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Goldcheer is your ultimate source of different types of fruit washing machines in China. If you want the latest machines that enhance your production capacity, we offer our wide selection of fruit washing machine. Goldcheer can help you to boost your business. Choose us!

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Your Trusted Fruit Washing Machine Supplier

Goldcheer focuses on manufacturing safe fruit washing machine. We provide not just our latest machines but also our quality services to gain customer’s trust and interest. Since we manufacture over 10 years, we obtain a rich experience which allows us to deal our fruit washing machine in worldwide. Sincerely, we are glad to work together with you soonest. If you allow us to complete your project requirements, you can guarantee satisfying services.

Goldcheer Fruit Washing Machine

Fruit and Vegetable Washing Cleaning Machine

Goldcheer fruit and vegetable washing cleaning machine can applies to fruits, vegetables, granular products, leafy cleaning products, and many more. The best thing about having this machine is that it is easy to operate, and the speed is adjustable. All our machines are passed with the national food safety standards, so you can ensure that our machines are safe.

Industrial air bubble ozone fruit vegetable washing machine

This fruit washing machine mostly used for cleaning leafy vegetables, the stems of fruits and vegetables. Our machines are made with high-quality stainless steel to prevent any rust that may affect the products.

Water circulation fruit air bubble washing machine

Goldcheer provides this machine that has a spraying system to spray water directly to the fruits to take them to the next process. The speed is also adjustable based on the actual pressure needs. We can also customize any machine models for you according to your requirements.

Automatic feeding round shape fruit washing and sorting machine

This fruit washing machine has two functions which are feeding and sorting of fruits. In Goldcheer, we produce a fruit washing machine at a competitive price and an automatic machine that easy to operate.

Washing And Drying Fruit Machine

Goldcheer washing and drying fruit machine are fit for soaking and cleaning numerous fruits and vegetable products. It washes fruits and vegetable that uses high degree in washing, you can ensure that the color won’t change as well as the quality of the fruits.

Full automatic fruit and vegetable washing peeling cutting packing drying dryer machine

Goldcheer is a pro in manufacturing fruit washing machine. If you are looking any types of machines for your business, you can always count on Goldcheer. All our machine products are manufactured carefully to ensure their capacity and quality for you to be able to get a fruit washing machine that fits your needs.

Fruit Drum Washer Machine

This machine is useful in cleaning and machine all kinds of varieties of fruits and vegetables. Goldcheer guarantee that by using this machine your products are cleaned and washed very well.

Fruit Brush Washing Machine
Fruit Brush Washing Machine is the perfect tool for washing and cleaning fruits without damaging the fruit products. This fruit washing machine is easy to install in your factory and has low maintenance. In Goldcheer, we manufacture this kind of machine for those who want to save energy and water for production.
Stainless Steel Double tank bubble small fruit mesh chain washing machine

This fruit machine has unique features, the bubbles in the machine can detach the remaining pesticides outside the products. It cleans and soaks the fruit products as well as fixes the color. Our fruit washing machine is made of stainless that offers a long life of service.

Pear Lemon Fruits Processing Line for Grape Washing Machine

This type of fruit washing machine are fits for washing and cleaning all varieties of berries and other fruits that are close to their size. This equipment can surely remove dirt and dust.

Fresh Fruit Washing Machine

Goldcheer is one of the professional manufacturer of fruit washing machine. Whether you are looking for an equipment for your fruit production, Goldcheer can produce it all for you.

Universal Fruit Washing Machine

The Universal Fruit Washing Machine acquires numbers of washing. It has an excellent washing effect without harming or damaging the fruit products during the process. If you are looking for this kind of fruit washing machine, Goldcheer can produce it according to your preferences.

Why Goldcheer Fruit Washing Machine

Choosing the right supplier for the machine you need is very important. Goldcheer is always ready to provide a better service by supplying a fruit washing machine with great function. The fruit washing machine from Goldcheer absolutely obtains an ISO certification.

We are capable to supply a wide range of fruit processing machine particularly fruit washing machine. If you want to improve your production, you can use the fruit washing machine of the Goldcheer. We are confident to offer our fruit washing machine with desirable design.

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GoldCheer All Fruit and Vegetable Processing Machine

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Goldcheer Fruit Washing Machine

Goldcheer is an experienced manufacturer of the fruit washing machine. We are engaged in supplying and manufacturing a wide range of fruit, vegetable, and food processing machine and one of them is our fruit washing machine.

The Goldcheer fruit washing machine can be automatic which means that you can work without using your full efforts. With this kind of machine, you can also save the cost that supposed to be you are going to pay your labourers since this only needs a few operators only.

If you are looking for the best way to have an efficient production, using the Goldcheer fruit washing machine is one of the recommended ways. It allows your workers to work fastly and surely. The main use of the Goldcheer fruit washing machine is to clean the fruits before going to process.

This fruit washing machine will save more energy, water, and cost. With Goldcheer fruit washing machine, it will never affect the freshness and color of the fruits. Besides, the freshness of the fruits will remain and also their original colours.

If you need a trusted manufacturer that can provide a fruit washing machine with reliable performance, Goldcheer is the right solution for you. We are not only providing a professional machine but we make sure the most suitable and perfect processing machine to make it perfect for your applications.

Aside from the fruit washing machine, we have also different kinds of fruit processing machines to complete your fruit production line. We are the leading supplier and manufacturer of the most popular food processing equipment.

Our main production lines are tomato paste production line, mango pulp production line, fruit(apple, orange) juice production line, guava passion fruit production line, yogurt production line, UHT milk production line, coconut milk powder production line, milk powder production line, honey production line, beer brewery production line.

So whether you are looking for high-grade food equipment especially the fruit washing machine, send us your inquiry immediately!

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