Mango Destoner

Mango Destoner is researched and designed by our company according to abroad advanced technology. The traditional mango de-stoner machine in china cannot create a good effect on the separation of stone and skin of the mango. But through the research and development by our engineer, now the stone and skin of mango will be separated perfectly with pulp by this machine. The mango pulp is transferred to the purpling machine after de-stoner. The de-stoner has the characteristic of high efficiency and larger capacity. That is the key equipment for the mango processing plant.

Capacity: 5-10t/h

Power: 7.5kw-30kw

ModelCapacity t/hPower kwDimension mm

(1) China new designed and Hot Sale.

(2) Stainless steel, high effect of destining.

(3) Easy to install and operate.

(4) High Quality and factory price.

(5) High Processing Capacity: 3-10tons/hour

(6) Working with the production line also can work separately.

Goldcheer Mango Destoner

Goldcheer is your well-known manufacturer in China that offers the best quality types of equipment like mango destoner machines. Goldcheer mango destoner is one of the most in demand machines for it is also applicable in many other fruits. Goldcheer is expert in supplying durable pieces of equipment in different fruit processing productions which includes mango destoner as your main equipment.

 mango destoner

Goldcheer mango destoner machine also operates removal of the fruit skin, and finishing pulps from different kinds of fruits like orange, pomelo and plums. Goldcheer mango destoner subsist of separation rod, scraper rotors and sieve. Mango destoner sieve size is made customised depending on its applicable fruits being used. By using Goldcheer mango destoner as your key component, we assure you to have high-quality mango finished products.

Goldcheer mango destoner has a high-performance that can detach the fruit stone and its pulp. Mango destoner supplied by Goldcheer is designed with SUS304 material and refreshes the mango after washing and sorting. After being processed in different parts of the mango destoner, the mango muscle can be brought to the pulping machine to achieve the best finish product.

mango destoner

Goldcheer is your operating continuous manufacturer for a long time and counting. In Goldcheer services you can experience no worries yet distressing you from overthinking about good quality finished products. Because Goldcheer can guide you to have your own high-quality mango destoner with economical cost. 

Here in Goldcheer you will feel comfortable and great because we have approachable staff who are always ready to help or assist you to have our high-tech mango destoner. Goldcheer is your trusted partner when it comes to supplying reliable pieces of equipment for the best of your fruit processing plants or business. We make assurance to our customers that they will be satisfied with the pieces of equipment we offer.

mango destoner

Goldcheer mango destoner gives you excellent results which will take an advantage for your growing mango processing production business. We are offering the best operating pieces of equipment which are upgraded based on its functions. Goldcheer prioritizes and settles up first the desire of our customers whenever you need our best quality mango destoner. 

We provide good services in processing your orders and delivering in a short time. We are your professional manufacturer who can provide turnkey solutions for your mango destoner equipment. You don’t also have to worry about how to install or operate it in an exact way because Goldcheer is always willing to guide and give the whole direction for operating our mango destoner.

Please contact us if you are looking for a high-quality mango destoner!

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