Falling Film Vacuum Evaporator

This Falling film vacuum evaporator is applicable to the concentration of milk, fruit juice, traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, glucose, starch, monosodium glutamate, chemical industry, etc. It is especially suitable for low-temperature vacuum concentrations of heat-sensitive substances. It can carry out continuous sterilization and concentration.

After careful calculation, precise design and improvements by professional designers of our company, it has more features and benefits than the original one. The evaporator is especially applicable to the concentration of heat-sensitive substances like milk as the heat up time is short and the evaporation temperature is low, which seldom affects the color, flavor, or nutrient components of the products.

Evaporated capacity(kg/h)5001000150020002500
Steam pressure (Mpa)0.05-0.090.05-0.090.05-0.090.05-0.090.05-0.09
Evaporated temperature(℃)Single effect80-9085-9085-9085-9085-90
Double effect65-7565-7565-7565-7565-75
Three effect55-6055-6055-6055-6055-60
Vacuum degree(Mpa)Single effect0.
Double effect0.
Three effect0.
Concentrated rate1.351.351.351.351.35
Steam consumption(Kg/h)2303506007501000
Recycle water(T)58152025
Steam inlet Φ3243577689
Vacuum tube Φ80109159219259
Dimension          (L×W×H)5400×1000×28007000×1500×34008250×1600×36008350×1650×38008500×1700×4000

1) Multiple functions: this evaporator can reclaim materials repetitively with the circulation of the first effect, the second effect, and the third effect. Materials can be fed into for concentration continuously or at intervals.

(2) All parts contacting materials, secondary steam, and condensed water are made of high-quality stainless steel, which conforms to GMP standard requirements. The appearance is beautiful. The heater and evaporator are provided with a heat preservation structure covered by a stainless sheet with its surface mirror-polished or matte-treated.

(3) The heating chamber is of the floor stand type, so the device is beautiful and easy to install, operate, and repair. A liquid ring pump is used to generate a vacuum. The pump is featured by high vacuum degree, low consumption of water and power supply, small space, sound working environment, and low noise.

(4) The advanced design can not only prevent backflow leading to repeat heating of material but also avoid burnt material sticking to the inner side of the pipe.

(5) Advanced hot pressure pump is used. Its steam pressure (gauge pressure) is 0.8MPa, and the extraction coefficient is 0.98. Therefore, the steam consumption and noise are low. 

(6) Advanced structure makes the vacuum degree of the working system very stable.

(7) With the CIP system, the device can be cleaned completely without disassembly. And it is easy to operate and maintain.

(8)  According to customer requirements, the automatic control system of discharge concentration, sterilization temperature, and level of

      The balancing tank, as well as the ice water refrigeration system, can be configured.

(9)The concentrator has a special structure. The materials after concentration are thick and even. The materials can be concentrated in sealed status without any bubbles, so material loss and pollution are reduced greatly. The materials concentrated will not agglomerate, so it is easy to clean. You can open the top cover or bottom cover to clean. Therefore, one person is enough for cleaning. 

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