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Goldcheer is an expert manufacturer of cooling tunnels and other types of equipment in China. We provide the broadest selections of cooling tunnels to support and meet your project requirements. Goldcheer can be your great partner!

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  • Manufacture with superior materials
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Your Trusted Cooling Tunnel Supplier

Goldcheer can provide cooling tunnels and other equipment that truly meets the international standard. All of our cooling tunnels are certified by ISO and FDA. Goldcheer is a leading cooling tunnels provider nationwide. We are the ideal partner that can supply your cooling tunnels with the design you desired. You can reach out to us for your cooling tunnels and other equipment needs.

Goldcheer Cooling Tunnel

Chocolate Cooling Tunnel

This type of tunnel is applied to cool chocolate and various foods such as biscuits, wafers, egg rolls, cake pie, marzipan, snacks, and more. This can bring your products a smooth coating.

Automatic Cooling Tunnel

This is the most popular equipment that is used for confectionery and bakery manufacturers.  With this equipment, your final products will taste yummy and look more attractive.

Cooling Tunnel for Fruits

The Goldcheer cooling tunnel for fruit provides you the best cost performance for your product. It has a low temperature to a minimum of -196℃. It Made of SUS304 stainless steel materials.

Candy Cooling Tunnel

The Goldcheer cooling tunnel enables optimum quality to be achieved in the shortest possible cooling times. It features CFC-free insulation that can meet international standards.

Stainless Steel Cooling Tunnel

This equipment features a high-performance cooling tunnel. These designed as a modular system and consist of sections 3 m in length. This naturally complies with GMP guidelines.

Customized Cooling Tunnel

The Goldcheer customized cooling tunnel is used to enrobe various food products. It is available in this complete line. This is a durable cooling tunnel and very easy and convenient to use.


Mini Cooling Tunnel

The Goldcheer mini cooling tunnel is used for making good quality pure or compound chocolate enrobing. It can be fixed on the PE8-60 chocolate machine or removed for washing very easily.

Conveyor Cooling Tunnel

This is a high-performance cooling tunnel for different types of product coatings operated with a combination of radiation and convection cooling from above and cold water contact cooling from below.

High Efficiency and Energy Saving Cooling Tunnel

This type of cooling tunnel of Goldcheer will provide a great efficient solution for your production. Since it features energy-saving, it allows you to save more cost to spend.

Vertical Cooling Tunnel

The frame of this cooling tunnel is made of a rectangle stainless steel tube. The dimension of the tube is 75*45*2.5mm. The temperature of our vertical cooling tunnel is controlled by the sensor.

Semi-automatic Cooling Tunnel

Goldcheer semi-automatic cooling tunnel used to cool various chocolate and other types of the production line. This cooling tunnel of Goldcheer is made of quality and superior materials.

Commercial Cooling Tunnel

The Goldcheer commercial cooling tunnels are used to reduce the temperature of the confectionery and bakery products before packaging. This can provide efficient and reliable cooling.

Why Goldcheer Cooling Tunnel

Goldcheer has a large capacity for producing cooling tunnels. We have the most advanced production lines and we always work together with the professional, skilled, intelligent manufacturing workers. Goldcheer is the trusted manufacturer that can satisfy your inquiries.

Also, Goldcheer offers great services to fully support your production. And we can customize the base of the cooling tunnel to our customer’s requirements. At Goldcheer, you can encounter the most reliable service and outstanding cooling tunnels. Send us your inquiries!

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Gold Cheer Your Premier Cooling Tunnel Manufacturer

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Goldcheer Cooling Tunnel

Goldcheer is an experienced manufacturer and supplier of cooling tunnels that are located in China. We can manufacture high-end and the latest kind of cooling tunnels. You can find the greatest and finest kind of cooling tunnel at Goldcheer.

The Goldcheer cooling tunnel can provide a reliable function in every factory. With the cooling tank, you can maintain your desired temperature. The Goldcheer cooling tunnel increases a factory’s performance and reliability.

The Goldcheer cooling tunnel is perfect for cooling any products like chocolates, fruits, and other food products. It will help to preserve the product’s life and to have a long lifespan. With this cooling tunnel, the food product is gently handled during the entire cooling process.

Goldcheer cooling tanks come in a variety of sizes, styles, and designs. We can custom it according to your own idea and specifications to make it suitable for your own applications. We always choose superior stainless steel materials to manufacture a cooling tunnel.

At Goldcheer, you can find a broad selection of cooling tunnels such as industrial cooling tunnels, commercial cooling tunnels, semi-automatic cooling tunnels, automatic cooling tunnels, chocolate cooling tunnels, cooling tunnels for fruits, and so many more.

You can guarantee a top-quality cooling tunnel if you choose Goldcheer as your regular supplier. Goldcheer can provide a one-stop solution for your cooling tunnel needs to complete your production line.

Goldcheer has 10 years of experience in providing excellent cooling tunnels. We are always proud to offer pure cooling tunnels in different markets. We are a reputable supplier that is perfect for your business improvement.

Our main production lines are tomato paste production line, mango pulp production line, fruit(apple, orange) juice production line, guava passion fruit production line, yogurt production line, UHT milk production line, coconut milk powder production line, milk powder production line, honey production line, beer brewery production line.

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