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Goldcheer as Your Reliable Juice Pasteurization Machine Manufacturer

For over 20 years, Goldcheer has been committed to manufacturing the best quality juice pasteurization machines. We are highly trusted by thousands of customers worldwide as their top manufacturer and supplier of juice pasteurization machine for their business. As a professional manufacturer, we only manufacture the highest quality products made from superior grade raw materials. We are looking forward to work with you. Request a quote today!

Goldcheer Juice Pasteurization Machine

Stainless Steel Juice Pasteurizer Machine

Stainless steel juice pasteurizer machine features low temperature sterilization. It keeps the good bacteria in your juice and at the same time killing harmful bacteria.

100 Liter Fruit Juice Pasteurizer Machine

You can adjust its speed based on your application requirements. It is made from stainless steel materials, low noise, and highly reliable.

Juice Pasteurization box

This machine is widely used for pasteurization of bagged products. It can be electric or steam heating. Our juice pasteurization box is made from stainless steel materials.

Tomato Paste Pasteurizer

Goldcheer tomato paste pasteurizer is perfect for low-temperature sterilization. This machine can run smoothly, easy to maintain, and flexible.

Customized Fruit Pasteurizer Machine

This is a pasteurization tank made from stainless steel materials with long-life service. It functions through electric heating. It also comes with adjustable capacity.

Industrial Juice Beverage Milk Pasteurizer Machine

Goldcheer industrial juice beverage milk pasteurizer machine is applicable for cooling, heat preservation, sterilization, and heating food processing.

30L Sterilization Machine

This machine features a water bath heating type sterilization. It is also integrated with copper wire actuator, high temperature resistance, and adjustable speed.

Automatic Juice Pasteurizer Machine

Automatic juice pasteurizer machine is widely used for prolonging the shelf life your juice and dairy products through sterilization, heating, heat preservation, and cooling.

Small Juice Pasteurizer Machine

Goldcheer juice pasteurizer machine features touch scree control panel for simple operation. It has a customized capacity, automatic cooling, and wide range of applications.

Fruit Juice Pasteurization Machine

This machine is equipped with PLC controlled machine. It is composed of material pump, hot water system, balance bucket, and temperature control.

Full Automatic Juice Pasteurization Machine

This machine is manufactured using SUS304 stainless steel. It features adjustable speed, automatic temperature control, and low noise.

Cold Fruit Juice Pasteurization Machine

Cold fruit juice pasteurization machine features high work efficiency and short time sterilization. After pasteurization, nutrients of the liquid is still retained.

Goldcheer Juice Pasteurization Machine

Goldcheer juice pasteurization machines are widely popular around international market because of its high-quality and high performance. All our juice pasteurization machines are manufactured using world-class quality materials.

Here in Goldcheer, we aim to skyrocket your business and promote your brand. We offer fully customized juice pasteurization machine based on your requirements, sample, drawing, or specification. Inquire now!

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Goldcheer Juice Pasteurization Machine

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Goldcheer – World-leading Manufacturer of Juice Pasteurization Machine

Goldcheer is a professional manufacturer of juice pasteurization machines for over 20 years. Our years of experience in this field make us the most trusted manufacturer in China. We are a reliable partner of thousands of clients from around the world.

Here in Goldcheer, we have a strong R&D team that specializes in the production, sales, development, and installation of juice pasteurization machines. We manufacture juice pasteurization machines based on the latest technology and innovation.

All our juice pasteurization machines are customizable based on your special needs. We offer OEM services so we can customize based on your specifications, details, and drawings. You can send us your details so we can work with you.

Our juice pasteurization machines are fully automatic. It is specially designed for cooling, holding, heating, and pasteurization of liquids like juice, milk, and other beverages. It helps in prolonging the shelf life of your beverage products.

Goldcheer juice pasteurization machine works in three different functions including ultra-high temperature pasteurization, short-time high-temperature pasteurization, and intermittent pasteurization.

Why Choose Goldcheer Juice Pasteurization Machine?

  • Made from durable, hygienic, and high-quality stainless steel
  • Low working temperature
  • The continuous killing of harmful organisms
  • Nutrition preserving
  • Can be equipped with other types of food processing machines so it can work independently
  • The PLC-controlled system, high automation
  • Low energy consumption, easy maintenance, simple operation, compact structure

If you are a retailer, distributor, or importer, choose Goldcheer as your top juice pasteurization machine manufacturer. We can offer you a one-stop solution for your business and project needs. Contact us today for more information about our machines and great deals.

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Juice Pasteurization Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you’re looking for any information about juice pasteurization machine, you will find it right here.

Whether you want to learn about the features, parts, working principle, customization options to advantages, you will find all information right here.

Keep reading to learn more.

Why is it Important to Pasteurize Fruit Juice?

Pasteurization involves mildly heating food products like juices in order to get rid of harmful disease-causing pathogens like salmonella.

It is vital to pasteurize fruit juices to make them safe for consumption.

Pasteurization also helps prolong the shelf life of juice products by inhibiting enzyme activity and eliminating bacteria.

Fruit juice pasturization machine

Fruit juice pasteurization machine

What are the Salient Features of Fruit Juice Pasteurizer?

Our Fruit Juice Pasteurizer has the below features:

  • Adopt the ultra-heated treated technology.
  • Have an effective recovery system from high heat and an automated system that controls the temperature.
  • Stainless steel material is of a superior quality, which is sanitary and strong.
  • Constant killing of dangerous organisms.
  • They can work singly and furnished with other food processing equipment.
  • Highly automated; Programmable Logic Control controlling system supervises the whole process.

Which are the Types of Juice Pasteurization Machines Available?

Some of the most common options you can buy alongside fruit processing machines include:

Plate Juice Pasteurizer

The Plate Juice Pasteurizer has a high heat recovery, compact structure, and low energy consumption. It is also easy to operate and maintain.

It can operate together with a separator, homogenizer, flash evaporator, and degasser. The plate juice pasteurizer is fully automated.

Tubular Fruit Juice Pasteurizer

Tubular Fruit Juice Pasteurizer is a tube within another tube pasteurizer. It is more suitable for pasteurizing products with low and medium viscosity, also products that have fibers and tiny particles.

The tubular pasteurizer is essentially for liquids with large particles. Its heat exchanger has two tubes that are nested, where the product that requires heating flows in a counter-current flow.

Steam Juice Pasteurizer

The steam pasteurizer has the CIP equipment, namely the acid barrel, alkaline barrel, acid, and alkali diaphragm pump.

It also has a buffer tank, hot water tank, temperature sensor, pressure gauge, steam proportion adjusting valve, steam pressure reducing valve, and a tap valve. It has both a heating and cooling process.

These components all work towards the goal of pasteurization through steaming.

What are the Advantages of Plate Juice Pasteurization Machine?

Compared to the other machines, the plate juice pasteurization machine has the following pros:

  • The plate juice pasteurization machine has a modular system for complete flexibility.
  • Plate juice pasteurization machines are effortless to connect and run.
  • Plate juice pasteurization machines have automatic control, which makes them very easy to operate.
  • The plate juice pasteurization machine, by a greater extent, has less product loss this makes it more preferable choice
  • The plate juice pasteurization machine has a simple and good fusion with the present control system.
  • Also, it is permanently mounted in place and covers a small area for flexibility in places with limited space.
  • Lastly, its flow diversion is automated and constantly records for complete tracing and increased heat recovery for a cheaper operating cost.

Which are the Pasteurization Technologies Used in Juice Pasteurization Machine?

Some of the most common technologies include:

Low-Temperature Long Time (LTLT) Pasteurization

This type of pasteurization technology is less used. It employs an intermittent process and thus is suitable for small-scale plants.

It involves heating the product to about 63oC for around 30 minutes or more while stirring. The heating container (vat) is either surrounded by heating coils of steam or water; or circulating steam or water.

High-Temperature Short Time (HTST) Pasteurization

This process involves heating the juice at a high temperature for a short period. It takes place on large surface plate heat exchangers, which enable high heating and cooling rates.

With the HTST pasteurization technology, the juice can retain vital characteristics such as flavor, smell, texture, and vitamins while still being subjected to the same conditions as LTLT.

The juice can either be heated at temperatures between 62oC and 65oC, then left for 30 minutes.

Or, heat to a temperature of  75oC to 90o, and kept for about 15 to 16 seconds.

Ultra-High Temperature (UHT) Pasteurization

Most Juice pasteurization machines adopt this technology. It involves heating the juice at high temperatures between 135oC to 140oC and keeping it for about 3-5 seconds.

Since this method takes a shorter time compared to LTLT and HTST, it results in more nutrient retention. Additionally, it thoroughly sterilizes the juice making it last longer.

What are the Main Parts of Juice Pasteurization Machine?

The major components of a Juice Pasteurization machine are:

Fruit pasturization machine

 Fruit pasteurization machine

Balance/ Constant Level Tank

It is the part that ensures a constant supply of juice to the pasteurizer.

It has a float valve that ensures a steady top pressure on the juice exiting the tank.

Also, the outlet of the tank is located on the lower part of the tank to stop any air from getting into the pasteurizer.


The key function of the regenerator is to warm the incoming juice. It ensures this by saving the heat content of the pasteurized juice and using it for the warming process.

regeneration percentage =

For example, if a cool juice getting in the pasteurizer at 5oC, then rises to 65oC after regeneration,

The final temperature is 75oC, the percentage regeneration would be:

This means that the regenerator has an efficiency of 85.714%

Timing Pump

It monitors the flow rate through the holding tubes. It is a pump that draws the juice from the raw regenerator and pushes it to the pasteurized regenerator.

Holding Tube

It is upward sloping to reduce the speed of flow. Consequently, it helps prevent any air entrapment in the juice.

Indicating Thermometer

The thermometer is used in measuring the device’s temperature.

The temperature indicated by this thermometer helps in adjusting the Safety Thermal Limit Recorder (STLR).

Recorder- controller (STLR)

The Recorder – controller or Safety Thermal Limit Recorder is used in recording the juice’s temperature and the time of day.

This data is recorded by the operator to aid determine cleansing cycles and any problem with the pasteurizer.

Flow Diversion Device(FDD)

It is a valve at the bottom of the carrying tube that opens when the temperature is higher than the minimum temperature.

Also, it closes when the temperature drops.

Meaning, if the temperature of the juice drops, it is forced back to the balance tank.

Vacuum Breaker

The vacuum breaker helps to break atmospheric pressure by ensuring there is no backward suction of the already pasteurized juice.

Automated Public Health Controllers

These controllers are useful in controlling the time and temperature of the machine.

How Does Fruit Juice Pasteurizer Machine Work?

The Fruit juice pasteurizer is mostly a multi-purpose unit most of these machines have an output capacity of about 210-420 liters per hour.

The fruit pasteurizer is equipped with an ultrafiltration system, membrane filtration systems that help produce clear and stable juices.

The liquid is directly pushed from the tank space to the heat exchanger pipe where it is heated to a specified temperature. You can adjust the temperature to 95 degrees Celsius.

There is an adsorption and ion exchange system which is responsible for further purification of the fruit juice

There is a multistage equipped with vacuum evaporators

What is the Pasteurization Temperature Range of the Best Juice Pasteurization Machine?

Pasteurization is usually done at a temperature range of between 95-98 degrees Celsius for a time frame of between 10-30 seconds.

However, the UHT technology offers a high temperature and a lesser time for the entire pasteurization process.

Can Fruit Juice Pasteurizer Kill all the Harmful Organisms?

Fruit pasteurizer kills most harmful organisms, but it has not been proven that pasteurization can kill all harmful organisms.

The reason being, pasteurization mostly helps prolong the shelf days of fruits without being altered.

Although after some time, some harmful organisms may develop.

Does Juice Pasteurization Machine Destroy the Nutrients in Juice?

While pasteurizing, the juice is heated to kill any harmful bacteria or pathogens in the juice, but some vital nutrients are killed during this process.

Our pasteurization machines employ the UHT technology, which offers a lesser time for pasteurization. This, in turn, allows for more nutrient retention.

What is the Material Used to make the Contact Surfaces of Fruit Juice Pasteurizer Machine?

The contact surfaces of our fruit juice pasteurizer machine are made from stainless steel. The FDA approves the use of stainless steel in the food industry because:

  • It does not rust; hence it is less likely to contaminate the food substance.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It is lead-free hence cannot result to lead poisoning.

Is there a Difference Between Coil Juice Pasteurization Machine and Tubular Juice Pasteurization Machine?

 Juice pasteurizer

Juice pasteurizer

Tubular Juice Pasteurization Machine

The tubular pasteurizer is convenient primarily for heating pasteurization of juice from supple fruits.

The tubular pasteurizer is constructed using the tube within tube spiral flow pipes for the products and steam.

Besides, the steam enters the passage that has a pneumatic valve guided by a temperature indicator.

Tubular pasteurizer allows one to adjust the temperature from 50-150 degrees Celsius in the tubular pasteurizer.

The sterilization plant of the tubular pasteurizer raises the temperature of the juice to the optimum sterilization temperature.

It keeps the temperature for a given amount of time, then later cools it to the filling temperature.

The materials of the tubular pasteurizer that touch the liquids are made of AISI 316 stainless steel.

Coil Juice Pasteurization Machine

The coil juice pasteurizer takes up the super high temperature. The coil juice pasteurizer is a single operation and relatively quick.

The coil pasteurizer uses gravity to help juice flow through the coil, inside a pot of hot water. This is where the pasteurization takes place.

A 40-liter pot with a lid is used as the reservoir for the liquid to be pasteurized.

The coil pasteurizer has a 50-liter pot in which the heated water acts on the juice, and it has a tap for emptying the water.

The coil pasteurizer comes with a filling tube which is used to pour the juice into the pasteurizer.

A coil pasteurizer also comes with a digital thermometer to help observe the temperature ranges required for effective juice pasteurization.

It is also important to note that it is possible to adjust the flow and the heat of the juice in the exit tube.

This is made possible with the help of a tap and a thermometer at the exit.

What is Juice Flash Pasteurization Machine?

This is a plant with a single or, in a particular model, two permanent or varying pasteurization units.

They consist of a solid base made of stainless, where the different components of the machine are positioned.

As the name suggests, the machine is used in quick fruit juice pasteurization and guarantees a longer life span for the juice.

Does the Fruit Juice Pasteurizer Work alone, or you must Connect it to other Equipment?

Most Fruit Juice pasteurizers work alongside other auxiliary equipment such as:

  • Booster pump – It supplies the juice to the balance tank. It is used alongside a pressure differential controlling device to ensure the system retains its forward flow.
  • Homogenizer – It can perform the same function as the timing pump in the machine. Its speed has to be higher than the rate of the flow of the timing pump to ensure positive pressure.
  • Magnetic Flowmeters – They are used to measure the flow rate.
  • Centrifugal Pump – To control the flow rate of the fruit juice.

 What is the Power Consumption of Juice Pasteurization Machine?

Fruit juice pasteurizer

 Fruit juice pasteurizer

A juice pasteurizer has an estimated power consumption of 415 volts.

However, this can vary depending on the size of the machine and the pasteurization technology that the machine uses.

A machine that requires a high temperature for pasteurization will consume a relatively high amount of power.

Can you Use Fruit Juice Pasteurization Machine to Sterilize other Products?

Yes, the fruit juice pasteurization machine can always be used to sterilize other products, depending on the conditions they require to be sterilized.

What is the Difference between Juice Homogenizer and Juice Pasteurization Machine?

The difference between the two machines can be understood by differentiating between pasteurization and homogenization.


This process was first initiated in 1864 upon the discovery that the bacteria that lead to spoilage in beer and wine can be destroyed through heating.

This discovery has since helped give a longer shelf life and an increased product quality.

Pasteurization is not precisely made to kill all of the bacteria present in any given product.

Instead, it reduces the number of harmful pathogens significantly to make the products safe for human consumption.


Homogenization is an entirely separate process from pasteurization.

In most cases, homogenization happens after pasteurization.

Although homogenization does not do much when it comes to bacteria elimination.

It has another significant role; it helps to improve the quality and taste of food.

Can you Customize the Design of the Juice Pasteurizer?

It is very much possible to customize the design of a juice pasteurizer. We can tailor-make a Juice Pasteurizer according to your taste and preference.

Notably, the design will not interfere with the functionality or the output of the machine.

How many Minutes Does it take a Pasteurizer machine to Complete the Pasteurization of Fruit Juice?

The time taken for complete pasteurization is dependent on the pasteurization technology employed by the machine.

For HTST machines, the juice can either be heated at temperatures between 62oC and 65oC, then left for 30 minutes, or 75oC to 90o, and kept for about 15 to 16 seconds.

On the other hand, in LTLT machines, the juice is heated at about 63oC for around 30 minutes or more while stirring.

Lastly, the UHT machines require heating the juice at temperatures between 135oC to 140oC and keeping it for about 3-5 seconds.

Evidently, the higher the temperature requirement for pasteurization, the lesser the pasteurization time.

What is the Purpose of Primary Pasteurization and Secondary Pasteurization in Fruit Juice Pasteurizer?

Primary Pasteurization

Primary pasteurization is done within the soonest time possible, just after juice extraction. In the evaporator, it can also be the first process.

This level of pasteurization is usually done at a temperature of between 95- 98 degrees Celsius for a period of between ten to thirty seconds.

The most important objective at this stage is to inactivate the enzymes from the fruit, although microorganisms are also inactivated during the pasteurization.

For Inactivation of the enzyme, this would require more intensive pasteurization conditions compared to that which is required to destroy microorganisms

Secondary Pasteurization

Unlike primary pasteurization, secondary pasteurization is done just before filling the juice into its container.

The reason for secondary pasteurization is to kill microorganisms that may appear as re-contaminants juice after its bulk storage or in juice restored from concentrate.

The recommended pasteurization conditions in this stage for fruit juices of a pH of less than 4.2 is a temperature of ninety-five degrees Celsius.

Then a stationary time of about fifteen seconds.

Can you Process all Types of Fruit Drinks with Juice Pasteurization Machine?

Yes, no matter the type of fruit drink, the Juice pasteurization machine will provide the conditions necessary for their pasteurization.

The major types of fruit drinks are:

  • Juice – It contains 100 percent of fruit and vegetable extract.
  • Nectar – It contains 25 to 99 percent of fruit and vegetable extra, which is diluted and sugar added for drinkability. This is mostly for thick or acidic fruits such as peach, apricot, pear, etc.
  • Still drinks – They contain less than 25 percent of fruit or vegetable extract.

To pasteurize these types of fruit drinks, you only need to adjust the machine’s temperature accordingly.

What is the Difference Between Small Scale Juice Pasteurizer and Industrial Juice Pasteurization Machine?

As the names imply, the small-scale juice pasteurizer is used in pasteurizing a small quantity of fruit juice.

As such, it has a relatively low output.

Also, its power consumption is relatively low in addition to being less complicated to operate.

On the other hand, an industrial or large-scale juice pasteurization machine is mainly used in juice processing plants.

These machines have a large output level with a fairly high power consumption level.

Also, they are fast in pasteurization but may require trained personnel to operate them.

Choosing between either of the two is entirely dependent on your level of fruit juice production.

The industrial juice pasteurization machine is specifically designed to meet all the large-scale fruit juice pasteurization requirements.

Juice pasteurizer

 Juice pasteurizer

What are the Factors to Consider during the Selection of Juice Pasteurization Machine?

Choosing the best juice pasteurization machine will save time and ensure that your fruit juice products last for longer.

Below are some factors you should consider to avoid future regrets.

  • The size of the machine should be able to equal your production level. This way, production can run concurrently with pasteurization.
  • Moreover, ensure you consider the price of the machine. The machine’s cost should be within your budget and should not strain your financial resources. However, ensure that the machine is efficient.
  • Also, the machine you intend to purchase ought to have recent technological advancements. This will help improve the efficiency of the entire pasteurization process.
  • Go for a juice pasteurization machine with a warranty. The warranty will come in handy during the maintenance or repair of the machine.
  • Lastly, ensure that the machine is easy to operate, clean, and maintain. This ensures high sanitary levels and the extended life span of the machine.

Does Juice Pasteurizer Machine require Regular Maintenance?

Similar to any machine, the Juice Pasteurizer Machine should be maintained regularly. Regular maintenance guarantees that the machine will serve you longer.

During regular maintenance, you can timely catch any sprouting failures and promptly correct them.

Ensure the following when carrying out the maintenance:

  • Follow the product manual when dismantling any part of the machine.
  • Purchase only approved spare parts, preferably from the machine’s manufacturer.
  • Appropriately fix back and tighten any parts you dismantle.
  • Use fiber brush, nylon, or nitrile rubber for manual cleaning of the machine parts.

The parts of the machine that are regularly maintained include:

  • Plates are periodically cleaned manually and ensure the plates are well aligned.
  • Gaskets should also be checked regularly and replaced if need be. It would be best if you increased the tightening as the gaskets become older.
  • Filters should be checked regularly for any wear and tear and replaced
  • Instruments such as thermometers should be routinely checked for accuracy.
  • Pumps and motors

What is the Price of Juice Pasteurization Machine?

The price of the Juice Pasteurization machine is dependent on the size of the machine. However, some other factors that will   determine the machine’s cost include:

  • Grade of steel used – A higher grade of steel will attract a relatively high price for the machine.
  • Mode of heating – whether it is electric, gas, or steam. Of all the three, a pasteurizer with steam as the method of heating is the most expensive.
  • Pasteurizer’s capacity – The larger the machine’s capacity, the higher the price tagged on the machine.

Depending on your specific needs and requirements, GoldCheer offers a perfect solution for all your juice pasteurization needs.

Contact us today for all your juice pasteurization machine requirements.

By the way, Our main production lines are tomato paste production line, mango pulp production line, fruit(apple, orange) juice production line, guava passion fruit production line, yogurt production line, UHT milk production line, coconut milk powder production line, milk powder production line, honey production line, beer brewery production line.


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