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Goldcheer is your one-stop source of falling film evaporators from China. We offer all kinds of production machinery that are able to enhance your production capacity.

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Your Trusted Falling Film Evaporator Manufacturer

Goldcheer is a China-based manufacturer dedicated to supplying and manufacturing a falling film evaporator that has better performance. We provide a complete range of production equipment great for diverse industries such as the food & beverage industry. Within 10 years of service, we are glad to serve customers all around the world. For your falling film evaporator needs, Goldcheer is the best manufacturer that can help you!

Goldcheer Falling Film Evaporator Manufacturers

Automatic Falling Film Evaporator

Goldcheer automatic falling film evaporator is made of 304 stainless steel material. It has the newest condition and available in custom size and dimension.

Ethonal Evaporation Falling Film Evaporator

Goldcheer provides after-sales support for your evaporation falling film evaporator orders. Online support, spare parts, repair service, and field maintenance are some of the services we offer.

Falling Film Evaporator Machine

This falling film evaporator machine has a natural gas power source. You can avail the newest condition of this product in Goldcheer. It is designed using the SS304 material.

Falling Film Evaporator Plant

Our falling film evaporator plant operates with a power voltage of 220V 50/60Hz. This plant is completely certificated by CE and ISO9001 quality standards.

Four-effect Falling Film Evaporator

This four-effect falling film evaporator from Goldcheer is widely used for processing your products with a low possibility for fouling and low stickiness.

Industrial Falling Film Evaporator

Goldcheer industrial falling film evaporator features high efficiency and high performance. The product is consists of a tube bundle installed by restrictive liquid dissemination.

Multi-effect Evaporation Plant

This kind of evaporator known as the multi-effect evaporation plant by Goldcheer is manufactured thoroughly by stainless steel 304. This meets the ISO and CE standard.

Single Effect Falling Film Evaporator

The Goldcheer single effect falling film evaporator is available in customized dimensions, weight, voltage, and power as per customers’ demand.

Stainless Steel Falling Film Evaporator

Our stainless steel falling film evaporator has a tube bundle stationed by an exclusive liquid distribution device that certain uniform and efficient administering of the liquid to all tubes.

Standard Falling Film Evaporator

This standard falling film evaporator comes with various high capacities. Used usually in several industries such as farms, beverage, and food factories.

Vacuum Falling Film Evaporator

Goldcheer vacuum falling film evaporator has an exact 350KG weight. It also has mirror polish and manufactured using the Stainless Steel 304 material.

Yogurt Falling Film Evaporator

Yogurt falling film evaporator is ASME certificated. Goldcheer provides after-sales services for this which includes commissioning, training, and field installation.

Why Goldcheer Falling Film Evaporator Manufacturers

As a professional falling film evaporator manufacturer, Goldcheer has accumulated rich knowledge in the industry of production equipment. Depending on your project requirements, we can supply superior services by providing a falling film evaporator with outstanding characteristics.

All the falling film evaporator we offer surpass both ISO and CE quality certifications. With these certifications we have, you can rest assured that the products are all safe and reliable. For customization, send us your requirements or layouts right away!

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Gold Cheer Your Premier Falling Film Evaporator Manufacturers

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Goldcheer as your Falling Film Evaporator Manufacturer

Goldcheer is a China-based company that professionally manufactures top-quality falling film evaporators at reasonable costs. It is available in automatic or semi-automatic designs making it more convenient and easier to use.

All core components of falling film evaporators come from the finest companies in the world. Goldcheer falling film evaporator has core components including vertical shell, tube heat exchanger, and many others.

As your reliable falling film evaporator manufacturer, we provide them with higher productivity, higher efficiency, high accuracy, and simple operating feature. Unlike others, this type of evaporator is 100% high-quality guaranteed and assessed in persistence performance.

Goldcheer falling film evaporator is widely used in the industry of fruit juice, milk, glucose, traditional Chinese medicine, chemical industry, western medicine, monosodium glutamate, starch, and more. It can also execute both concentration and sterilization.

After attentive determining, precise improvements and design by expert engineers of our company, it has more benefits and features than the others.

This device has multiple purposes, is made of high-quality stainless steel, easy to operate, repair, and install. And depending on customers` demands, the sterilization temperature and the level of the balancing tank can be customized.

At Goldcheer, you can assure that all the products passed the CE and ISO certification. This machine has already been exported to different countries and received good comments from global customers.

Goldcheer is known to provide the best solutions for the progress of your business. If you decide to make it as your professional partner, talk with one of our staff.

Our main production lines are tomato paste production line, mango pulp production line, fruit(apple, orange) juice production line, guava passion fruit production line, yogurt production line, UHT milk production line, coconut milk powder production line, milk powder production line, honey production line, beer brewery production line.

For further updates about our products and services, check us out anytime you want!

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