Emulsification Tank

The high-speed shear emulsification tank is the most advanced mixing equipment inland. It has been used widely in the field of dairy, beverages, and food. The high-speed shear emulsification tank we produce adopts advanced imported technology and is featured in a unique mixing structure, and crushing function.

The compact structure of the rotor and stator ensure the raw material will be cut at the speed of hundreds of thousands per minute,  high-shear emulsification tank is advanced mixing equipment widely used in dairy, beverage, and food industries.

ModelVolume(L)External diameter(mm) height(mm)Motor power(kw)Motor speed(r/min)
GCRH -1000100010502380112900/1440
GCRH -1500150011802450152900/1440
GCRH -200020001340276018.52900/1440
GCRH -3000300015402870222900/1440

(1) Emulsifications tank is composed of a rotor and stator. At work, the emulsification head throws material to the stator from the center of the rotor at a high speed. Then the material will be sheared, crashed, and crushed through the gear clearance between rotor and stator. It integrates functions of mixing, emulsification, homogenization, dissolution, and crushing.

(2) Easy to operate, convenient for use.

(3) Structure: Single-layer type, double-layer type with heat preservation, jacket tank.

Goldcheer Emulsification Tank

Goldcheer is a famous manufacturer and provider of emulsification tanks located in China. Goldcheer is an expert company that is very well known as a producer of large processing equipment like emulsification tanks. Whether you need high-quality equipment, Goldcheer is your ultimate and best solution.

Emulsification Tank

Goldcheer emulsification tank is designed to dissolve one or more materials. The Goldcheer emulsification tanks are suitable and perfect for a wide industrial production application like food. One of the good thing about the Goldcheer emulsification tank that is characterized by simple and easy operation.

Goldcheer emulsification tank has the best features and has stable performance, good homogeneity, high production efficiency, convenient cleaning, reasonable structure, less floor space, and a high degree of automation. The Goldcheer emulsification tank is absolute can meet your requirements for your production line needs.

Goldcheer emulsification tanks are made of excellent elements to assured the best performance of this unit. For every operation, you can rest assured if you use our Goldcheer emulsification tanks. You will have a great result in your processing if you choose the right emulsification tank, that’s why we recommend a Goldcheer emulsification tank for you to use.

Emulsification Tank

Aside from emulsification tanks, Goldcheer company is also manufacturer different types of equipment and tanks like mixing tank, stainless steel storage tanks, stainless steel pressure tank, stainless steel wine tanks, stainless steel fermentation tank, stainless steel holding tank, stainless steel conical tank, stainless milk tank, and so on.

Goldcheer is your reliable and professional manufacturer of emulsification tanks, we can offer you a turnkey solution for your emulsification tanks needs. We love and willing to help you when it comes to emulsification tanks. We also provide clear instructions to make sure the correct uses of the emulsification tank units.

If your business is about processing any fruit and vegetables, then you must need fruit processing machines. Goldcheer can provide a turnkey solution for any kind of fruit processing equipment. We offer a complete range of services to fulfill our customer’s needs. Goldcheer is your quality emulsification tank manufacturer and factory in China.

Emulsification Tank

This Goldcheer emulsification tank can surely enhance and improve your production. So if ever you are looking for an extensive range of equipment, Goldcheer is here for you to serve and to provide for your need. And we always strive to meet your project requirements. Our services will definitely not disappoint you.

You can trust and rely on our services. Aloof our emulsification tanks and other equipment are in good and best condition that can surely work. We care about what you use, so we make sure to provide condition materials.

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