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Goldcheer is optimized in manufacturing high-quality big machines that are used in processing different kinds of fruits and vegetables. We are your greatest source of lemon processing machine that is fit for your production business. You can also save more since we offer it at a very competitive price. Choose Goldcheer now!

  • Environmentally friendly process food safely
  • CE and ISO Certified
  • Equipped with advanced machinery and equipment

Your Expert Lemon Processing Machine Supplier

In Goldcheer, we provide the best processing machine that processing different fruits from raw to finished products. All our machines are manufactured and strictly inspected by our engineers to ensure their quality and performance.


Goldcheer Lemon Processing Machine

Lemon drying waxing sorting processing machine

This machine used for drying and waxing lemons. In order to maintain the freshness of the lemon and to prevent any bacteria and maintain the appearance of it. And also this processing machine is easy to operate with high efficiency.

Lemon Juice Peel Essential Oil Extraction Processing Machine

In Goldcheer, all our lemon processing machine is safe to use. Its design to save more energy. Also, it has an adjustable speed.


Lemon Sorter Processing Machine

Goldcheer lemon sorter processing machine separates each lemon according to its size and diameter, from small to large before it will move to its designated basket. By using this machine you can save manpower and increase your work productivity.

Concentrate Lemon Juice Processing Machine

Our concentrate lemon juice processing machine is made of stainless material. It is multifunctional with low consumption.

Lemon Peel Processing Machine

The lemon peel processing machine is usually used for peeling lemon or separating the skin from the fresh fruits. It has a stable machine performance and FDA approved so you can ensure that all lemons and other fruits that are being processed with our machines are safe and clean.

Commercial Lemon slicer processing machine

This type of machine is perfect for slicing different kinds of fruits including lemon into many sizes and shapes. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the fruit slice because it cuts nicely.

Industrial lemon drying heat pump processing machine

Goldcheer industrial lemon drying heat pump processing machine are suitable for drying big amount of lemon for different purposes. We offer this kind of machine at a very affordable price.

Lemon Processing Filling Machine

This machine is mainly used for filling lemon juice to its designated bottles. The best thing about having this kind of machine is that more convenient with stable performance. It easy to maintain and not creating loud noise during the process.

Automatic Lemon Juice Sterilizing Processing Machine

Goldcheer manufactures lemon processing machine that sterilizing the lemon juice into high heat in order to protect the juice flavor loss and keep its nutrition.


Why Goldcheer Lemon Processing Machine

Choosing the right supplier of lemon processing machine for your own production business is not easy. You always want to ensure the capacity of the company as well as the machines that you want to have. But in Goldcheer, we only produce outstanding lemon processing machines with excellent performance. All our machines are perfectly manufactured without any defects and suitable for manufacturing food, beverage, and drinks products.

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GoldCheer All Fruit and Vegetable Processing Machine

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Goldcheer Lemon Processing Machine

Goldcheer is recognized as China’s leading lemon processing machine producer and other processing machines. We manufacture all kinds of lemon processing machines according to our client’s requirements and business needs.

Goldcheer lemon processing machine is suitable for washing, waxing, cleaning, sorting, extracting lemon juices, cutting or slicing a lemon. You can always make sure that all fruits are being processed by our machines are safe and clean since it is FDA approved and passed the different tests that are being required before it will go out to the market.

Our company manufactured only machines using the best and sturdy raw materials to ensure the capacity, performance, and strength of the machines. Also, we provide excellent and elegant designs to catch the customer’s attention.

Most lemon processing machines have great features and characteristics that can’t be seen in other ordinary processing machines. It will not rust since it has rust resistance and is made of stainless steel. Plus, easy to install, operate, user-friendly has low maintenance with a long life span of service.

Furthermore, we designed, created, manufactured different kinds of lemon processing machines for more than 15 years. We are fully equipped with advanced machines and technologies in providing your lemon processing machines to facilitate all your machine needs for your business.

In addition to that, we are empowered by professionals and expert teams who are fully dedicated to innovating and providing durable and safe products.

Also, aside from lemon processing machines, we manufacture lemon powder machines, fruit processing equipment, lemon juice machinery, and many more.

If you want to have any of our lemon processing machines, just message us directly!

By the way, Our main production lines also have tomato paste production line, mango pulp production line, fruit(apple, orange) juice production line, guava passion fruit production line, yogurt production line, UHT milk production line, coconut milk powder production line, milk powder production line, honey production line, beer brewery production line.

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