Fruit Sorting Machine

The automatic fruit sorting machine is suitable for the sorting of citrus, tomato, mango, carrot, apple, strawberry, blackberry, onion, chili, and other fruit and vegetable. Fruit sorting machine is composed of structure, motor reducer, roller, or food-grade plastic chain.

The fruit and vegetable can tumble freely on the roller by rotation and revolution designing. The fruit and vegetable can be more sanitary and clean with the second time spray cleaning.

Goldcheer assures you to own the best and high-quality equipment such as a fruit sorting machine. You can always trust Goldcheer any time you need equipment that will meet your desired and outstanding finished product, including a fruit sorting machine.

ModelCapacity t/hPower kwDimension mm

(1) High-quality stainless steel 304

(2)Conveying method: Stainless steel roller or food-grade plastic chain by customized;

(3)Water spraying device and water collecting vessel by customized;

(4)Waste fruit collecting system by customized;

(5)The motor speed is adjustable.

Goldcheer Fruit Sorting Machine

Goldcheer is your main and trustworthy manufacturer in China who can assure you to have high-quality types of equipment such as fruit sorting machine. We are your expert supplier of durable fruit sorting machines, and the Goldcheer fruit sorting machine can provide you a turnkey solution for your fruit sorting processes.

fruit sorting machine

Some models of Goldcheer fruit sorting machines, have a capacity of 15000Pcs/hour, have a sorting weight scope of 20-1500g, and sort accuracy of  ±2g. Goldcheer fruit sorting machines are used for fruits or even vegetable products. It is a built-in system of free-falling rolls permit and set up continuous and independent adjustment of sorting size in every calibration section independently.

If you are looking for a professional and experienced manufacturer for your fruit sorting machines, we the Goldcheer, are ready to give you high-quality service that can satisfy your desire. We are also operating a solid partnership for your fruit sorting machine. Goldcheer designed different types of a fruit sorting machine for we can produce and process various products using fruit sorting machines applicable functions.

fruit sorting machine

Goldcheer continuously manufactures high-quality with the economical cost of fruit sorting machines which is good for fruit sorting plants or businesses. We are making sure that our customers will be satisfied with the finished products using the Goldcheer fruit sorting machine.  And these Goldcheer fruit sorting machines are designed in various types, sizes, and functions.

Goldcheer also provides a reliable and lasting type of fruit sorting machines considering that we are preferring to use durable elements, machines, and equipment for fruit and vegetable sorting processing plants’ layout. Goldcheer fruit sorting machine’s price can be handled and negotiable including the cost of setting up a fruit sorting plant. We also maintain the reliable and lasting quality of our fruit sorting machines.

fruit sorting machine

Goldcheer also offers high-quality types of equipment to make sure that you will have a solid and the best operation of fruit sorting products. Just like our loyal customers before, they got satisfied and benefit more when they use our Goldcheer fruit sorting machines more than they spend to have it. You can also experience the same productive business or plants by using the Goldcheer fruit sorting machine.

We the Goldcheer are always ready to serve, and give you your desired high-quality equipment especially fruit sorting machines.

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Fruit Sorting Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you’re processing fruits, you will definitely require fruit sorting machine.

It will help improve quality and consistency in fruit processing.

As a result, it will guarantee more profits and optimize processing speeds.

That’s why this guide will answer all answer all questions you have been asking about fruit sorting machine.

Let’s dive right in.

What is a Fruit Sorting Machine?

A Fruit sorting machine is an equipment used to grade and sort mostly round fruits in terms of their weight, size, color, etc.

The food processing industry requires the use of quality fruits and vegetables for either final sale or further processing.

To achieve this, the fruits have to be graded and sorted efficiently.

In the past, this entire process was labor-intensive.

However, with the advent of fruit sorting machines (mostly automatic), the grading and sorting are now faster and require less human labor.

Fruit sorting process

Fruit sorting process

What are the Applications of Fruit Sorting Machine?

The fruit sorting machine is mostly suitable for round fruits and vegetables such as pear, apple, orange, peach, potato, tomato, onion, kiwi, melons, etc.

If your business falls under or is related to these categories, you probably need to get yourself a fruit sorting machine:

  • Vegetable and fresh fruit store room
  • Fruit processing company or plant
  • Food refrigerators
  • Refrigeration storage
  • Fruit planting base
  • Orchard

What are the Features of Fruit Sorting Machine?

Automatic fruit sorting machine

Automatic fruit sorting machine

Below are the common features of our Fruit Sorting Machines:

  • The machine has stainless steel shafts that have a smooth surface to ensure that the fruits are not damaged.
  • The speed of the stainless steel shafts can be adjusted depending on your level and speed of production.
  • To ensure the fruits’ hygiene, most fruit sorting machines are designed with an oil collecting plate and a motor shield.
  • Another important feature is that the machines are easy to operate and have a low power consumption.
  • Also, most parts of the fruit sorting machine are made from high-quality stainless steel. This goes a long way in ensuring required sanitary conditions in the fruit sorting process.
  • An automated protection feature to prevent any reversal.
  • Minimal power consumption and noise emission
  • Lastly, most of the machines are automatic. Consequently, the entire sorting, grading, and conveying of the fruits is done solely by the machine.

What are the Benefits of Fruit Sorting Machine?

Some of the benefits of using fruit sorting machine include:

Increased Production

Automated fruit sorting machines significantly increases production in a fruit processing industry.

Before the fruits are processed, they have to be sorted to ensure that only the good fruits are used to make products such as fruit juice.

By virtue of the fruit sorting machine quickening the sorting process, it, in turn, leads to increased production in, for example, a fruit juice industry.

Less Labor-intensive

Manual sorting of fruits is labor-intensive.

You need a committed workforce in order to select the best fruits within a limited time.

A fruit sorting machine plays a major role in reducing the labor required.

As the fruits roll on the machine’s shafts, laborers are able to handpick the good fruits quickly.

The manual selection does not require much workforce.


Unlike the human workforce used to sort the fruits, the machine does not get tired.

It can run for a long time provided there is electricity to power it up and it is in good working condition.

This gives you the option of making a prediction.

For example, you can say by one hour I will have 1000 fruits sorted.

You are sure that the machine will sort this number of fruits within a certain period.

Sanitary Conditions

Most parts of our fruit sorting machines are made from stainless steel.

This ensures that there is a reduced likelihood of the fruits getting contaminated as they pass through the machine.

Additionally, our machines have a collecting plate and a motor shield to ensure complete hygienic condition during the sorting process.

Lastly, the machine parts that come into contact with the fruit are smooth to prevent any damage to the fruit, resulting in contamination.

What are the main Parts of Fruit Sorting Machine?

The key components of a fruit sorting machine are:

  • Conveying chain
  • Rack
  • Rolling bar/ Roller
  • Gear reducer
  • Outlet hopper
  • Draw-in baffles and bolts
  • Reducer sprocket
  • Driving and driven sprocket
  • Driving and driven shaft

Manual fruit sorting machine

Manual fruit sorting machine

Fruit grading machine

Fruit grading machine

How does Fruit Sorting Machine Work?

There are two major categories of Fruit Sorting Machine and each function uniquely but their working principles are closely related.

Semi-automatic Fruit Sorting Machine

This type of machine functions through a rolling rail structure.

This means that, when the machine is powered on, the shaft starts to transport the fruits forward.

The rolling bars on the shaft make the fruits to continually turn, consequently exposing the bad parts of the fruit or vegetable.

The standby workers can then hand pick the undesired fruits and separate them from the good ones.

The good fruits are then deposited into the collecting bins or crates.

Full-automatic Fruit Sorting Machine

In full-automatic grading, the machine adopts the balance and lever principle and weighs the fruits.

Most modern automatic fruit sorting machines use algorithms to determine the quality of a fruit or vegetable.

As the raw materials move through the shaft, they are weighed and analyzed by the machine.

The good fruits then drop into crates below the shaft.

The undesired fruits are then transported via the shaft to the receiving tank for recollection.

What different kinds of Fruit Sorting Machines are there?

Fruit sorting machine

Fruit sorting machine

Small Fruit Sorting

These machines are useful in sorting fruits that are small in size.

Such fruits require gentle handling due to the fragile nature.

Consequently, our small fruit sorting machines are designed to ensure utmost care during the sorting process.

Examples of small fruits include berries, dates, plums, apricots, cherries, berries, etc.

Medium Sized Fruit Sorting

As the name suggests, the medium-sized fruit sorting machines are designated for the average-sized fruits.

Our machines help you sort your medium-size fruits in terms of their color, quality, size, and shape.

Using the above-mentioned fruit aspects, you can easily remove rejects from a fruit batch.

Examples of medium-sized fruits are pomegranates, pears, apples, kiwi, avocados, peaches, etc.

Large Fruit Sorting

Our large fruit sorting machines are tailored to accommodate the typical large fruits that need sorting and grading.

Our machines will ensure no damage to the large-sized produce as they undergo sorting.

Importantly, the large fruits will mostly be sorted in terms of their weight.

Additionally, our system will also carry out the sorting process with a keen consideration on any defects (external and internal), size, color, and shape.

Fruits that we classify as large fruits include mangoes, melons, watermelons, etc.

What are Operating Options there for Fruit Sorting Machine?

Some of the most common operating options for fruit sorting machines include:

Fully Automatic

Our fully automatic fruit sorting machines majorly grade and sort fruits according to their weights.

With this operating option, all you need to do is to program the machine as per your preference.

After which, the system will proceed to carry out the grading and sorting process.

Full automation works best with round fruits such as oranges, potatoes, onions, lemons, pears, apples, kiwi fruit, apricot, etc.

Importantly, full automation means that the machine requires close to no human labor.

After the parameters for operation have been set, the machine can operate independently from when the fruits are loaded to the point all the fruits are sorted


Semi-automatic operation implies that the machine’s automation is limited.

For example, the machine is able to sort the fruits and deposit them to the carrier crates.

However, if the crates are full, human labor is required to replace the crates.

The example above is the complete opposite if the machine is fully automated.

Fully automated machines have the capability of replacing crates when they become full.

However, a semi-automatic operating system makes the machine less expensive compared to full-automation.

Which Ancillary Equipment do you need for Fruit Sorting Machine?

There are a range of fruit processing machines or equipment you can use alongside fruit sorting machines.

These may include:

Air Compressor

Air compressors are useful in moving fruits down an automated process line during sorting.

This is made possible since the compressors have air hoists and air cylinders, ensuring that the fruits move quickly down the line.

Also, compressed air is useful in controlling some pneumatic systems and powering up the control valves in the fruit sorting process.

Packing Table

Packing tables are integral during the sorting process.

The tables mostly have belt conveyors with loop movement (moving in the opposite direction).

These conveyor belts are otherwise referred to as return belts.

The return belts ensure that the unpackaged fruits return to the start of the table without interfering with the sorting process.

Typical packing tables have a length of either four or six meters.

Each packing table has workstations with boxes or bins below them.

The sorted fruits fall into the boxes and are ready for packaging.

Also, the packing tables have weighing workstations, which ensures that the employees can weigh each carton in real-time.

This means that from the packing table, the fruits are ready for transportation.

Lastly, unlike the standard tables, the packing tables work continuously, thus improving the fruit sorting machine’s efficiency.

How does Fruit Sorting Machine and Fruit Washing Machine compare?

First and foremost, the two machines differ in terms of their use.

Whereas the fruit sorting machine is used in sorting and grading fruits, the fruit washing machine is used in cleaning large amounts of fruits.

Discussed below are some ways in which the two machines compare.

Working Principle

The fruit washing machine has a blower that keeps the water in the washing tank to be in a continuous tumbling motion.

As the water rolls, it scrubs the fruits’ surface removing any impurities or chemical residues.

Depending on the type of automation, full or semi, the fruit grading machine works to classify the fruits accurately.

For semi-automation, the machine rolls over the fruits for easy selection by the workers.

In full-automation, the machine will use the balance and lever principle to sort the fruits.


The fruit sorting machine is used to sort fruits in terms of their weight, color, defects (internal and external), quality, etc.

On the other hand, the fruit washing machine is nondiscriminatory and has the sole purpose of washing every fruit.

Note: It is important to know that the fruit brush and spray cleaning machine is not similar to a fruit washing machine.

Also, we are in a world characterized by frequent technological advancements.

As a result, we have machines that can both wash and sort your fruits.

What is the right Conveyor Speed Setting for Fruit Sorting Machine?

There is no specific conveyor speed applicable for all fruit sorting machine.

The speed will depend entirely on the type and size of the machine.

Large machines have a higher conveyor speed compared to the small scale ones.

Also, the conveyor speed is dependent on the automation type of the fruit sorting machine.

A fully automated machine will have a faster conveyor speed, unlike a semi-automatic machine.

A semi-automatic fruit machine requires a worker to handpick the fruits.

Consequently, the speed should be a bit slower to favor the employees.

Lastly, you will have to set your conveyor speed to be relatively higher is you are doing large-scale fruit sorting.

For this reason, an automated machine that can sort about eight fruits per second is preferable.

How much Upkeep or Maintenance does Fruit Sorting Machine require?

For all machines, correct operation is vital.

If you fail to use the machine correctly, you will face high repair and maintenance costs.

Other things that will account for the maintenance or upkeep cost include:

  • Replacement of the worn-out parts
  • Oiling of the moving parts
  • General cleaning of the entire machine

To cut on the costs related to the upkeep and maintenance of the machine, you should observe the following:

  • The machine should be kept in a cool and dry place. This will protect the machine from rust.
  • Operate the machine appropriately to avoid damaging any parts. Ensure you adhere to the operation guide that comes with the machine.
  • Regular lubrication of the connecting or moving parts.
  • Examine the machine regularly to check for any faultiness. Check for any loose parts. Also, confirm the stability of the machine.
  • Protect the conveyor belt from direct rain and sunlight, and contact with oil, alkali, organic solvent, or acid.

Remember buying the right fruit sorting machine is important not only in the sorting process but also guarantees a long life span for the machine.

Do Fruit Sorting Machines have Ergonomic Advantages?

Fruit sorting machine

Fruit sorting machine

Our machines have ergonomic advantages directed towards ensuring high production.

First, our fruit sorting machines have a user-friendly PLC system that makes them easy to operate.

Additionally, our machines provide room for speed adjustment.

This is useful when human labor is required to handpick and sort the fruits from the system.

This means that you can adjust our machine’s sorting rate depending on the experience and the number of workers at your disposal.

Also, the speed adjustment helps you train new employees.

You can gradually increase the sorting rate as the workers start to understand the sorting process better.

Does a Fruit Sorting Machine require a Full Time Operator?

Yes, you will need to have a full-time operator for the fruit sorting machine.

Despite the automation level, either semi or full, an operator is vital in the entire sorting process.

First, the operator is charged with programming the machine.

He/she will set the desired sorting rate.

Also, in the case of a fully automatic machine, he/she will set the properties that the machine ought to look for in categorizing fruits.

Besides, loading fruits to the fruit sorting machine is usually manual.

Especially when sorting ripe fruits, workers need to load the fruits to ensure they are not damaged.

Thus, an operator is required at the loading stage.

Another point an operator may be required is in the unloading process.

Mostly, semi-automatic fruit sorting machines require operators to place the sorted fruits in cells.

Lastly, as a maintenance practice, the machine ought to be regularly checked.

This is the work of the operator.

He/she will ensure that the machine is operating efficiently and ensuring that the sorting environment is cool and dry.

How do Automated Fruit Sorting Machines compare to Manually Operated ones?

Sorting fruits

Sorting fruits

For manually operated fruit sorting machines, the machine does a small chunk of the sorting process.

Basically, the machine will only pass the fruits while the workers check for defects or any undesired traits.

Also, the loading and unloading responsibility lie entirely on the workers’ shoulders.

On the other hand, the automated fruit sorting machine limits the use of human labor as much as possible.

The machine handles the greater part of the sorting process.

Also, the machine can unload the fruits into bins or boxes, depending on the design.

With great technological advancement and increased desire of efficiency, the manually operated fruit sorting machines are gradually being phased out.

How do you Test a Fruit Sorting Machine?

If you are looking to import a fruit sorting machine, traveling to test the machine might be costly.

However, you can check and ensure that the machine has complied with all the set standards and the manufacturer is certified.

Most manufacturers have videos in the websites showing their machines in action.

We will offer you the necessary certifications to show our machines have undergone standard tests and are in good working condition.

Which Standards should Fruit Sorting Machine comply with?

The fruit sorting machine must comply with ISO 12100 standard for safety pertaining to plant applications and machines.

This compliance certificate is only issued after the machine has passed a vigorous risk assessment test.

Additionally, the machine ought to bear the CE marking.

The marking is fixed only when the machine has met all the European market’s legal and product requirements.

Also, your manufacturer should have a Quality Management System compliance certificate (ISO 9001:2015).

This is proof that the manufacturer will provide you with nothing less than a quality machine, and as per the agreed terms.

Lastly, the manufacturer should be certified to operate in their respective country of origin.

Government certification will mean that the manufacturer is not producing any substandard equipment.

How long does a Fruit Sorting Machine Last?

Our fruit sorting machines have a long life span.

However, proper maintenance and a good working environment are vital to ensure that you use our machines for a long time.

Which Material is suitable for Fruit Sorting Machine?

Fruit sorting machine system

Fruit sorting machine system

Most parts of our machines are manufactured from stainless steel.

This ensures high sanitation standards and guarantees no damage to the fruits during the sorting process.

Some of the components made from stainless steel include the chain wheel, transmission shaft, rolling shaft, and the sorters.

The stainless steel we use range from 1Cr13 stainless steel, superior stainless steel, and welded stainless steel.

What is the Energy Consumption of Fruit Sorting Machine?

The energy consumption of a fruit sorting machine greatly depends on its size and respective sorting capacity.

For example, a small size machine with a sorting capacity of 1-2 tones per hour will require about 0.55 horse power (KM) to operate.

A larger machine with a sorting capacity of 15-20 tones per hour will operate efficiently with 3.0KM of energy.

How do you Clean a Fruit Sorting Machine?

You can clean your fruit sorting machine by scrubbing the outside and the inside hidden parts.

Also, ensure that you remove any debris that are attached to the conveyor belts and chains.

Regularly wipe the surfaces of the machine do prevent dirt or debris accumulation over time.

Remember to disconnect the machine from the power source when cleaning it.

What kind of Warranty does Fruit Sorting Machine come with?

Most Fruit sorting machines have a warranty of up to 5 years.

The warranty covers the entire machine operation and covers the costs of any mishaps that arise from the manufacturer’s end.

During and after the warranty period, our customer care will be readily available to help you solve any issues with the machine.

Does the Fruit Sorting Machine Warranty cover Replacement Parts and Accessories?

Yes, the warranty will cover the replacement of parts that become faulty without the buyer directly causing the dysfunction.

Also, under the warranty period, you can purchase some parts and accessories for the machine at discounted prices.

Should Fruit Sorting Machine have any Certifications?

To ascertain the quality of the fruit sorting machine, the manufacturer should provide you with the below certifications

  • ISO 9000 and ISO 9001 Certifications – For Quality Management Systems
  • CE Certification – To show that the machine has met all the European product and legal requirements.
  • SGS Certification –To show that the machine is fully compliant to national and international standards.

What are the Operating Conditions of Fruit Sorting Machine?

The fruit sorting machine should be used in a cool and dry room.

Moisture may interfere with some of the machine’s parts.

Also, the machine should not be exposed to direct sunlight and rain, acid, organic solvent or alkali substance.

How much does a Fruit Sorting Machine Cost?

The price of a fruit sorting machine depends on the following.

  • Size – The larger the machine or the sorting rate, the more expensive the machine is. This implies that if you are intending to do large scale fruit sorting you will have to buy a more expensive fruit sorting machine.
  • Operating system – A semi-automatic fruit sorting machine is relatively cheaper than a fully automated one. This is because a lot goes into the manufacture of the latter option. Also, an automated machine is more sophisticated in terms of features.

Generally, a fruit sorting machine can be as low as 7,500USD to as high as 45,000USD.

At GoldCheer Machinery we provide a range of turnkey solutions in food processing industry.

Whether you need tomato production line, mango pulp production line, beer brewery or any fruit processing machine, GoldCheer Machinery offers a perfect solution.

Contact GoldCheer for all your fruit sorting machines.

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