Fruit Crusher

Fruit crusher is mainly used for crushing fruit and vegetable such as tomato, onion, apple, pepper, strawberry, carrot, etc.

Fruit crusher consists of the side cover, flying blade, sieve, machine body, and spindle, etc. The whole machine is composed of material feeding hopper, side cover, machine body, spindle, bearing seat, motor, machine frame, and material discharging hopper, etc.

The motor will drive the spindle at a constant speed to rotate through a pair of pulleys. The spindle is installed with a flying blade for high-speed rotation. The materials drop into the material feeding hopper through the lifter and are crushed by the flying blade rotating at high speed. Due to the function of the centrifugal force, the materials will drop into the storage tank from the sieve with waist-shaped holes, and then will be transferred to the next procedure by the delivery pump.

ModelCapacity t/hPower kwDimension mm

(1)The structure is hammer slice type so the crusher can not damage the seed and guarantee the color and flavor.

(2)Closed-form hopper type designing to avoid the splashing of the material which can make the material crush adequately.

(3)The machine runs stable and easy to operate. The material is stainless steel and with a perfect surface, firm, and durable.

Goldcheer Fruit Crusher

Goldcheer is the most popular manufacturer of reliable and lasting pieces of equipment that is used by many businesses and even plants, including fruit crusher. This Goldcheer fruit crusher has a large capacity considering that it has an extra-large hooper to hold up 7L/1.8 gallon of fruit. You can also save time and less work for Golcheer fruit crusher can easily crush 35-45 kg of fruit in an hour.

fruit crusher

Goldcheer fruit crusher is also easy to assemble, safe, and healthy to use because it is made up of recyclable heavy-duty 304-grade stainless steel and rugged iron frame and table mount components. It is also applicable for apples, pears, oranges, and many other fruits. Goldcheer Fruit crusher is perfect for those who want to enjoy their own harvest of natural and organic fruit.

If you are looking for a trusted and most reliable manufacturer or factory of lasting and beneficial machines or types of equipment for your own or on your business, Goldcheer is perfect for your desire. Goldcheer has a wide range of equipment and machines for your applicable food crusher. For having a durable and useful Goldcheer fruit crusher, we assure you to have and fulfill your perfect finished product.

fruit crusher

For any kind of fruit processing plants and businesses, you need to choose the expert manufacturer for your equipment need, and Goldcheer types of equipment are perfect for you, such as  Goldcheer fruit crusher. Goldcheer is appointed to provide and supply our customers need and desired types of equipment. We are your trustworthy manufacturer in China and can be all over the world especially regarding high-quality fruit crusher. 

You can rely on Goldcheer if you need equipment and any fruit processing machines of high and excellent quality. We provide the best quality types of equipment to assure outstanding operation with your right fruit crusher machine. Goldcheer is always setting up first our customer’s needs especially when it comes to manufacturing fruit processing machines like fruit crushers.  We are willing to spend time with you, negotiating and talking about the high-quality Goldcheer fruit crusher cost. 

 fruit crusher

Goldcheer fruit crusher type of equipment is designed in many sizes, for you can choose your desired and applicable fruit crusher. We make sure, you will never regret, worth it instead, your choice by using the Goldcheer fruit crusher machine. We have expert and approachable installation and service teams to guide you in ordering processes.

Feel free to email or contact us for more information about Goldcheer fruit crusher!

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