Lab Spray Dryer

Lab Spray dryer is designed for the trial production of university, hospital, reach the department of a company. Lab spray dryer features rapid drying with low temperature, ensuring product quality.

TypePressure type, centrifugal type
Heating sourceElectricity
Dimension1870x1220x2230mm (before packing)

2060x1560x2350mm (after packing)

Net Weight450kg
Gross weight750kg
MaterialStainless steel 304
Thickness of plateInside: 1.5mm, outside: 2mm, insulation: 50mm


Air inlet temperature160~180℃ (according to different product)
Air outlet temperature80~90℃
MoistureMax 3%

(1) Rapid drying speed. A short period which generally takes 3~30s, As the liquid materials are atomized into foggy drops of 20~60μm, the surface area reaches 200~5000㎡/m³ and the moisture of materials will be easily vaporized and dried. in the high temperature air current, 95~98% of moisture can be instantly evaporated. the drying only takes a few seconds.

(2) Lower drying temperature. the concurrent type spray drying form is adopted to make the liquid drops flow in the same direction as that of the hot air, though temperature of hot air is relatively higher, the hot air will contact the foggy drops immediately after it enters the drying chamber. the temperature in the chamber drops rapidly and the surface temperature, which is generally 50~60℃, won’t exceed the wet bulb temperature of the heating air. in addition, the staying period of materials in the dryer is short, so the final temperature of materials won’t be too high. therefore, it is very suitable for drying heat sensitive materials.

(3) Wide application. it can be suitable for drying food materials such as milk powder, soy milk powder, fruit and vegetable powder, as well as chemical products.

(4) As the drying is completed instantly, the granules of finished products can basically keep a ball shape similar to liquid drops. the products have good dispersion. fluidity and solubility.

(5) Simplified production process with convenient operation and control.

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