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Goldcheer as Your Reliable Manufacturer of Fruit Pulping Machine

Goldcheer has been the trusted manufacturer and supplier of fruit pulping machines in China for more than 20 years. We are an expertise-driven manufacturer that offers the best quality yet affordable machines. Through our vast understanding in this field and knowledge of market and customers’ needs, we can surely provide a cost-effective solution for you! Message us for inquiries.

Goldcheer Fruit Pulping Machine

High Output Fruit Pulp Processing Machine

This machine has a pulp molding machine processing type. It also features a reciprocating forming type and a matching dryer.

Separating Pulp and Seed Machine

Separating pulp and seed machine is a single-channel machine that can separate slurry residue automatically.

Mango Pulper Machine

Goldcheer mango pulper machine is ideal for removing residue and beating mango, berries, kernel fruit, etc. It features automatic pulp separation, high performance, and low noise.

Stainless Steel Mango Pulper

It is manufactured with ergonomic design to pulp fruit easily. The pulp will be separated automatically while the waste will be discharge to the opposite end.

Fruit Pulping Machine

This machine is widely used for separating fruit seeds from beating. It features seed separation and juice extractor.

Industrial Fruit Pulping Machine

Goldcheer manufacture industrial fruit pulping machine that is perfect for pulping mango, apple, pineapple, tomato, etc. Its touching part is made from stainless steel materials.

Large Capacity Passion Fruit Pulping Machine

This machine is made up of stainless steel materials with excellent corrosion resistance, hygienic, and no pollutants.

High-quality Fruit Pulp Making Machine

High-quality fruit pulping machines have three functions including capper, filler, and washer. It is manufactured using 304 stainless steel.

European Design Efficient Fruit Pulper Machine

This machine is mostly used in food and beverage industry, manufacturing plant, juice factories, and more.

Fruit destoner and Pulping Machine

This machine is widely used for separating fruit pulps including bayberry, grapes, orange, peaches, and more.

Stainless Steel Plum Fruit Pulping Machine

Stainless steel plum fruit pulping machine features combined conveyor belt and storage hopper. It has an adjustable template depending on the fruit size.

Tomato Pulp Making Machine

This machine is widely used primarily for separating fruit kernel, pulp, and juice from the crushed fruit. It is perfect for raw materials like tomato, grape, etc.

Goldcheer Fruit Pulping Machine

If you are looking for a trusted manufacturer of fruit pulping machines, Golcheer is your best choice! We are offering the highest quality fruit pulping machines and other related products. Your business is our concern. That is why we offer the broadest range of fruit pulping machines that will fit your applications.

Aside from that, Goldcheer also exports fruit pulping machines to different countries around the world. Thus, we can still provide you with the best services and excellent quality products wherever you are. Enquire now for more information about our fruit pulping machines.

fruit pulping machine

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Fruit Crusher
fruit blancher
Fruit Blancher
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Forced Circulation Evaporator
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Goldcheer Fruit Pulping Machine

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Goldcheer – An Expert Chinese Manufacturer and Supplier of Fruit Pulping Machine

Goldcheer is an expert in manufacturing fruit pulping machines. We have the widest range of fruit pulping machines that will surely meet your requirements. If you are looking for a manufacturer of fruit pulping machine for your business, choose Goldcheer.

Here in Goldcheer, we are equipped with advanced technology and state-of-the-art production equipment. We also have a strong R&D team that focuses on development, design, and production of innovative fruit pulping machine.

Fruit pulping machine from Goldcheer is preferably used for processing berry fruits and other precooked kernel fruits into pulps. The fruit core is automatically discharged and separated during the pulping process. Our fruit pulping machines has two channels that are mainly for rough pulping and subtle pulping. The size of its two-channel mesh can be adjusted based on your raw materials.

Advantages of Goldcheer Fruit Pulping Machines

  • Sieve with openable design for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Function for both fruit flesh pulping and fruit core removing
  • Integrated with advanced technology like single or double stage mesh structure
  • Different sizes of mesh for processing fruit pulp
  • Automatically separate fruit pomace from fruit pulp

Goldcheer specifically manufactures fruit pulping machines for separating fruit pulps and residue. It can be used for various fruits like apple, mango, dates, apricot, kiwi, peach, and more. This is also best for berries like strawberries, tomatoes, etc.

Whether you are a retailer, importer, or distributor looking for a high-quality fruit pulping machine, choose Goldcheer! Your business is our concern. That is why we offer the broadest range of fruit pulping machines that will fit your applications.

All our fruit pulping machines are manufactured with high-quality at a competitive price. We also offer low MOQ to support your starting business. At Goldcheer, you can guarantee excellent services and great deals for your business.

Inquire now for your next fruit pulping machine orders!


Fruit Pulping Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you have any questions about fruit pulping machine, you will find the answer fight here.

So, keep reading to learn more about fruit pulping machine.

What is Fruit Pulping Machine?

 Fruit pulping machine

Fruit pulping machine


It is a machine you will use to extract fruit pulp from different types of fruits.

Although there are many designs available in the market, most fruit pulping machines use a rotating drum or disk that helps to press out the pulp.

The fruit pulp is thicker than the fruit juice. Additionally, fruit pulp has a longer-lasting property compared to other types of juices.

How does Fruit Pulping Machine compare to Juice Extraction Machine?

Yes, right from the definitions, the pulping machine is meant to deliver a pulp-like final product. That is, the pulp is usually much soupier and thicker compared to the juice.

An extraction juice machine is responsible for delivering the typical juice.

The two machines also differ in their functioning.

The fruit pulping machine constitutes many blades that constantly and continuously beat the fruits to extract the pulp.

However, the juice extractor machines do not require complex machinery to deliver the juice component from fruits.

The juicer simply presses out the juice from the desired type of fruit.

How does Manual Fruit Pulper compare to Automatic Fruit Pulping Machine?

In manual fruit pulper you will require some labor to handle the process.

That is, you need someone to operate the machine.

On the other hand, in automatic fruit pulping machine, you will only key in the relevant process parameters.

Then, the machine will handle most operations by itself.

Some of the key features of automatic fruit pulping machine are:

  • An automated extraction system. The extraction of pulp from the fruits is entirely the work of the machine.
  • An automatic wash system. As a user, you are not exposed to the manual cleaning and washing of the machine after use.
  • It has a level guide. This ensures that when the maximum level of the reservoir is attained, the machine automatically goes off until it is regulated again.
  • An automatic feeding system in place: This means you don’t have to place the fruits one by one into the machine as in a manual fruit pulper.

An automatic fruit pulper comes with a revolving disk that feeds the fruits into the extractor one by one.

  • The machine comes with a self-cleaning filter which is made of stainless steel. It regularly cleans itself through an available worm and gearing discards, hence avoid clogging.
  • This automated fruit pulping machine is also electrified; hence it functions electronically.
  • The most intriguing factor is the presence of a reversion system engine. You can easily reverse the commands.

What Determines Fruit Pulper Machine Price?

Before purchasing a fruit pulping machine, it is essential to ensure that the machine is of quality.

Some of these quality aspects you should check to include the stainless steel material used. Superior stainless steel ensures that the fruits are not affected by the food.

Additionally, the level of automation mode contributes to the price. There are manual, semi-automatic, and automatic fruit pulping machines.

They all have different prices.

As a result, these machines tend to be a little pricy but still manageable if you are in desperate need of one.

You can review all our prices for fruit process machines.

What are the Components of the Fruit Pulp Extraction Machine?

Parts of Fruit pulping machine

Parts of fruit pulping machine

In details, these components include;

  • A driver system
  • A bearing block
  • Back and front cover
  • A sleeve
  • Pulp blocking tray
  • Cylinder
  • Spline shaft
  • A screen
  • Scrapper/beating bar
  • Feed hopper
  • Protective cover
  • Machine gears
  • Separation axis

Which Features Should You Consider in Fruit Pulping Machine?

Before purchasing, here are some factors you should consider in fruit pulping machine

  • Fruit pulping machine should work independently.
  • The fruit pulp and residue should be separated automatically.
  • Parts in contact with the fruits should meet all hygienic food standards. As a result, the material should be 304 superior stainless steel material.
  • The machine should give room to adjust for sieves to different diameters to help achieve pulping effects. This is dependent on the preference of the customer.
  • Fruit pulp machine should be adaptable to incorporate a linear structure that supports easy installation and maintenance.
  • Fruit pulping machine should withstand a high-pressure double crank to regulate the die opening and closing. This ensures the sealing is unswerving hence no cases of leakage.
  • A good fruit pulping machine has the ultimate efficiency of separating the juice from slag.

This means the energy consumption and rate of failure should be significantly low.

How does Fruit Pulping Machine Work?

Fruit pulping machine is one of the easiest machines to operate.  First of all, get your desired type of fruit clean before engaging it with the machine.

Additionally, it is also wise to disinfect and peel the fruit before using the fruit pulper machine.

Manually feed the fruits into the hopper. A high-speed separation axis helps to separate the kernel and any traces of peel from the flesh.

It then directs the fruits into the stainless steel sieve, which contains a nylon brush on rotation mode.

The brush helps scrape materials on the sieve as the pulp extraction process proceeds. The pulp is then harvested through the chute of the machine.

Afterward, the waste materials are disposed of at the bottom. The machine is very efficient as it collects waste as fibers and seeds.

However, the machine comes in two types hence the functionality slightly differs from the other.

The two types are the single-pass fruit pulper machine and the double pass fruit pulper machine.

Both of them execute their functions differently when it comes to the extraction of fruit pulp.

Single-pass Fruit Pulper Working Principle

pass Single pulp fruit pulper

Single pass fruit pulping machine

Some of the main components of a single pass fruit pulper include;

  • The cylindrical screen
  • Crushing blade
  • Scraper
  • Shaft
  • Frame
  • Transmission system.

The operator directs the raw materials into the hopper.

Afterward, the motor launches the continuous rotation of the scraper.

The fruit then moves spirally between the screen and the scrapper.

This creates a centrifugal force that helps the pulp flow out through the holes of the cylindrical screen.

The primary function of the cylindrical screen is to separate the slug from the juice through its holes.

The slag then disposes of itself through the slag outlet on the left side of the cylindrical screen.

Double Pass Fruit Pulper

Double pass fruit pupler machine

 Double pass fruit pulping machine

This fruit pulper can attend to fruits and vegetables that have been either crushed or precooked.

Besides, the pulper comes in handy when it comes to the separation of pulp and skin of the products.

The double fruit pulper bears two single-pass fruit pulpers. Hence it comes with an upper and a lower structure.

It bears the same working principle as the single-pass fruit pulper. However, double pass fruit pulper has two main stages for extraction of pulp.

The first stage produces the coarse pulp, and the second one now makes sure the pulp is fine. The pulper comes with an option that allows you to adjust the machine’s screen according to your preference.

As a result, these two types of pulping machines come with different parameters, as outlined below.

What are the Benefits of using Fruit Pulping Machine?

The main benefits of a fruit pulping machine are attached to the structure of the machine. These include;

  • The machine is less susceptible to incidences of blocking. Thanks to the slag holes and sieve available.
  • It is safe to use for juice pulp extraction. The machine is made of stainless steel material that is least reactive to food substances.
  • The machine is less time-consuming. This is due to the high-speed electric motor that facilitates a quick extraction process.
  • It is also power efficient. It consumes less power to perform its functions efficiently.
  • The mesh is customizable. This means you can adjust the mesh according to customers’ preferences.

Are there Limitations of the Fruit Pulping Machine?

The only limitation that the fruit pulp-making machine is nothing related to its operation.

Many say the pulp contains sugars that may offset the balance of blood sugar.

Thus there is no need to separate the fiber from the fruit, which is mainly what the machine does.

This concept of extracting fruits has even been available in small-sized household appliances.

The only disadvantage of these extractors is that they are slower when obtaining the fruit pulp. This is in comparison with the fruit juicer machines.


Can you use Fruit Pulping Machine to Process Vegetables?

Yes, fruit pulping machines are also applicable to vegetables as well. They do not pose any working defect threat to the pulp machine.

If you are a vegetarian or looking forward to making a detox, the fruit pulping machine will deliver.

Does Fruit Pulping Machines have a Warranty?

Fruit pulping machines come with a warranty that ranges from 1 year to 3 years. The Warranty is dependent on the manufacturer.

Like any other machines, damages caused by the new owner of the machine are not legible to the Warranty.

However, damages caused by negligent manufacture are the sole responsibility of the manufacturer.

These damages may range from defective functioning or missing parts of the pulp machine.

The Warranty is set to guarantee the authenticity and quality of the machine.

It is another quality mark you have to look out for when purchasing this machine.

What is the Best Material for Making Fruit Pulping Machine?

When it comes to dealing with foodstuffs, the steel material is the most preferable. This is because steel offers a no reactive property to food; hence it is safe.

Juice is meant for human consumption. As a result, the fruit pulp machine is mainly made of 304 stainless steel material.

This material guarantees a hygienic food standard to the pulp produced. Hence, it is an essential factor to consider while purchasing a fruit pulping machine as well.

It is one of the main reason your fruit pulping machine should be cGMP compliant.

How do you Clean Fruit Pulping Machine?

You should clean fruit pulping machine regularly to avoid instances of contamination.

So, as a general rule:

Immediately you are done extracting your pulp, using water and a clean piece of clothing, wipe the remains of the pulp off.

It also extends to the slug outlet.

Accumulation of these pieces may hinder the efficient operation of the machine caused by clogging.

Some parts like the sieve are removable, hence made easy to clean.

The best part, a number of fruit pulping machines have Clean-in-place (CIP) system.

CIP systems offers complete solution by cleaning the fruit pulping machine then rinses and sanitizes.

Basically, you will not have instance of contamination.

For industrial fruit processing systems, increase productivity and minimizes downtime.

How can you Maintain Fruit Pulping Machine?

Frequent oiling of movable parts is recommendable for maintenance purposes.

The same applies to all the connecting parts of the machine.

Remember, many parts are exposed to wear and tear.

Therefore, it is advisable to replace them with an original and compatible spare part.

Last but not least, obediently follow the correct procedures when operating the machine.

More importantly, you should follow instructions as indicate in the machine user manual.

Do you have Semi-Automatic Fruit Pulper Machine?

Yes, they are available.

Semi-Automatic fruit pulpers are partially automatic and partially manually operated.

The semi-automatic fruit pulpers guarantee an easy installation, and due to the semi-automatic nature, they come with low maintenance costs.

They are also rust-resistant and are effective in producing a smooth final product.

They also tend to be less pricey compared to the Automatic fruit pulping machines.

What are the Safety Features of Fruit Pulping Machines?

The electric motor is made of stainless steel metal that acts as a shield, guaranteeing maximum safety when in use.

The fruit pulper comes with easy installation processes. As a result, a non-toxic acid-resistant rubber plate can be installed on the scrapper.

It prevents the scrapper from breaking the cylindrical screen.

Additionally, the distance between the scraper and the screen can be adjusted.

It can be achieved by adjusting the bolts from the machine.

Due to the machine’s susceptibility to high pressure has a controllable die opening and closing system. This prevents the machine from leakage incidences.

All the parts that will be in contact with the fruit are made with stainless steel metal. The metal is least reactive with the fruits; hence it produces quality fruit pulp.

Do you offer Fruit Pulping Machine Spare Parts?

Yes, the fruit pulp machine has its spare parts available.

We offer replacement parts for all our fruit pulping machines.

That is, from having a new mesh to even replacing the screen or rotter for your pulp machine. All this has now been made possible.

Any spare part that needs to get your pulp machine up and running again is now readily available.

However, this will come at a cost, depending on the terms and conditions of your manufacturer.

Sometimes, the Warranty may cover these aspects too. As a result, it is good to confirm with your manufacturer to avoid incurring any unnecessary costs.

What Factors Affect the Pulping Effect of Fruit Pulper?

 Fruit pulp

Fruit pulp

Several factors directly affect the pulping effect of fruit pulper. These factors include;

Nature of the Fruits being Used

Some fruits tend to produce fine pulp compared to others, who seem to have a rough texture. Thus might be subject to whether the fruit has seeds or not and other factors.

Diameter of the Screen Hole of the Machine

The diameter hole is usually between the range of 0.4-1.5mm. It gives room for change according to the raw materials.

That is the fruit you will use.

Percent ratio between the Area of Sieve Holes and Total Area of Screen Drum

The ratio should give a 50% ratio to attain maximum efficiency for the production of fruit pulp.

Lead Angle

The lead angle has a direct influence on the speed of material being extracted from the pulp.

Gap between Blades and Inner Drum

The gap should maintain an in-between space that ranges between 1mm to 4mm.

Shaft Speed

Last but not least, for obvious reasons, check the speed of the shaft of the pulping machine you are purchasing.

It significantly contributes to the type of pulp you wish to achieve.

All these factors apply to the fruit pulping machine regardless of the type of fruit you desire to use.

What is the Difference Between Fruit Pulping Machine and Fruit Juicer?

Although these two produce an end product, which is almost the same, they differ mainly in their structure.

A fruit pulping machine contains several blades which continuously and constantly beat the fruits to achieve a pulp effect.

However, the fruit juicer presses the fruits to acquire the juice.

Moreover, the two final products differ for the machines.

The juice from the fruit pulping machine is thicker compared to the one from a fruit juicer.

The machine has a pulping effect that makes it thicker compared to the fruit juicer.

Can you use Fruit Pulp Extraction Machine for all Fruits?

Fruit juice and fruit pulp

Fruit pulp and fruit juice


Yes, the fruit pulp extractor is designed to extract fruit pulp even from fruits that have seeds.

However, the extractor is commonly used for fruits with stone-like seeds and berries.

These fruits include mangoes, peach, apricots, berries in the likes of kiwi, and strawberries.

Additionally, precooked foods and softened kernels like apples and pears can be used in this machine.

The machine automatically crashes the fruits through its blades and later separates the slug from the pulp.

What are the Key Functions of Fruit Pulp Extraction Machine?

A fruit pulp extraction machine serves to help extract pulp from stone fruits. These type of fruits include mango, apricot, peach, kiwi, strawberries,

Additionally, the pulp extractor can help with precooked softened kernel fruits like apples and pears.

The pulp fruit extractor can separate the stones, that is, the seeds, from these fruits. It further extracts the pulps and sorts them out from the slag.

How does Single Drum Fruit Pulp Extraction Machine compare to Double Drum Fruit Pulp Extraction Machine?

The fruit pulp extraction machine comes in two types. That is the single drum pulp extractor and the double drum pulp extractor.

Single Drum Fruit Pulp Extractor

Single drum vs double drum fruit pulp extractor

Single drum vs double drum fruit pulp extractor

A single drum helps in the destoning and extraction of pulp from these types of fruits.

For you to achieve this, the machine is equipped with a rotor that helps achieve this function.

However, the rotor must be changed to realize the entire process of destoning and pulp extraction.

This machine is thus suitable for extracting pulp from berries and nuts.

Double Drum Fruit Pulp Extractor

Double drum fruit pulp extractor

 Double drum fruit pulp extractor

Unlike the single drum, the double drum, just from the name, comes with a pair of drums. It performs the same function of destoning and pulp extraction as a single drum.

However, unlike the single drum pulp extractor, this one comes with two rotors. Hence there is no need to keep on changing the rotors.

What is the Recommended Procedure for Operating Fruit Pulp Machine?

Before you officially launch your fruit pulping machine, it is essential to ensure you understand the procedures.

Here are some of the essential procedures to carefully consider in the use of a fruit pulping machine.

First and foremost, it is crucial to conduct a safety protocol for the machine. It includes;

  • Checking whether the rotor parts are tight enough and the connection is solid
  • Ensuring that the rotation of the motor is in line with the description on the label
  • Adding mechanical oil to the machine’s bearings on both ends
  • Rotate the handwheel in a clockwise direction
  • Now lock the front cover of the drum

On to the extraction process;

  • Add the fruits to extract the pulp from in a uniform manner into the hopper.
  • Ensure to adjust the lead angle and the clearance between the scrapper and screen. It helps to achieve a juice rate similar to that in the requirements.

Stopping the machine;

  • Now turn the handwheel anti-clockwise. The machine will slowly lead to a halt.
  • Afterward, switch off the main brake
  • Caution, do not attempt to open the front cover when the machine is in the process of shutting down.

Be patient and allow yourself to remove the cover from the drum once the rotor completely stops.

Remember, all these fruit pulping machines have use manual.

Always follow instructions as in the model of the machine.

Again, our team offer free training on how to operate and handle various operations of fruit pulping machine.

Which Quality Standards Should Fruit Pulping Machine Conform to?

All fruit processing machines must adhere to certain quality standards and certifications.

This ensures the machine is safe. It can process fruit pup without any contamination.

Also, the machine has various parts and components that must adhere to certain safety standards.

Some of these certifications include:

  • CE compliant
  • cGMP compliant
  • NSF/ANSI 59
  • ISO 22000 Food Safety for factory that manufacture food processing machine and food products
  • FCC

Remember, they all vary depending on the geographical location.

How do you Conduct Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for Fruit Pulping Machine?

The factory acceptance test is done before the release of the machinery to the buyer.

It helps to ensure that the fruit pulping machine has no functionality defects.

It is a cost-effective procedure, especially to fruit pulping machines.  It is a procedure that is advantageous to both the buyer and the seller.

Before the FAT test, the following documents are made available;

  • Customer specifications of the pulping machine
  • Drawings depicting the machine
  • Datasheets on the machine
  • An inspection Test plan
  • Codes and references of the machine
  • A checklist specifying the procedure of the FAT for the machine
  • Certification for the process

The FAT procedure will then go ahead to check the electrical setup of the fruit pulp machine.

A procedure on the functionality of the machine as well will be conducted.

As the buyer, you will play a significant role in specifying what is to be checked to avert any future irregularities on the machine.

The parts of the machine will be checked against the standard requirements of a fruit pulping machine.

The factory acceptance test is usually carried out at the factory before departure. In case of any shortcomings on the machine, the manufacturer can correct them.

With the information in this guide, certainly, you can get the best fruit pulping machine for your production needs.

At GoldCheer, we help skyrocket your fruit processing industry with our high-quality and reliable equipment.

Contact us today for all your fruit pulp machine needs.

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