Goldcheer as Your Dependable Fruit Destoner Machine Manufacturer

Here in Goldcheer, you can find the broadest selection of fruit destoner machines that will fit your requirements. For your business or project, Goldcheer can provide you the best quality fruit destoner machine.

  • High-quality fruit destoner machine with competitive price
  • Compact and practical fruit destoner machine
  • Multifunctional, high-performance, and high-accuracy
  • 20+ years of experience in fruit destoner machine production

Why Goldcheer is a Professional Fruit Destoner Machine Manufacturer

Goldcheer has been the leading manufacturer and supplier of fruit destoner machines in China. Through our advanced technology, we have created a wide range of fruit destoner machines that are widely used in different industries. We have been constructing fruit destoner machines for more than 20 years. Thus, we have a broad knowledge of providing a cost-effective and best solution to your needs.

Goldcheer Fruit Destoner Machine

Plum Fruit Destoner

Plum fruit destoner features automatic feeding, high degree automation, and excellent nucleating. It is made from 304 stainless steel material to ensure durability.

De-stoner Vibration Screening Machine

This is used for various food processing machines. It features high destoning accuracy, high performance, and reliable quality.

Cherry Destone Machine

This machine is primarily used for destoning or removing plum, cherry, and other fruit kernels. After destoning, the fruit still has high flesh rate.


Stainless Steel Fruit Peeler Destoner Machine

Goldcheer stainless steel peeler destoner machine is fully automatic and very precise. It features wide processing range, simple operation, and low noise.

Pitting Machine for Seed Fruit

This destoning machine is perfect for removing fruit peels and seeds like mango, apple, apricot, peach, strawberry, prunes, etc.

Automatic Fruit Destoner

Automatic fruit destoner is ideal for cherries, olives, prunes, and other fruit with different sizes. It features low residual rate and high precision.

Fruit Destoner and Pulping Machine

Fruit destoner and pulping machine automatically separate pomace and pulp. It is perfect for destoning mango, strawberry, apple, and more fruits.

Fruit Grading and Destoner Machine

Fruit grading and destoner machine can clean good fruit, green fruit, and other types of fruits. It has up to 4000kg processing capacity.

Avocado Destoner Machine

This machine destone fruits by using adjustable wind pressure depending on the stone or impurity weight.

Jackfruit Seed Destoner Machine

It is mainly used as a stone separator and seed removal for jackfruits. This also applicable for wide range fruits and grains.

Grain Destoner Machine

This machine features stable technological performance, low maintenance, reliable running, and excellent stone removal.


Sesame Stone Removing Machine

Our sesame stone removing machine is primarily used for removing stones and other impurity from fruits. It can be easily operated and maintained.

Goldcheer Fruit Destoner Machine

Here in Goldcheer, all our fruit destoner machines are made from superior grade raw materials like stainless steel. We also make sure that your fruit destoner machines are qualified by food hygiene and sanitation standards.

Moreover, Goldcheer fruit destoner machines are approved by international quality standards such as CE, ISO, RoHS, and other certifications. These are also 100% inspected before shipment to ensure safe delivery and stable quality.

fruit destoner machine

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Fruit Blancher
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Goldcheer Fruit Destoner Machine

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Goldcheer – Your No. 1 Manufacturer and Supplier of Fruit Destoner Machine in China

Goldcheer has been in the industry of producing fruit destoner machine for more than 20 years. We have rich experience in this field. Thus, we are able to provide the everchanging needs of different international markets.

Here in Goldcheer, we have a wide range of fruit destoner machines. All machines are available in standard and customized. If you choose to customize a fruit destoner machine for your business, you can send us your details and requirements.

Our fruit destoning machines are normally used for separating from stones or pit before processing. Goldcheer fruit destoning machines are high-speed and reliable when it comes to processing large amounts of fruits. Thus, it can make your work easier while saving time, labor, and cost.

We manufacture fruit destoner machine using high-quality stainless steel raw materials. These materials are certified by food sanitation and hygiene standards. Thus, you can guarantee that it is safe-to-use and are food-grade machines.

Why Choose Goldcheer Fruit Destoner Machine?

  • Separate pulps and fruit core effectively
  • Our fruit destoner machines are fully enclosed for safety and protection
  • Large processing capability, easy to use, high reliability
  • Adjustable roller gap and rubber roller wear depending on the size and type of fruit
  • Easy installation and replacement of rubber roller and pulp scraper
  • Welded frame structure and exceptional rigidity

Our fruit destoner machines are applicable for fruits like plums, cherries, sour cherries, apricots, peaches, etc. Goldcheer fruit destoner machines are widely popular in the market because of its excellent quality. It is highly demanded by various food and beverage industry, juice factory, and more.

We have been constructing fruit destoner machine for more than 20 years. Thus, we have a broad knowledge in providing a cost-effective and the best solution to your needs. Goldcheer fruit destoner machines are approved by international quality standards such as CE, ISO, RoHS, and other certifications.

For your business, choose Goldcheer as your no.1 fruit destoner machine manufacturer. We offer competitive price, excellent services, fast shipping, quick lead time, and 24/7 immediate response to your inquiry.

Request a quote for your next fruit destoner machine orders!

Fruit Destoner Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

You fruit processing machine will not be complete without a fruit Destoner machine.

A reason this guide will answer all questions you have about fruit destine machine.

Basically, this guide will help you choose an efficient and reliable fruit Destoner machine.

Let’s dive right in.

What is Fruit Destoner Machine?

This is a machine suitable for pitting different fruits at an ambient temperature. It will separate the flesh of the fruit from the fruit stone through physical extrusion.

Besides, it is a major piece of equipment in the production of fruit pulp from stone fruits. Also, it assists in the making of quality spirits, jams, juices, tomato sauce, etc.

Figure 1 Large Scale Fruit Destoning Machine

Figure 1 Large Scale Fruit Destoning Machine

What are the Advantages of Fruit Destoner Machine?

There are different features you can find as there are varying types of fruit destoner machines.

Here are some main features you can find in a fruit destoner machine:

  • A fruit destoner will effectively and reliably separate the pulp from the core of the fruits.
  • The machine is highly efficient, is easy to operate, and has a large production capacity.
  • It is possible to adjust the roller gap to achieve a suitable pitting effect and this depends on the size and type of fruits.
  • One can easily replace the rubber roller and the pulp scraper depending on the application conditions.
  • Replacement and installation of parts in a fruit destoner machine are easy to conduct.
  • The machine is rigid since it has welding with square tubes, steel in various angles, and additional profiles.
  • Also, the machine is safe since it is fully enclosed thus provides ample protection aside from the inlet and outlet ports.
  • The construction of the machine is a high-quality 304 stainless steel making it durable.
  • Besides, it is easy to maintain the machine.

What are the Main Parts of Fruit Destoner Machine?

Several components make up a fruit destoner machine. These parts work together to ensure an effective pitting outcome.

Here are the parts that you can find in a fruit destoner machine:

Gear Rollers

This part is fully 304 stainless steel material. It has spacers with similar thickness between the gears to make sure the spacing of the gear is uniform.

Besides, it is a compact structure, lightweight, stable, and forms a reliable operation.

Rubber Rollers

The construction of this part is high-quality food-grade natural rubber, which is resistant to wear and tear. It will ensure a reliable operation and a stable manufacturing process.

Pressing Core Mechanism

The sliding sleeves in both ends have high-quality plastic bearings. This makes them self-lubricating, maintenance-free, and easy to disassemble and assemble.

One can adjust the length of these pressure knives according to the operational needs.


These parts will convert the electrical energy to mechanical energy to drive the gears during the pitting process.


This part will hold the entire components of the fruit destoner machine. It is durable and of high-quality stainless steel.


These parts will assist in removing flesh that still sticks on the rollers of the fruit destoner machine.

Stoner Washer

This part will assist in completely removing flesh that is still on the stones of the fruits. It ensures that the waste is minimal.


Before beginning the pitting process, you will feed the fruits in the hopper. It has varying capacities depending on its size.

Outlet Port

This part will receive the final product after the destoning process. It directs the product to a collection chamber for collection.

Figure 2 Structure of Fruit Destoner Machine

Figure 2 Structure of Fruit Destoner Machine

How does Fruit Destoner Machine Work?

The working principle of a fruit destoner machine is simple. It begins by feeding the fruits into the hopper via the feed port.

The next phase involves pressing the fruits between the rubber rollers and the geared rollers. It will apply reciprocating pressure mechanism on the core as they press the fruits.

Also, these two rollers will rotate in opposing directions to each other. This will make the fruit pulp press against the gap of the geared rollers.

The rubber roller will squeeze the core by use of elasticity. Also, the comb plates will dig the pulp out from the gap that is between the gear discs.

After this, the core and the pulp will enter the core washing units. This will complete the separation of the core.

If the stone still has some flesh, the machine will backwash it using the stoner washer. This will assist in the removal of the fruit stone from the flesh and one will proceed to collect the flesh.

What is the Purpose of the Gap Between the Two Rollers of Fruit Destoner Machine?

It has the main function of ensuring an effective stone removal to achieve a suitable flesh of the fruits you are destoning.

What Determines the Size of the Gap between Two Rollers of Fruit Destoner Machine?

The core of fruits will differ widely in each batch you will be processing with a fruit destoner machine. This means the size of the core in different fruits is a determinant of the gap between the rollers in this machine.

Also, the screw hole bearing of the rubber rollers has a waist-shaped design. This means you can adjust the distance between the tooth roller and the rubber roller to accommodate various core sizes.

How do you Remove the Flesh of Fruit that Stick on the Geared Roller of the Fruit Destoner Machine?

One will make use of a brush to remove the flesh fruits that stick on the geared rollers.

How do you Determine the Capacity of Fruit Destoner Machine?

Several factors determine the fruit destoner machine capacity including:

Size of the Machine

Large-scale fruit destoner machines have a large capacity than small-scale fruit destoner machines.

Commercial industries will use the large-scale versions since they have a lot of demand for the product. For start-ups and small businesses, it is economical to use small-scale fruit destoner machines.

Size of the Hopper

When a fruit destoner has a large hopper size, it means it can handle a large capacity of fruits. This allows for continuous fruit destoning without the need for refilling.

Level of Automation

Automatic fruit destoner machines have a large capacity than manual fruit destoner machines. This is because they have some tasks that do not need human intervention.

The machine will automatically process the fruits as long as the hopper has fruits. Besides, the machine will continue to operate even when operators are not present. This is especially true for the fully automatic versions.

On the other hand, manual fruit destoner machines depend on the availability of operators for them to work. This means if the operators are not present, the machine cannot function.

How do you Clean Fruit Destoner Machine?

It is important to clean a fruit destoner machine to ensure all the fruits are fit for human consumption.

Before any cleaning process begins, disconnect all electrical components and power to the machine. This ensures safety for the operators.

One can use a brush to scrape off fruit remnants on the inside of the machine. Also, you can use a high-pressure water spray to remove remnants from areas that are hard to reach.

Besides, it is possible to disassemble the fruit destoner machine and conduct a thorough cleaning on all the components. It is also important to remove all production waste to ensure a clean operation of the fruit destoner machine.

Always use clean water to wash these components. Besides, the material construction is high-quality stainless steel which is easy to clean and maintain.

Does Fruit Destoner Machine Require Regular Maintenance?

Yes, it is important to regularly maintain a fruit destoner machine. This will make sure the machine offers a steady production process and prolong the service life of the fruit destoner machine.

Always conduct regular checkups on all the components to ensure they are in good working condition. Always lubricate all moving parts to minimize chances of tear and wear as it will lower the production capacity.

Replace or repair faulty parts with genuine parts to make sure the machine does not break down quickly. Make sure all connections are secure to remove hazards from parts falling off during operation.

Repair all faulty electrical fuses and wires to eliminate the chances of electric shocks or fire hazards.

If the condition is conducive, sterilize the fruit destoner machine with alcohol. It is always important to keep the machine in a dry environment so that liquids do not corrode the parts.

Figure 3 Fruit Destoning Machine

Figure 3 Fruit Destoning Machine

How much does Fruit Destoner Machine Cost?

The price of a fruit destoner will vary considerably.

Before looking at the cost, here are some factors that will determine the price of this machine:

  • Level of Automation

Automatic fruit destoner machines will cost more than manual fruit destoner machines.

  • Manufacturer

Some manufacturers are reputable when it comes to the manufacture of fruit destoner machines. Since they have a lot of experience and expertise, their machines may cost more.

  • Country of Origin

Fruit destoner machines that come from China will cost less than those from other countries.

  • Production Capacity

The price of fruit destoner machines will go higher as the production capacity increases.

  • Size

Small-scale fruit destoner machines are affordable than large-scale fruit destoner machines.

  • Supply and Demand

Businesses always compete for available resources when the demand rises and the supply declines. This means the price of fruit destoner machines will rise as the demand increases while supply decreases.

On the contrary, when the market is full of these machines, it will make the prices decrease as demand is low.

  • Economy

Unfavorable economic conditions will make the machines cost more while buyers are not willing to pay higher prices.

  • Model and Features

Custom fruit destoner machines will cost more than standard fruit destoner machines. Also, a fruit destoner machine that has unique features will cost more.

  • Condition

When the machine is not in a good condition, the price will be low. It is worth noting that old and well-maintained fruit destoner machines will fetch a good price.

When a machine has undergone several repairs, it will cost less since it is not that reliable.

  • Age of Machine

The age of the machine will influence its price as it depreciates over time. This is because new machines emerge and they have new technology.

The prices of all our machine vary depending on the design and features.

For accurate fruit Destoner machine price, you can contact us or check our fruit processing equipment catalogue.

Is Fruit Destoner Machine Durable?

Yes, this machine is durable and it is because the material for its construction is stainless steel.

What are the Possible Causes of Failure in Fruit Destoner Machine?

A fruit destoner machine can fail during operation because of the following factors:

Gap between Rollers

When the gap does not match the fruit you are destoning, it will lead to failure during the destoning process. For instance, the gap has to match the fruit in that when the fruit has a bigger stone, the gap needs to match it.

Maintenance Issue

When you fail to clean and maintain the machine, it will inevitably fail. This may include not cleaning it, inspecting it, repairing and replacing faulty parts.

Do Fruit Destoner Machine have a Warranty?

Yes, a fruit destoner machine, just like many other pieces of equipment, comes with a warranty. The warranty may vary from one manufacturer to another.

Expensive machines will have a longer warranty period than the cheaper versions. The warranty may vary between 1 year and 5 years.

What are the new Technological Advancements on Fruit Destoner Machine?

The emerging trends in fruit destoner machine include:

  • High-temperature sterilization techniques.
  • Low energy use
  • Recycling of destoning by-products

What are the Safety Precautions of Fruit Destoner Machine?

Here are some precautions operators need to take to ensure safety when using a fruit destoner machine:

  • The operators need to familiarize themselves with the fruit destoner machine before operating it.
  • Use the machine in line with its purpose, as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Ensure the operators have the necessary skills before operating the fruit destoner machine.
  • Make sure the machine is in a firm place to ensure stability during the fruit destoning process.
  • The operators need to have protective gear such as gloves, protective glasses, ear protectors, face shields, etc.
  • Also, make sure to regularly clean and inspect the machine to ensure it is in a suitable working condition.
  • No unauthorized individual should come near or operate the fruit destoner machine.
  • Make sure you disconnect all electrical components before you begin repairing or replacing the parts of the machine.
  • When you notice that there is an irregularity malfunction with the fruit destoner machine, you should not operate it.
  • Also, when the machine is not in use, it is suitable when you disconnect all electrical components.
  • Always have the safety marks, signs, and symbols legible and visible in all instances.
  • Restore all illegible markings on the fruit destoner machine.
  • Refer to the user manual when assembling the parts of a fruit destoner machine.

How much Power does Fruit Destoner Machine use?

The power consumption of a fruit destoner machine will vary from one machine to another. Large-scale machines will consume more power than small-scale machines.

The capacity of the electrical connection may range between 3 kW/h to 15 kW/h. Also, the voltage will range between 208V and 480V at 50Hz or 60Hz.

Which Fruits can you Process using Fruit Destoner Machine?

This machine can process a wide range of fruits such as:

  • Cherries
  • Plums
  • Strawberries
  • Apricots
  • Peaches
  • Mangoes
  • Raspberries
  • Sour cherries
  • Choke-berries
  • Avocados
  • Blueberries
  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Quinces

Plum Destoner Machine

Figure 4 Plum Destoner Machine

Do you need Manpower to Operate Fruit Destoner Machine?

This will depend on the type of fruit destoner machine you are using in your application. For instance, manual fruit destoner machines require operators or else they will not function.

On the other hand, semi-automatic fruit destoner machines will require fewer operators than manual machines. This is because they have some level of automation.

Fully automatic fruit destoner machines can operate with one or no operator once you set the destoning parameters.

What is the Best Material for Making Fruit Destoner Machine?

Stainless steel is by far the most suitable material to construct a fruit destoner machine. It has several benefits such as:

Stainless steel is tough and even lightweight stainless steel will not bend when you expose it to great weight. It can withstand weight, cold or hot temperatures, environmental elements, etc.

Other benefits of using stainless steel are:


The hygienic properties of stainless steel are high meaning it will not support the growth of pathogens and bacteria. Besides, it is easy to clean and maintain stainless steel thus making it a low maintenance material.

Ease of Fabrication

It is easy to cut, weld, bend, machine, or assemble stainless steel than standard traditional steel.


The appearance of stainless steel is appealing yet highly functional.


Stainless steel is strong and can retain its shape even in extremely high or low-pressure levels.

Corrosion Resistance

Stainless steel can withstand corrosion, moisture, rust, etc. This makes it suitable for use in areas that have extreme pressure and temperature levels.

Also, you can fabricate stainless steel by adding chrome. This involves join it with oxygen in the air to form a film that covers the metal.

The film can easily repair when wearing out thus the metal can resist rust and corrosion. Other elements you can add to increase stainless steel’s resistance to corrosion are titanium, nickel, and molybdenum.


This material is reusable since once it lasts for long periods in the original purpose, you can still recycle it. Besides, most stainless steel comes from recycled materials.


Stainless steel is tough and even lightweight stainless steel will not bend when you expose it to great weight. It can withstand weight, cold or hot temperatures, environmental elements, etc.


It is possible to have different kinds of finishes to stainless steel. This makes one able to have both a soft and coarse finish depending on the working condition.

Are there Custom Fruit Destoner Machines?

Yes, there are custom fruit destoner machines. The manufacturers will make these machines at the request of the clients.

Some of the parts that you can customize re:

The Whole Equipment

It entails manufacturing the entire equipment as per your specific requirements.

Production Capacity

One can customize the production capacity to meet your specific needs.

Size of the Machine

It is possible to customize the size of the machine to fit in your work environment.

Electrical Components

One can choose electrical components from specific brands to be in the fruit destoner machine.

How does Fruit Pulping and Fruit Destoner Compare?

A fruit destoner has the main purpose of eliminating the stone that is within the fruits.

On the other hand, fruit pulping machines are suitable for creating a pulp from varying fruits.

Both of these machines are fruit processing machines that you can use in a fruit processing plant. Fruit pulping machines can handle stone fruits and other kinds of fruits.

A fruit destoner machine is effective when handling stone fruits. The construction material for both of these machines is durable stainless steel.

Fruit Destoner Machine

Figure 5 Fruit Destoner Machine

How does Fruit Destoner and Fruit Crushing Machine Compare?

A fruit destoner has the main purpose of eliminating the stone that is within the fruits. On the contrary, fruit crushing machines will crush various kinds of fruits into a pulp.

Also, you can use both of these machines in a fruit processing plant since they are fruit processing machines. The suitable material of construction for these machines Is durable stainless steel.

Which other Fruit Processing Equipment can you Integrate with Fruit Destoner Machine?

One can integrate some fruit processing equipment with a fruit destoner machine.

These include:

Fruit Brush Washing Machine

It is also known as the brush roller machine. This is a machine that is responsible for the elimination of impurities and pesticide residues from fruits.

It has rows of brushes that assist in achieving a high level of cleanliness.

Fruit Bubble Washing Machine

This is a machine that will wash the debris and dirt off fruits before proceeding to the processing stage.

Fruit Sorting Machine

This is a machine that grades and sorts fruits depending on their weight.


This is a machine that will inactivate enzymes, softening of tissues, and pasteurization of fruits. It will affect the form, color, and viscosity of the final product.

Fruit Spiral Washing Blancher Machine

This is a machine that pre-boils fruits to prevent browning. It sill inhibit active enzymes by making the pectin decompose and enhancing the rate of juice extracting.

Belt Fruit Juice Extractor

This is a machine that will extract juice from fruits by using a system of rollers that apply pressure.

Why should you Invest in Fully Automatic Fruit Destoner Machine?

A fully automatic machine has several advantages over semi-automatic or manual fruit destoner machines. It will offer a wide array of benefits to your business.

Automatic Fruit Destoning Machine

Figure 6 Automatic Fruit Destoning Machine

These include:

Efficiency and Reliability

A fully automatic fruit destoner machine will provide a reliable destoning process throughout its operation. This means you will have similar standards and quality of the final product after the destoning process.

Time Efficiency

Fully automatic fruit destoner machines will destone a large number of fruits within a short time. When you compare it to manual or semi-automatic versions, you will realize you are saving a lot of time.

For instance, the manual versions require operators while fully automatic machines function on their own. Besides, they can operate 24/7 as long as they are in good working condition.

Production Capacity

This machine will process large amounts of fruits per unit time. Manual or semi-automatic versions have a small production capacity than the fully automatic versions.

This allows you to meet high demands within a short time.

Ease of Use

Fully automatic fruit destoner machines are easy to use. This is because they have programmable logic controllers [PLC] and human-interface machines [HMI].

For these reasons, you can use the touch screen to operate and monitor the entire process from a central station.

Prevention of Contamination

A fully automatic fruit destoner machine will perform all the functions with minimal human intervention. It only requires the operator to feed the destoning parameters, sit back, and monitor the process.

This means there is no physical handling of the product in the production phase. Besides, it will ensure the product is of high quality with no traces of contamination.


The machine has sensors to detect malfunctions and anomalies. These sensors will make the machine automatically rectify the issue.

Also, the sensors will transmit feedback to the control panel for the operator to take the necessary steps.

Besides, in extreme situations, it may stop the machine to prevent any damages and hazards to the product, machine, and operators.

Health and Safety

This machine will offer several benefits to the operators. For example, the operators are in no danger of harm as the machine is destoning the fruits.

Also, the machine will produce less noise thus protecting the operators from the effects of noise pollution. The sensors will sound alarms when there is a safety concern that needs immediate correction.

Ease of Maintenance

Despite the machine being fully automatic, it is easy to maintain it. This is because it has automatic built-in cleaning systems that regularly clean the machine.

Also, the machine has parts that you can easily replace or repair with no tool changeover.


The initial cost of acquiring a fully automatic fruit destoner machine is higher than the semi-automatic or manual versions. However, in the long run, this machine will lower your recurring costs.

This is because it needs less supervision during the destoning process. Also, it has self-cleaning and lubricating mechanisms thus minimize damages, wear, and tear.

Increase in Profit Margins

This machine has a large production capacity meaning you will meet your client’s demands. More sales will mean an increase in your profit margins.

Compliance with Quality Standards

These machines will conform to international quality standards that ensure safety and quality products. It will comply with standards such as:

  1. Current Good Manufacturing Practices [cGMP]
  2. CE mark of quality
  3. Food and Drug Administration [FDA]
  4. International Organization for Standardization [ISO]
  5. Restriction of Hazardous Substances [RoHS]

Which Types of Grids can you use in Fruit Destoner Machine?

One can equip this machine with different types of grids. For instance, you can use standard grids to process cherries and optional grids for plums and apricots.

Are there Multi-Functional Fruit Destoner Machines?

Yes, you can get fruit Destoner machine with multiple processing capability.

For instance, you can find a machine that will:

  • Separate fruit pulp from stones
  • Crush fruits

Consequently, you will have a machine that produces a final product ready for consumption or for further processing.

Remember, the number of functionalities mostly depend on where you intend to use the machine.

Most small scale production machine do not have these functionalities.

However, fruit Destoner machines in industrial setups offer multiple functionalities.

The best part, you can also integrate fruit Destoner machine with other fruit processing machines.

This results into a seamless production process.

What Determines the Production Capacity of Fruit Destoner Machine?

It will depend on your fruit processing needs and requirements.

Depending on your production needs, you will find small scale to large scale fruit Destoner machines.

With the two machines, the processing systems will vary (from small to large capacity).

Also, large-scale fruit Destoner machines may have certain degree of automation to increase efficiency.

At GoldCheer, we will help skyrocket your fruit processing industry by providing energy-efficient and reliable fruit Destoner machines.

Our main production lines are tomato paste production line, mango pulp production line, fruit(apple, orange) juice production line, guava passion fruit production line, yogurt production line, UHT milk production line, coconut milk powder production line, milk powder production line, honey production line, beer brewery production line.

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