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Goldcheer is professional enough to handle the immense capacity of ordered chilling tunnels. Chilling tunnels are so important in specific types of processing plants products. Most of the clients prefer to purchase such chilling tunnels on Goldcheer.

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Your Best Chilling Tunnel Supplier

Goldcheer can be your best chilling tunnel supplier in China and also out of the country. We have been manufacturing and providing for our clients all over the world for almost a decade. Manufacturing excellent features of chilling tunnels have become our expertise since then. We can provide a full range of your desired chilling tunnels especially when you also want to deal it to your country. Goldcheer can give you cost-effective chilling tunnels. Supplying such efficient chilling tunnels and other related products are also our satisfaction.

Goldcheer Chilling Tunnel

Spiral belt chilling tunnel

This spiral belt chilling tunnel has the capacity to chill the product of about 300-5000kg/h. We can give you a customized dimension of this chilling tunnel.

Flash Blast Chilling Tunnel

This flash blast chilling tunnel is widely used for storing different kinds of foods that have to be frozen. You can adjust its temperature from -6℃ to -10℃ in just 20 minutes.

Net Belt Chilling Tunnel

Goldcheer designed this net belt chilling tunnel with a simple structure and solid operation. We can customize the design you wanted for any of your applications.

Quick Freeze Chilling Tunnel

A quick freeze chilling tunnel is your ideal machine if you really need a faster chilling process for your specific food product. Goldcheer assures your satisfaction.

liquid nitrogen chilling tunnel

This liquid nitrogen fruit chilling tunnel is safer to use especially for freezing foods. It is made up of high-quality stainless steel material to operate and function for a long year.

Quick Chilling Immersion Tunnel

A type of tunnel chiller that has the capacity to operate of about 100KG-3000KG/Hour. Actually, it can form big cubes to freeze specific products you wanted to apply.

Industrial Chilling Tunnel

The industrial chilling tunnel is designed by Goldcheer with cabinet style. It can give you flexible numbers of food products. It has production rates of about 100-2500kg/h.

Cooled Screw Chilling Tunnel

Goldcheer made this cooled screw chilling tunnel with environment-friendly materials and easy to maintain. It is designed with insurance of power supply and energy saving.

Chilling Tunnel for Cosmetics

This chilling tunnel for cosmetics is so good to use for coloring kinds of cosmetics. It is commonly used in lipstick manufacturing plants.

Chilling Tunnel for Meats and Seafoods

We have available models of chilling tunnels for meat and seafood that have different widths of belts that have rates of about 300–2,500 kg/h.

Ice Cream Freezing Chilling Tunnel

Goldcheer made this modern design of ice cream freezing chilling tunnels for the best of the business or manufacturing plant owners.

Blast Freezer and Chiller Tunnel

This blast freezer and chiller tunnel also have a net belt to form blowing freeze and expanded capacity of applications.

Why Goldcheer Chilling Tunnel

Goldcheer chilling tunnels have specific parts that mainly work to lengthen the chilling tunnel’s life. It has the capability to operate and chill at about 1.0–2.0ºC temperature. Great performances of chilling tunnels are what you can get from Goldcheer. We assure you of the best appearance and functions of our offered chilling tunnels.

We have lists of top-rated and best-selling chilling tunnels. You can choose the best for your business or processing plants. Goldcheer is experienced enough to give you no hassle processing orders and services. This chilling tunnel offered by Goldcheer is very useful in every part of the industry.

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Gold Cheer Your Top Chilling Tunnel Manufacturer

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Goldcheer Chilling Tunnel

The Goldcheer chilling tunnels are highly made up of high-standard components to ensure their enduring performance. The more the chilling tunnel is durable the lesser the maintenance it is. You can get in for your budget price of chilling tunnels for your business.

Goldcheer never fails our loyal clients by continuously supplying you with high-standard quality chilling tunnels. A lot of our customers give good feedback when they consider Goldcheer chilling tunnels for business and factories. You can also experience such stress-free operating chilling tunnels when you prefer Goldcheer as your manufacturer.

All types of chilling tunnels listed above have their own capacities and applications. Just choose your choice and we are willing to give more details about the said product. We are your full-time suppliers that have approachable workers whom you can trust for your purchased chilling tunnels.

Our chilling tunnels underwent high-quality inspections to make sure that they would be delivered to our customers safely and undamaged. It is surely easy to operate tunnels that make possible faster operations and processing of the products. We can tell you more about the functions and application of aimed chilling tunnels you wanted.

Goldcheer is your skilled manufacturer that can produce all types of chilling tunnels you want to use for your developing plants. We are open 24/7 for your inquiries and expect a friendly staff that can give you assistance until you receive your ordered chilling tunnels.

Our main production lines are tomato paste production line, mango pulp production line, fruit(apple, orange) juice production line, guava passion fruit production line, yogurt production line, UHT milk production line, coconut milk powder production line, milk powder production line, honey production line, beer brewery production line.

Don’t hesitate to keep on communicating with us for your ordered chilling tunnels!

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