Feel free to ask and inquire if you are interested with our offered bottle cooling tunnel.

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