Milk Cooling Tank

Milk direct cooling tank is mainly used for cooling and storage of fresh milk and other liquid product. The cooling tank is the key equipment for the mechanical milking system in the dairy farms. Also widely used in the manual milking farm, milk collection centers, and milk production plants, which can keep the fresh milk, etc best state and prevent bacteria growth.

Milk direct cooling tank adopts evaporator to exchange heat and cooling milk directly. It cools by circular and vertical walls. The fully automatic control system makes the whole process of observation available.

The cooled milk can reach a rapidly needed temperature of 4-5℃ and keep constant, which can prevent the generation of bacteria and make milk A-grade, It is fitted high-low liquid level control system and automatic cycle spray and agitating device. The body is made of high-quality SUS304.



TankWeight(kg)Power of agitator(kg)Speed of agitator



(1) The direct cooling type milk tank adopts advanced honeycomb Miller board evaporator for direct heat exchanging and cooling with milk.

(2) The refrigerating compressor of the direct cooling type milk tank adopts fully-closed compressor unit imported from USA Tecumseh or France Maneurop and imported expansion valve and solenoid valve provided with reliable middle point protector, which can avoid burning the compressor due to overload or system failure.

(3) The direct cooling type tank body is fully made of SUS304 or 316 stainless steel. It can provide with pressurizing automatic rotary cleaning CIP spray head and automatic blending device.

(4) The heat preservation layer of the direct cooling type tank adopts PU foam with good heat insulating performance.

Goldcheer Milk Cooling Tank

Goldcheer is a responsible manufacturer of high-tech equipment such as milk cooling tanks. Goldcheer has tremendous productivity to manufacture high-quality and durable milk cooling tanks. Goldcheer is one of the manufacturers in China that can be trusted in terms of supplying the best quality of pieces of equipment like milk cooling tanks. We are always glad to give you the best services for your desired equipment.

milk cooling tank

Goldcheer has different types of milk cooling tank that has the approximate capacity of 2.155 litres-10.150 litres. Goldcheer milk cooling tanks have a consistency temperature of about 4 degree celsius as far as the milk is possessed for further processing. Goldcheer also designed our milk cooling tank equipment with customized condensing unit sizes depending on the tank dimensions and moving temperature.

Goldcheer milk cooling tanks are designed with air cooled condensing units exclusively applicable for milk cooling tanks. A milk cooling tank of Goldcheer is highly supplied with a hermetic compressor, primarily retaliating and scroll compressor. This Goldcheer milk cooling tank is consistently furnished with the mixer to step up the cooling process and blend in the milk.

milk cooling tank

Goldcheer milk cooling tank has an expanded array of controls to assure the reliable refrigeration. We also make sure that our milk cooling tank has a long lasting and beneficial service life. These milk cooling tanks of Goldcheer has  220,380V and 400 possible voltages and made up of SUS304/SUS316 high-quality stainless steel which can meet the required food and drink hygiene and safety.

Goldcheer assures you to achieve your fruitful business by using our milk cooling tanks which are created with bolted polished stainless steel for lasting and its simplicity to clean. Our engineers and mechanic teams made the milk cooling tank with double-wall construction to manage the temperature.

milk cooling tank

So if you desire to have the best quality types of equipment for your business or even in dairy farms, you can always entrust Goldcheer. We are always prioritizing the demands  of our loyal customers. Goldcheer supplies only high-tech and improved milk cooling tanks  for the benefit of our clients. We are the manufacturers you can always call on, when it comes to negotiating high-quality milk cooling tanks with a friendly cost.

Goldcheer is not only experts in manufacturing, we are also experienced enough when it comes to handling and operating services specifically serving high-quality milk cooling tanks. We have many available types of milk cooling tanks with different sizes, designs and even functions for you to choose your specific equipment you desire.

Forming a solid partnership with Goldcheer is one thing you will never regret because you can see for yourself the best and satisfying result of your successful business by using our supplied high-quality milk cooling tanks.

By the way, Our main production lines also have tomato paste production line, mango pulp production line, fruit(apple, orange) juice production line, guava passion fruit production line, yogurt production line, UHT milk production line, coconut milk powder production line, milk powder production line, honey production line, beer brewery production line.

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