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Your Trusted Industrial Autoclave Supplier

Goldcheer supplies standard and custom industrial autoclaves to clients who want to reduce their costs without compromising the same high-quality measures. We have rich experience engineers who are totally focused on reliable customer service. And as a reliable manufacturer in China, we can give you the excellent manufacturing services and processes you require to make your project done.

Goldcheer Industrial Autoclave

Pure Steam Sterilizer Autoclave

The model is a compact, fast, and versatile sterilizer. It offers high operating reliability and easy maintenance.

High Temperature Horizontal Autoclave

Widely used for sterilizing low-acid canned food. High-Temperature Horizontal Autoclave runs stably to avoid a big noise.

High-pressure Hospital Sterilizing Large Autoclave

Its working pressure is 0.22MPa, working temperature:134°C, Adjustment of temperature:40°C – 134°C, Time of sterilization and drying:0-60 min.

Industrial Food Sterilizing Autoclave

Designed to separate raw foods from cooked foods. It can prevent pollution, keep food tasty, and achieve international food sanitation standards.

Industrial Autoclave Retort Sterilizer

The retort is suitable for all heat-resistant package materials including glass containers. It features monitoring temperature that ensures food safety and saves energy.

Industrial Autoclave Steam Machine

The machine is fully made from stainless steel materials. Available liner sizes are 12cm*24cm, 24cm*28cm, 35cm*28cm, 24cm*28cm, 34cm*28cm, or customized.

Industrial Carbon Fiber Autoclave

Widely used for non-metal/metal cementing components and resin, boron fiber, carbon fiber, high strength glass fiber, and aramid fiber, and other composite component products. 

Industrial Mushroom Autoclave Sterilizer

Applicable in many industries such as medicine, cultivation, plastic foam, food and beverage, light industry, textile, chemical, building material, printing, dyeing and washing,

Industry Pharmaceutical Media Autoclave

The equipment implemented a horizontal rectangular structure, brushed stainless steel cover plate, and high-grade 304/316L acid-proof stainless steel chamber.


Pure Steam Sterilizer Autoclave

The equipment is suitable for running in a hundred-grade clean range and other high-standard sites.

Industrial Autoclave Mushroom Substrate Sterilizer

The equipment adopts a sewage valve, steam release valve, sterilization pot, water level gauge, electric heating steam generator, etc.

Water Bath Autoclave Sterilizer

The equipment easily solves the problem of food, which cannot be stored in bulged bags, room temperature, and deteriorated during express delivery and long-term storage.

Why Goldcheer Industrial Autoclave

Goldcheer is your trusted manufacturer when you need an industrial autoclave to fulfill your business. The tool and other advanced manufacturing methods for custom designs and configurations are relatively reduced cost and allow quicker lead times than other manufacturing processes.

We can give turnkey solutions for your detailed requirements. For the custom industrial autoclaves, you can send us your special request today! Let Goldcheer handle the entire process of your desired industrial autoclave.

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GoldCheer All Fruit and Vegetable Processing Machine

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Fruit Crusher
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Fruit Blancher
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Aseptic Filler
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Forced Circulation Evaporator
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Tubular Sterilizer

Gold Cheer Your Premier Industrial Autoclave Manufacturer

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Goldcheer Industrial Autoclave

If you’re looking for the best and reliable manufacturer for your industrial autoclaves, Goldcheer is the right solution! With over 10 years of manufacturing experience, we built expertise in manufacturing industrial autoclaves to suit your needs. Goldcheer will be your best industrial autoclave manufacturer and supplier in China.

Find the best industrial autoclave solution in Goldcheer! Goldcheer industrial autoclaves are suitable for all medical, food, and pharmaceutical products. The industrial autoclave is designed to facilitate high pressures and temperatures for different processes in many industries.

You can use Goldcheer industrial autoclaves for vulcanizing rubber, laminate glass, treated wood, and ceramic core leaching process. Depending on your specific applications or machine, you can use our industrial autoclaves with steam or electric heat.

Our team chooses the best raw materials for manufacturing industrial autoclaves, which can withstand harsh environments or heavy use. Goldcheer has been designing, repairing, installing, and manufacturing high-quality industrial autoclaves for over 10 years.

Goldcheer industrial autoclaves have a big role in sterilization applications as well as industries like aerospace and aviation. We can provide all standard sizes for industrial autoclaves.

Our industrial autoclaves are manufactured at our own facilities, so Goldcheer is capable to provide custom sizes of industrial autoclaves to suit your applications. Goldcheer is really your reliable industrial autoclave manufacturer and supplier in China.

Let Goldcheer help you skyrocket your business. Contact us now!

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