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Goldcheer is your primary manufacturer and a continuous supplier of high-quality machines like coconut extraction machines. In Goldcheer you can depend on your production of excellent processed coconut products for your business. 

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Your Trustworthy Coconut Extraction Machine Supplier

Goldcheer grew into a trustworthy manufacturer and supplier, considering that we are always giving our clients full support and satisfying services. A lot of plant owners prefer Goldcheer to be their solid partner in business. It is also possible for you to have an enhancing business by choosing us as your leading supplier. We can provide all your needed processing machines especially coconut extraction machines. We have wide options for your selected coconut extraction machine. Contact us now so we can process your order immediately.

Goldcheer Coconut Extraction Machine

Automatic Oil Press Coconut Extraction Machine

Goldcheer gives your business a productivity boost with superior series of automatic oil press coconut extraction machines. This is full of the most advanced and latest features.

Stainless Steel Coconut Extraction Machine

Goldcheer manufactures usual stainless steel coconut extraction machines that are designed with arc slide back. It has a 38mm round hopper that has a capacity of 4-5kg feeding time. It has also a dual press temperature switch that is adjustable according to your materials.

hydraulic virgin coconut oil extraction machine

Hydraulic coconut oil extraction machines have temperature control knobs exactly on how looks perfect you desire for its result. It is made up of high-grade materials that make possible its lasting service.

Old Coconut Husk Extraction Machine

Goldcheer provides a old coconut husk extraction machine with a friendly cost. It has a motor and pumps core components. It operates power of about 5kw. It functions and processes also as remover of its meat.

Mini Coconut Extraction Pressing Machine

Goldcheer implements a 1 year warranty of purchased mini coconut extraction pressing machines. It functions voltages of about 220V/50HZ. It has an operation speed of 45r/minute.

Coconut Sludge Filter Extractor Machine

This coconut sludge filter extractor machine has a dimension of 1860*456*744mm. Goldcheer made it with a capacity of about 0.1-0.3m3/h. The coconut sludge filter extractor is widely used for separating the solid and liquid elements.

Multi-functional Coconut Extraction Machine

Goldcheer provides assistance and manuals on how to operate properly this high-quality coconut extraction machine. It has a hydraulic pressure system that controls the pressure to its adjustable relief valves.

Professional Small Coconut Extraction Machine

Goldcheer composed this high-quality professional small coconut extraction machine with a stainless steel body. Operates power of about 1500W. We made it with well functioned parts for the best result of your coconut related business.

Home Use Coconut Extraction Machine

Goldcheer multi-functional coconut extraction machine is made with easier installation and operation. It is easy to dismantle the squeezing press. Goldcheer made it with durable materials to extend its lifespan.

High-Pressure Coconut Extractor Machine

The Goldcheer manufactures high-conditioned high-pressure coconut  extractor machine that are also suitable not just for coconut but also for tea and sesame seeds. High-grade stainless steel is being used to make it more reliable and hygienic.

Stainless Steel Flax Coconut Extraction Machine

Goldcheer stainless steel flax coconut extraction machine has a dimension of 62*45*69cm. We create it with safe and secure compositions. Goldcheer can introduce the perfect one for your business.

Freeze Dryer Coconut Extraction Machine

This freeze dryer coconut extraction machine is a type of extraction machine that has 145*275mm shelf dimension. We also provide video outgoing instruction for an easy operation of the said effective machine. Goldcheer can offer you the best one.

Why Goldcheer Coconut Extraction Machine

Goldcheer is your premier manufacturer of our high-quality coconut extraction machine. We provide high-standard quality machine inspection. Goldcheer is your solid supplier of high-quality coconut extraction machines. We are dealing with our best operating coconut extraction machine all over the world.

Our main production lines are tomato paste production line, mango pulp production line, fruit(apple, orange) juice production line, guava passion fruit production line, yogurt production line, UHT milk production line, coconut milk powder production line, milk powder production line, honey production line, beer brewery production line.

We have a complete guide on processing your purchased coconut extraction machine without any hassle. Goldcheer manufactures using high-tech equipment to create fully conditioned coconut extraction machines. In Goldcheer your desired coconut extractor machine is provided based on your required applications. Communicate with us now!

coconut exrtaction machine video

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Gold Cheer Your Best Coconut Extraction Machine Manufacturer

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Goldcheer Coconut Extraction Machine

Goldcheer is your certified and approved manufacturer of excellent quality machines especially coconut extraction machines. We offer the best features of our dealing constructed coconut extraction machine. You can send us the information about the type of your ordering coconut extraction machine.

The coconut extraction machine we are selling is made up of high-quality stainless steel. The Goldcheer makes sure that the coconut extraction machine is in outstanding corrosion resistance. It operates at low temperatures for the best of its results. Be our consistent supplier for a long time.

We are very responsible for giving our beloved customers satisfying quality machines. Supplying you continuously our coconut extraction machine for your plants is our expertise. Trusting Goldcheer is the best conclusion for the development of your rolling business. We are glad to serve and give you fulfilling services even until delivering it to our agreed time.

Most of the types of our offered coconut extraction machines are easy to disassemble and assemble. It is also an advantage for you to clean your operating coconut extraction machine after using it. We made it with expanded benefits. We have lists of all our in-demand type coconut extraction machines.

Goldcheer managed dedicated workers whom you can trust at every level of your processing purchased coconut extractor machine. Safe packaging and importing your ordered coconut extraction machine is what you can expect on Goldcheer. Choose your desire and we will directly utilize its processes.

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FAQs: All You Need to Learn About Coconut Extraction Machine

Purchasing a new product is something a customer has to evaluate first. Knowing the pros and cons, features, quality and different types of it, makes you acquainted and informed so you can get the most out of your money, time, and effort.

This section is your comprehensive guide. It is packed with timely and relevant information that will help you explore the product.

Coconut Oil Machine 1


What is a Coconut Extraction Machine?

Coconut Extraction Machine is also known as the coconut oil expeller machine. This is currently the widely used machinery for coconut oil extraction. Some industries call it the coconut oil press. It has a temperature control knob that helps in the high temperature and high-pressure process.

What are the Parts Coconut Extraction Machine?

Designs and parts of coconut extraction machines may vary from manufacturer. These parts are commonly found in this product.

Ram Disc– this part is like a piston. It compresses the material put in the chamber with the hydraulic pressure

Frame– this is made of iron in a rectangular shape.

Shaft- it is often circular in cross-section. It is used in transmitting power.

Torsional spring- it is the helical spring in the machine. It stores mechanical energy when it is twisted.

Compression Chamber– it is made of cylindrical metal that is used in oil extraction.

How does a Coconut Extraction Machine work?

Generally an extraction machine work in providing friction and pressure on the chamber where the raw material is fed.  It has cylinder parts that channel the oil that comes out of the chamber without allowing the solid and fiber of the raw material.

What are the Different Kinds of Coconut Extraction Machine?


Automatic Coconut Oil Extraction Machine

  •  A standard automatic coconut extraction machine has a capacity of 20-60 per day and its dimension largely depends on the manufacturer.
  • A study found that an automatic coconut oil extractor retains 89.84 of oil.
  • Automatic Coconut Oil Extraction Machine is designed with a digital control board to expedite the process of extraction. It is ideal for large-scale production.

Small Coconut extraction Machine

  • This type is a screw-type oil press expeller that applies pressure. Its main parts are the feeder, gear, box, pressing chamber, and base.
  • A small Coconut extraction Machine is best for small production and workshops.

Home Use Coconut extraction Machine

This type of coconut extraction machine is often cold-press because it is user-friendly and goes in easy steps.


Coconut Oil Machine 3

What is the Difference between Cold-pressed and Expeller-pressed Coconut Oil Extraction Machines?

These two processes are used to meet the needs of the product for their specific application.

Expeller-pressed– This mechanical process extracts the oil with the use of high pressure and heat. The oil that is extracted in this process is referred to as refined oil.

Cold-pressed– the oil that is extracted from this process is pressed in a temperature-controlled environment that does not exceed to 49°C. It is important that the oil is not exposed to extreme heat.

How Is Oil Extracted in Cold-pressed Coconut Oil Extraction Machine?

As mentioned, this process follows the extraction of oil from coconut milk through an emulsion break without heat. There are three steps in this process:

  • First, the cream is segregated via gravitational force. Here, the two-phase is created, the creamy layer on the top and below is the aqueous layer.
  • Flocculation and clustering are the second phases. In this part, the oil is moved without rapture of the interfacial film.
  • The last and the most crucial part is the destabilization of coconut milk. In this stage, the interfacial points are ruptured and reduced.


Coconut Oil Machine 5

How Is Oil Extracted in Hot-pressed Coconut Oil Extraction Machine?

As the name suggests, this oil extraction process uses heat. The oil is excreted through protein coagulation by the slow heating process.

How does a Coconut Extraction Machine Work?

It uses the mechanical force to extract coconut oil from its meat.

  • First, a 10%-12% moisture dry coconut is put to the automated scale where the broken iron is removed in the magnetic chamber. Here the particles are pressed in a thin sheet where the surface of the coconut is enlarged for oil extraction.
  • Second, the pre-treated coconut meats are placed in a frying pan at 115°C for 20 min. In this part, the fat cells rupture, and the phospholipid component of the coconut precipitated. The water content is then lowered to 3%.
  • Next, the raw materials are continuously pressed in the coconut extraction press for oil extraction.
  • Lastly, the oil is discharged in the uniform decreasing curve with approximately 7% residual.

How to Maintain and Clean a Coconut Extraction Machine?

Cleaning is vital in maintaining the rigor of the machine, not only that, it enhances food quality and prevents contamination in the process.

Most industries follow the COP or Clean out of Place. In this process, all equipment is dismantled and manually cleaned. Industrial brushes and spray are used in this part.

Chemicals with pH 4-9 only are allowed to be used in the process of cleaning. Thus, close monitoring is important.

Cleaning parameters

Mechanical force

Thermal force

Chemical force

Time force is acted

Cleaning requires kinetic, chemical, and thermal energy, these three components should work along with the time of application to ensure effectiveness.

How to know when a Coconut extraction Machine is Well-Maintained?

  • Using the Lovibond method of measurement the oil color must be light 8/50.
  • It is in good condition when the highest residual rate is 8%, and the cake’s color is light brown.
  • A coconut extraction machine is well maintained when the coconut cake thickness is 0.6cm fine powder and it does not exceed 6cm.

Coconut Oil Machine 4

What is the Importance of Coconut Extraction Machine?

Coconut oil is one of the widely used oils all over the world. It is one the nature’s gifts to humans. The extracted oil from coconut plays a significant role from medicine to daily used cosmetics.

Significantly the innovation and design of coconut extraction machines have proven to eliminate coconut meat degradation. It also helps in the employment rate in the community through large-scale production.

The scale of production highly depends on the machine that is used, and the continuous improvements in the coconut extraction machine proved to expedite the process.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing a coconut extraction machine goes more than just preparing the budget but also knowing the benefits, features, types, and how to keep the quality of the product.

Coconut extraction machine is used in the food production industries. Keeping the parameter and the equipment clean is an utmost priority. Thus, considering a quality machine to use is crucial in the production process.


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