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Goldcheer has been the trusted manufacturer of fruit drying machines in China for over 10+ years. We manufacture custom-made fruit drying machines to meet your requirements.

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Why Goldcheer is an Expert Fruit Drying Machine Manufacturer

Goldcheer has more than 20 years of experience in producing high-quality fruit drying machines. We are an expertise and innovation-driven manufacturer. Goldcheer is also equipped with advanced technology and state-of-the-art production techniques and processing. Therefore, you can assure that your fruit drying machines are manufactured with high-quality, reliable performance, and excellent design. Message us for more information.

Goldcheer Fruit Drying Machines

Automatic Vegetable Fruit Drying Machine

This machine features a tapered bottom design, centralized storage, filtering tank, and double filtering system.

Industrial Fruit Drying Machine

This machine functions by absorbing the surrounding heat and send it to materials that will be dried. It is composed of drying chamber and pump dryer.

Tomato Fruit Drying Machine

Tomato fruit drying machine separates water from the fruit and keeping nutritious even after the process.

Commercial Food Dehydrator

Commercial food dehydrator features two drying carts, adjustable drying trays, dehumidifier fan, and temperature control.

Apricot Dryer Fruit Drying Machine

Apricot dryer fruit drying machine is an industrial dryer that is made from stainless steel materials to ensure durability.

Fruit Freeze Drying Machine

Fruit free drying machine has a three heating source including electricity, far infrared of steam, and steam.

Stainless Steel Fruit Drying Machine

This machine is widely used for dehumidifying and heating raw materials like fruits and vegetables. It is applicable for food industry, pharmaceutical, etc.

Layers Fruit Drying Machine

10 layers fruit drying machine is a large commercial dehydrator that is consist of drying racks made using food grade stainless steel.

Industrial Fruit and Vegetable Drying Machine

This machine is composed of 32 layers of dehydrator trays that has a large capacity up to 50kgs. It is widely used for commercial application.

Industrial Heat Pump Fruit Drying Machine

Our Industrial Heat Pump Fruit Drying Machine is high-temperature controlled that features touch screen main panel for simple operation.

Full Automatic Fruit and Vegetable Drying Machine

This machine is integrated with selection conveyor platform, fruit cutting machine, bubble washer, and dewatering machine.

Tamarind Drying Machine

Our tamarind drying machine has a double door that has a capacity of up to 50 layers of dehydrator trays.

Goldcheer Fruit Drying Machine

Goldcheer manufactures the best quality fruit drying machines that has a reliable performance at every application. As a professional manufacturer, we offer the broadest range of fruit drying machines that will meet your applications.

At Goldcheer, all our fruit drying machines are manufactured using the excellent quality raw materials that are certified by food sanitation and hygiene standards. It is widely used by different industries such as food and beverage, juice factory, etc. Request a quote for your order!

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Goldcheer Fruit Drying Machine

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GoldCheer – Your Premier Fruit Drying Machine Manufacturer in China

Does your business need the best quality fruit drying machine? Goldcheer will always cover your needs. We have a complete solution for your fruit drying machine needs. We also offer great services to support your business.

At Goldcheer, we manufacture a wide range of fruit drying machines. It includes multi-layer mesh belt fruit drying machine, heat pump drying machine, and more. You can surely find the right machine for your business or project.

We are a trusted manufacturer that specializes in producing excellent quality fruit drying machines. We can offer you complete fruit drying solution. We also offer full customization of your fruit drying machines to meet your needs. Just send us your details.

Goldcheer manufactures fruit drying machines that are fully automatic, efficient, and fast-drying. It utilizes air and heat to dry fruit easily. Our fruit drying machines are designed with maximum drying efficiency at a low operating cost.

Our fruit drying machines are widely used for commercial fruit drying. It adopts low temperature for drying fruits and vegetables like apples, banana, mango, and more. After drying, fruits can retain its original shape, color, nutrient content, and more.

We manufacture fruit drying machines with good quality, excellent evaporation strength, fast drying, and reliable performance. Goldcheer fruit drying machines are your perfect choice for large-scale fruit drying.

For your business or project, Goldcheer can always satisfy your needs. All our machines are manufactured with high-quality and offered at an affordable price. We also offer low MOQ for your starting business. If you want to know more about our services and products, message us directly.

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Fruit Drying Machines: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide covers all information you need to know about fruit drying machine.

From definition, classification, parts, working principle to features – you will find all information you have been looking for in this guide.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is a Fruit Drying Machine?

Fruit drying machines are equipment used to remove moisture from fruits for preservation or further processing.

Fruit drying machine

Fruit drying machine

What are the available types of Fruit Drying Machines?

Some of the most common options include:

Solar Fruit Drying Machine

A solar fruit drying machine is used to dry a wide variety of fruits. It dries the fruits using solar energy.

Although it takes longer to dry the fruits, it is a relatively cheaper method compared to other fruit drying machines.

Microwave Vacuum Fruit Drying Machine

The microwave vacuum is faster than air drying or freeze-drying methods.

A temperature of forty to sixty degrees centigrade is used in vacuum conditions. It is possible to control the water percentage in the fruits.

Fruit Drying Oven

The fruit drying oven adopts hot air circulation drying with temperature-resistant axial flow and an automatic temperature control system.

It is used to dry a wide variety of fruits such as blueberries, banana etc.

It’s application can extend to pharmaceutical industries.

Vacuum Belt Freeze Dryer

Freeze drying is also called lyophilization or cryodesiccation.

It is used to dry fruits such as berries which have a delicate structure with high moisture levels.

This makes it difficult to dry them while maintaining their shape.

Vaccum belt freeze dryer also maintains the berries’ shape, flavor, and nutrients.

Vacuum freeze-drying is the process of freezing a water-containing material to a solid-state and then subliming the water therein to extract the water and preserve the substance.

It is used to dry products such as coffee and tea, seasonal fruits, fish, and meat.

The vacuum drying belt has a wide feeding range. The vacuum belt freeze dryer maintains the shape of the fruits and their texture.

Cabinet Drying Machine

This is an electrical cabinet that dries fruits that are temperature sensitive.

They are the most commonly used types of dryers.

Also, they are relatively cheap and they dry a wide variety of fruits.

They are commonly called oven, but the difference between the two is dryers remove moisture while the oven raises a product’s heat for a specific process to occur.

Heat is provided by electricity, gas or LFO, or indirect heat sources such as steam or thermal oil.

Air Drying Machine

It is also called an air cooling line or an air-cooled line. It has high efficiency, and it is made of stainless steel.

What are the uses of Fruit Drying Machines?

Fruit drying machine

 Fruit drying machine

A fruit drying machine is used to dry fruits to be canned or stored for longer periods while the fruits retain their shape, texture, and nutrition.

There are different types of fruit drying machines used to dry different types of fruits that have different heat sensitivity.

The fruit dryers remove moisture so that mold, yeast, and bacteria do not grow on the fruits.

Why are Fruit Drying Machines Important?

They help maintain the texture, shape, and nutritional value of fruits to be stored for a long time without the fruits going bad.

What are the Features of Fruit Drying Machines?

Highlighted are the features of our fruit drying machines:

Vacuum Belt Freeze Dryer

It has wide feeding of the trays range. It ranges from two to four thousand kilograms per hour while the vacuum ranges from 1 to 50 m bar.

Fruit Drying Oven

Hot air is circulated in the oven to save on energy, making the heat efficiency high.

It has forced ventilation and an adjustable air distributor; this makes the materials to be dried uniformly.

There are two drying methods in a fruit drying oven; electricity and steam. It consumes less electricity, more efficient, and convenient.

Adopts axial flow fan, which has low noise and high-temperature resistance. The dryer trays are made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and maintain.

Air Dry Machine

It is made of stainless steel with high efficiency. It emits little noise, and it is less prone to failures.

The machine is convenient to use with a high water removal rate and does not damage the packaging.

The color of the fruits is maintained and protected because the temperatures used to dry the fruits are normal, not high.

The sizes of air-drying machines can be customized. It is suitable for drying packaged products.

Microwave Fruit Drying Machine

It is made of stainless steel for standard food security. Microwave drying can achieve drying and sterilizing of the fruits while improving the quality of fruits and making them hygienically clean to eat. It is very efficient in energy saving.

What are the Main Components of Fruit Drying Machine?

Driers like the Fruit drying oven have many parts such as baking plates, axial flow fans, radiators, and baking vehicles.

Parts of fruit drying machine

Parts of fruit drying machine

Baking Plates

The baking plates are made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel.

They are punched for modest permeability and suitability for different materials being dried.

The standard size for a baking plate is 640 mm by 460 mm by 45 mm, but the plates can be custom sized.

Axial Flow Fan

The axial flow fan has low noise and is temperature resistant. It is an auxiliary part of the drying oven which is also customizable.

The materials used to make the axial flow fan is either aluminum alloy or stainless steel.


The radiator is also an auxiliary part of the fruit drying oven. The materials used to make the radiator are carbon steel, aluminum alloy, or stainless steel. It is also customizable.

Wheel and Frame

The baking vehicle has its wheels and frame made of carbon steel or stainless steel. It can be customized too.

Trays and Trolleys

The cabinet fruit dryer comprises trays, trolleys, and a drying chamber.

Besides, the fruits are loaded on the trolleys and taken into the drying chamber or inserted directly.

The trays are either perforated or solid, depending on the type of fruit.

Drying Chamber

The cabinet drying chamber has fans that move the hot air through the chamber to dry the fruits.

Note: An air-drying machine comprises three units; the drying chamber, the blower, and the heat exchanger.

The blower is used to create the current in the drying chamber, which takes the moisture out and circulates the hot air. The heat exchanger controls the temperature in the dryer.

What is the Working Principle of Fruit Drying Machines?

Discussed below are the working principles of various Fruit Drying Machines:

Vacuum Freeze-Drying Machine

It works on the principle of sublimation under vacuum. The fruits are first frozen. Then via a vacuum-tight rotary valve, the frozen fruits are fed onto the dryer’s belt. Drying is achieved by a combination of belt speed and plate temperatures.

The drying occurs by subliming the frozen moisture in the fruits. To prolong the residence time, solids are moved back and forth via the dryer.

Fruit Drying Oven

The fruit drying machine is heated through a heater by either electricity or steam. Consequently, a lot of hot air is circulated in the oven.

Fruit drying oven principle adopts the forced circulation of hot air inside the oven chamber. Hot air rises, and the hot air reaches the top of the chamber.

The hot air is then circulated back to the bottom where there is a fan installed inside the chamber, and therefore, the optimum temperature is achieved gradually.

The drying process involves heating raw materials in heated trays with a hot air circulation system. The wet moisture is then exhausted out of the machine.

Microwave Vacum Drying Machine

Microwaves are waves with a frequency of between 300MHz to 300GHz and a wavelength of between 1 mm to 1 m.

Microwave drying occurs when the water molecules that are polar molecules changes its polarity and friction motion.

This is due to the high-speed change of high frequency electromagnetic field.

The microwave electromagnetic field is then converted to heat energy used for drying. The vacuum makes the drying take place at low temperatures.

Cabinet Drying Machine

The carrier which is normally air is sucked into the heating chamber through an inlet vent or a recycle pipe.

Here, the air in this area is heated to the required temperature before being circulated in a circular motion from side-to-side or bottom to top, depending on the drying specifications.

The fan draws air into the heating compartment and passes it through the trays, which serve as pipes or ducts for the air to flow into.

There is a fresh air aperture on the suction line, and on the pressure side, there is an exhaust.

The proportion of recycled air can be managed by adding dampers to the inlet and, in most cases, the exhaust.


Air Drying Machine

After repeated flipping to ensure uniformity of the fruit materials, they are fed via the mesh belt into the air-drying unit.

The air dryer’s high pressure extracts moisture from the surface of the fruit material.

Furthermore, the wind is conducted in a multifaceted-like manner.

Thereby, increasing the volume of pressure, causing the surface water to evaporate quickly so as to facilitate storage or further processing.

What are the Advantages of Solar Fruit Drying Machines?

Solar fruit drying machine

Solar fruit drying machine

Solar fruit drying machines are cheaper than other methods of fruit drying as it uses solar energy.

Most fruit drying machines operate on electricity from the mains.

Also, the materials used to make solar fruit drying machines are easy and cheap to acquire. This makes the machine to be relatively cheaper.

Lastly, it saves on labor because it can be left unmanned. The fruits can be left to dry overnight or during rainy weather.

What other Fruit Processing Machines can you use Alongside Fruit Drying Machine?

Below is a list of various fruit processing machines that you can use to complement the Fruit Drying Machine:

  • Fruit core removal machine – This machine is used to remove the cores and seeds from mangoes, apricots, plums, etc.
  • Fruit peeling machine – This machine automatically peels the fruits to ready them for drying. It has high efficiency with a large production rate.
  • Pitting machine – It is used for pitting various fruits such as cherry, dates, plums, olives, and others easily.
  • Fruit cutting machine – It is used to cut fruits into circles and the finished product is smooth on the surface with no breakage. It can also used to cut vegetables into circle shapes for processing.
  • Automatic fruit sorting machine – It is used to sort fruits according to the desired quality and sizes. It removes the poor-quality and damaged fruits.. This machine can also be used for sorting vegetables.

What pre-drying treatment do fruits have to go through?

Outlined is the pre-drying procedure you should consider when looking to dry your fruits.

Selection of Fruits

Select ripe and good quality fruits for drying. You should discard damaged, rotten or infected fruits. Processing does not improve the quality of poor-quality fruits.

Washing of Fruits and the Fruit Drying Surfaces

Washing is essential for fruits as it removes soil, chemicals, and other impurities that may be on the fruits.

Surfaces used for fruit preparation and drying should also be clean to maintain high hygiene.


Blanching involves cooking the fruits for a short period and then plunging the fruits into iced water. This stops the enzyme process in the fruits.

Blanching in fruits is optional. Steam blanching is recommended to prevent loss of nutrients and prevent the fruit from being dried.


Some fruits require peeling before drying. While peeling the fruits, ensure you maintain high levels of hygiene.

Cutting and Slicing

The thickness of the fruit depends on the fruit being cut and sliced. While thicker slices take a longer time to dry, thinner pieces take a shorter time.

Very thin pieces and slices stick to the drying trays and tend to be difficult to remove. Thicker pieces may not fully dry and may deteriorate sometime after packing.

How can I Select the Right Fruit Drying Machine?

The selection of fruit drying machine depends on the type of fruit being dried, the level of dryness, or the length of time you want to take to dry the fruits.

Dryers such as microwave vacuum dryers dry fruits take half the time used by dryers like freeze dryers and cabinet dryers.

Dryers such as freeze dryers are recommended for drying fruits with volatile components such as berries. It maintains their acidity to preserve their taste.

Do Fruit Drying Machines have a warranty?

Most fruit drying machines have a warranty ranging from six months to one year. However, the period may exceed one year, depending on the manufacturer.

The warranties usually act as an incentive and an assurance to the buyer.

How much does a Fruit Drying Machine cost?

The cost of a fruit drying machine varies depending on factors such as:

  • Size – The larger the machine the more costly it is since it gives a larger output.
  • Type – The less sophisticated the machine, the cheaper it is.

What are the Technical Parameters of Fruit Drying Machine?

Below are some technical parameters of the common fruit drying machines:

Fruit Drying Oven

They can accommodate a batch weighing up to one hundred and twenty kgs, with the fan’s power being up to 0.45 kW per hour.

They can have a steam consumption of 18 kg of steam per hour, a power of around 15 kw/h and a thermal area of 20 m2.

The number of trays can be 48, with two baking vehicles.

Microwave Vacuum

Microwave vacuums can have a power of up to 18 kW, which allows for water to be vapourised at rates of up to 24 kg per hour and have a frequency of 50/60 Hz.

They have a drying temperature of between thirty-five to two hundred degrees Celsius. The dimensions of the machines are 2700*1860*2200 mm with a weight of 4500 kilograms.

Air Drying Machine

If it has two carts, the number of pallets will be twenty-four. It has a capacity of 60 kg per time and a power of 6 to 9 kilowatts.

The fan has a power of 0.45 kilowatts. The machine has dimensions of 1410*1200*2160 mm and a tray size of 640*640*45 mm together with a cart size of 940*700*1420 mm.

Fruit drying machine

Fruit drying machine

Are there Non-electrical Fruit Drying Machines?

Solar drying machines are non-electrical together with solar cabinet driers. Some hot air ovens which use steam can also be non-electrical.

Which Fruit Drying Machines are suitable for drying all fruits?

Solar drying machine is suitable for drying a wide variety of fruits because it does not affect the color, texture, or shape of the fruit in any way.

This method may be a cheap way of drying, but it takes longer for the amount of dryness you want to achieve.

Machines such as freeze-drying dry a wide variety of fruits, but it is most recommended when drying fruits such as berries.

Due to the acidic nature of the berries, freeze-drying helps to dry the moisture and retain the acid selectively

Some fruits that require slow drying are dried using cabinet dryers or air dryers. They are fast in drying but do not damage the fruits.

What quality standards should Fruit Drying Machine comply with?

CEN standards for machines require that machines be suitable for their purpose and safe to clean and use.

The FDA recommends using stainless steel for parts of machinery used in the food processing industries.

PUWER standards require that any machine consider the working condition and be safe for manual laborers.

Also, the machine ought to be free from any defects such as damaged or missing parts.

The oven should be allowing drying to take place at 70°C under a pressure of about 3 kPa-1..

Thus allowing a slow current of dry air to enter at a rate of 10 or 40 l/h.

As appropriate, measured at atmospheric pressure before entering the oven; air introduced through a tap shall be dried.

How do you Maintain Fruit Drying Machine?

The fruit drying machine should be cleaned regularly and disinfected to maintain a high level of hygiene.

Trays and trolleys need to be cleaned daily to prevent the build-up of dirt on the trays after drying.

Movable parts should be oiled to prevent rusting because they inconvenience the whole drying process, and there is a prevalent risk of poisoning the fruit materials.

Moreover, continued negligence in maintaining or repairing the machine may result in a total breakdown.

This may result in losses due to increased repair costs.

Damaged parts on the machine should be repaired or replaced to last for a long time.

During the fruits offseason, the machines should be dusted and cleaned to maintain high levels of hygiene.

This will help keep the machine in good condition as you await the drying to resume.

Fruit drying machines should not be overloaded or overworked.

This may cause the machine to break down due to the inability to handle the load.

In case you need to dry more fruits than the machine’s capacity, it is recommended you get a new machine with a higher capacity.

You can dispose of the machine by selling it, or you can still make use of it.

You can also substitute the machine components with more improved parts such as the fans to make the machine more efficient.

Do you offer Spare Parts for Fruit Drying Machines?

Fruit drying machine

 Fruit drying machine

We offer replacement parts for our various machines and other fruit drying machines from other manufacturers.

To get a quotation on a spare part, we will need you to provide us with details on the type fruit drying machine and the part you require.

How does Fruit Drying Machine Prevent Contamination?

Fruit drying machines are made of materials that do not rust, such as stainless steel and aluminum alloy, to prevent contamination of the fruits.

These materials are easy to clean and do not rust.

The microwave dryer sterilizes the fruits by killing the bacteria and any possible pathogens in the fruits.

Besides, the microwave thermal effects change the bacterial DNA, making it unable to reproduce and unable to survive, therefore causing its death.

What are the Safety Features of Fruit Drying Machine?

Our machines have an easily accessible switch to cut out power supply in emergency situations.

Inert gases are used to prevent fire hazards caused by the heat produced by the machine.

The presence of grounding wires in the dryers helps reduce the risk of electric shock to the users of the machine.

Also, vents are installed in the machines to prevent the build-up of dust and heat that may cause an explosion.

Which Material is Fruit Drying Machine made of?

The materials should be food-friendly, meaning they do not rust. Rusting can contaminate the food.

They should also be long-lasting, and they do not get damaged easily.

Additionally, the physical and chemical properties of the materials should be strong enough to withstand heat, vibration, humid air, fatigue, and failure during the operation.

Such materials include aluminum alloy, stainless steel (mild steel), carbon steel, plywood, galvanized sheet metal, wire mesh, and burnt bricks.

Plywood is chosen for the cabinet’s body because it is a poor conductor of heat; hence the heat loss from the cabinet is greatly minimized.

Aluminum alloy has excellent corrosion resistance.

Consequently, It is used in ligning the cabinet’s inside to reflect heat back to the cabinet and prevent decaying of the ply wood due to the humid air.

Galvanised sheet metal is chosen because of its toughness and ability to conduct and radiate heat. It is used to fabricate the heat exchanger.

Most fruit drying machines’ frames are made from stainless steel, which is easy to weld and has excellent strength.

Wire mesh can resist corrosion and allow air to pass through them, making them be suitable for the trays.

Burnt bricks are a poor conductor of heat, making them suitable for the burning unit.

How long does it take to Dry Products in Fruit Drying Machine?

It can take three to six hours in a fruit drying oven, depending on the fruit’s water content. Conversely, it can take up to twenty-four or thirty-six hours to freeze dry fruits.

Microwave vacuum drying machine is faster than other types of dryers. It can remove one to four percent of water (wet basis) within five to ten minutes.

Conclusively, the time taken to dry the fruits depends on the type of the machine and the fruit’s water content.

Can you use Fruit Drying Machine as Vegetable Drying Machines?

Fruit drying machines are available on their own in some cases, but duo performance machines that can dry both fruits and vegetables are also available.

An example of a duo drying machine is the solar dryer.

The duo performance fruit and vegetable drying machines are used to dry both fruits and leafy and stem vegetables.

The duo performance machine can dry different shaped fruits and vegetables while maintaining their shape and nutritional value.

Are Fruit Drying Machines Automated?

Some fruit drying machines are automated, while some are semi-automated.

The automated machines control the temperature and the drying process automatically.

In contrast, in semi-automated fruit drying machines, some parts of the drying process, including temperature control, is done manually.

How do you Conduct Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for Fruit Drying Machine?

The FAT’s primary goal is to test the safety instrumented system.

Before the final installation at the fruit drying industry, the tests are usually carried out during the final part of the design and engineering process.

FAT is a tailored method for inspecting the safety instrumented device and its functions following the safety standards specification.

A FAT has different levels.

They can be done at a very simple level, such as temporarily wiring the system’s key components and ensuring that it works as it should.

Or, a more comprehensive FAT may be done.

The manufacturer physically installs the whole device in their shop to test it thoroughly.

After which the system is dismantled, transported to the customer’s location, and reassembled.

During the FAT, the manufacturer performs the following checks:

  • Equipment used is compliant with the specifications, such as compatible HW and SW models.
  • The used equipment is set up per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Inputs and outputs are linked, as shown in the illustrations.
  • Equipment has been correctly calibrated.
  • Trip points work per the SRS’s specifications.
  • Related program operates per the SRS’s specifications, and the outputs and their activities follow the SRS’s instructions.
  • Reset functions operate according to the SRS.
  • Operator functions operate according to the SRS
  • Bypass functions operate according to the SRS
  • Manual shutdown functions operate according to the SRS
  • Diagnostic alarm functions operate according to the SRS

The FAT exposes flaws in the design and engineering process and the safety requirement specification phase.

Both processes must be updated based on the FAT’s findings.

How can Industrial Fruit Drying Machine Benefit your Business?

Industrial fruit drying machines dry the fruits faster than traditional methods such as air drying.

Our machines use new technologies that allow the fruits to dry fast and retain their texture, shape, and nutritional value.

Industrial drying machines also thoroughly dry the fruits to ensure the fruits are left with little or no moisture.

Consequently, allowing for prolonged storage of the fruits.

With an industrial fruit drying machine, you can control the moisture content of fruits. This feature makes them suitable for use in the pharmaceutical industry.

Also, industrial fruit drying machines ensure the maintenance of hygiene.

Our machines are made from either stainless steel, carbon steel, or aluminum alloys that are not rusty and easy to clean.

Some of our machines also do sterilize the fruits during the drying process.

Machines such as microwave drying machines kill bacteria and pathogens present in the fruits.

Our fruit drying machines are highly efficient and energy-saving, making their use cheap while guaranteeing high output levels.

Lastly, It requires less workforce to operate the machines. Thus, it reduces the labor demand in the fruit during the process.

At GoldCheer, we design and manufacture a range of fruit drying machines that meet your unique processing needs.

Our main production lines are tomato paste production line, mango pulp production line, fruit(apple, orange) juice production line, guava passion fruit production line, yogurt production line, UHT milk production line, coconut milk powder production line, milk powder production line, honey production line, beer brewery production line.

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