Fruit Destoner

The fruit designer is mainly used for moving the stone of fruit such as apricot, peach, etc, which is the key machine in the fruit pulp processing line.

Destoner removes the hard stone from the fruits by two rollers (one has teeth on the surface, and the other is made of rubber) which are kept with a certain gap in between. The gap between the two rollers is designed according to the feature and dimensions of different fruits.

The fruits fall down to the rollers from the former procedure and then are pressed to the gap by a plate that moves up and down. The two rollers roll in the opposite directions and most of the flesh is pressed to the gap of the teeth on the roller meanwhile the stones are pressed on the stretchy roller. The flesh between the teeth on the roller will be then scratched out by a brush. The stone still with some flesh on it will be backward washed by the stoner washer.

ModelCapacity t/hPower kwDimension mm
GCDS -202018.52700x1400x1700

(1) The external frame is totally welded, so it has good rigidity with a little shake

(2)The discharge port is mounted with a gate connected by game, so it is simple to disassemble and assemble and also clean.

(3)All made of stainless steel 304

(4Destoner can be auto cleaned by spraying water from multi-points.

(5) Destoner can be mounted in a processing line to work together with the other processing machine.

Goldcheer Fruit Destoner

Goldcheer is your leading manufacturer of high-quality types of equipment in China such as fruit destoner machines. Goldcheer fruit destoner is capable of pitting fruits like plums, cherries, apricots, and peaches. This type of equipment is good enough for producing jams, fruit juices, and crushing cooked fruits and vegetables. Goldcheer fruit destoner machines are highly designed to customize your needs.

fruit destoner

Goldcheer fruit destoner has replaceable screen sizes that affect its capacity which ranged from 300-500kg per hour. Goldcheer fruit destoner is applicable in small productions. It generates a total estrangement of the fruits from its inside stone concurrently utilizing mashing of the fruit. Fruit designer is a piece of equipment which after crushing it made the product perfect for fermentation, jams, and fruit juices.

Goldcheer fruit destoner is a fast exchange of sieves and is composed of different sieve types. These types of equipment are designed with simple operation applications. Goldcheer fruit destoner are unusually maintenance-friendly and have fast cleaning operations. Goldcheer fruit destoner is the main equipment in the fruit production lines of stone fruit. It has a high performance, simple-to-operate system, and great processing capacity.

fruit destoner

Goldcheer produces different types of fruit destoner that can suit your applicable fruit processing business. It is designed with adjustable roller gaps corresponding to the size and type of the fruit and even in the degree of rubber roller wear. Goldcheer fruit destoner rubber roller is replaceable harmonized to the condition of the usage and available to replace and install.

Goldcheer is a popular manufacturer you can always rely on in terms of supplying high-quality and reliable types of equipment, specifically fruit destoner equipment. Goldcheer supplies only useful and durable types of equipment which is appropriate to your aimed business or fruit processing plants. We are offering the most in-demand types of equipment for the good of the productive business of our customers.

We, the Goldcheer is your professional manufacturer of modernized and upgraded pieces of equipment which is the best for the benefit of your improving business and processing plants. We are making assurance to our customers that you can achieve your desired excellent finished products by using our solid fruit designer equipment.

fruit destoner

Goldcheer also offers impressive quality services in terms of choosing, inspecting, and processing the orders and delivery of our fruit destoner machine. We can be good associates as a supplier and users of the best quality fruit designer equipment. We are always prepared to assist you anytime you need our Goldcheer fruit destoner.

Please contact us for more details specifically about Goldcheer fruit destoner!

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