Fruit and Vegetable Spiral Washing Blancher Machine

The fruit and vegetable spiral washing Blancher machine is one of the raw material pre-treating equipment for processing fruit and vegetable. The pre-boiling can prevent browning, prohibit active enzymes, make the pectin decompose, and enhance the juice extracting rate.

Main machine structure: composed of power transmission part, conveying spiral, rotary material discharging hopper, sieve screen, internal and external tank bodies, steam tube and machine frame, etc. some standard parts for power and bearing are not included.

During the operation, the materials are fed into the spiral pre-boiling machine through the material inlet. After the steam enters the internal tank through the pipe, the water in the internal tank will be heated and so will the materials. Under the function of the spiral propeller, the materials are moving forwards while being heated. After reaching the temperature and time required by the technology, the materials will be discharged through the material outlet.

ModelCapacity t/hBoiling temp. ℃Dimension mm

(1) For good processing of fruit pulping after blancher.

(2) Steam consumption is low.

(3) Stainless steel 304 material

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