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Your reliable Onion Processing Plant Supplier

Goldcheer specialize on supplying high-quality onion processing plant. We provide most popular processing plant with full of great features. We are dedicated to serve customers with outstanding machines; together with quality services to reach customers expectations. Over the years, we had deal onion processing plant around the world.

Goldcheer Onion Processing Plant

Industrial Onion Processing Plant Equipment

This type of equipment is made of sturdy and reliable material, usually stainless steel. Its key components are source from international brands like Siemens, ABB, etc… There is a wide range of equipment you can choose from for your project.

Onion powder making machine

This onion powder-making machine comes with a 1-year warranty. It is energy-efficient, labor-saving, and superior performance. The machine is manufactured in advanced technology.

Automatic onion processing line

Automatic onion processing lines are completely certified by ISO and CE standards. Suitable for processing all kinds of onions; able to remove top and end of onions. Goldcheer can also customize this unit based on your layout.

Dehydrated red onion processing plant

Dehydrated red onion processing plants are ideal for different applications including farms, fruit and vegetable, food & beverage factory, and more. With the Goldcheer processing plant, you can take advantage of multi-temperature and time zone control.

Onion sorting processing machine

Goldcheer design and manufacture onion sorting processing machines are highly efficient. It comes with different capacities, voltage, and functions. The machine is made of SUS 304 material.

Onion dehydration plant

This onion dehydration plant has a 1-year warranty; 1-year quality assurance well for core components. It is ideal for food & beverage factories, onion dehydrator applications. The plant fully complies with ISO and CE certifications.

Onion root cutting machine plant

Goldcheer onion root cutting machine plant is made of stainless steel material. The voltage, weight, power, and dimensions differ in capacity. Onion root cutting machine plant meets the CE, ISO standards.

Onion grading processing plant

Onion grading processing plants are manufactured from food-grade stainless steel. It comes with 12 months warranty. Goldcheer can provide after-sale services such as field installation, training, and commissioning.

Automatic onion peeling machine

This automatic onion peeling machine widely applied in farms, restaurants, retail, food  & beverage factory, and other application. The machine is easy to operate, provides high performance.

Onion flakes powder processing plant (1)

Onion flakes powder processing plants are suitable for the kitchen, restaurant, and food processing factory. The core components used to design equipment are selected from leading brands in the international market.

Fully automatic onion peeling machine

This fully automatic onion peeling machine is made of 304 stainless steel material. The components used to manufacture machine like engine, motor, and gear has a 1-year warranty. Restaurant, food & beverage factory/ shops are areas where it is suited.

Onion cutting machine

Goldcheer manufacture onion cutting machines are certified by ISO and CE standards. Ideal for commercial usage – restaurant, food & beverage shops, hotels, and retail. Minimum order requirement is 1 set.

Why Goldcheer Onion Processing Plant

Goldcheer capability to supply an onion processing plant will guarantee satisfying services. With more than 10 years of focus on manufacturing safe onion processing plants, we can complete your project requirements effectively. We are confident to offer the best onion processing plant that will improve your production.

If you choose Goldcheer, you will find the right supplier for the onion processing plant. The processing plant 100% obtain an ISO and leading industry standards. We can provide a custom solution for your particular application.

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Gold Cheer Your Premier Onion Processing Plant Manufacturer

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Goldcheer Onion Processing Plant

Goldcheer is a professional manufacturer of onion processing plant. We manufacture and supply a wide selection of food, fruit, and vegetable processing machine, one is the onion processing plant.

The Goldcheer onion processing plant provides reliable performance, energy-efficient, and labor-saving. It is perfect for various applications in the industry, such as manufacturing plants, farms, restaurants, food & beverage factory, and more.

Goldcheer onion processing plant is made of stainless steel material, sturdy and strong. The core components of processing plant e.g., bearing and gear are selected from premier international brands. We supplied plant parts from Siemens, Spirax Sarco, ABB, E+H, Schneider. The components have a 1-year warranty.

As a professional manufacturer, we can make your onion processing plant excellent-quality. With advanced-design machines and professional engineers, we guarantee machine reliability.

Moreover, if you want a unique design of an onion processing plant, we can make it. The entire design will be based on your detailed requirement. It includes power, voltage, dimension, weight, etc…

Onion processing plant from Goldcheer has complete certification of CE and ISO standards. We can provide an after-sale service for your onion processing plant. The field installation, training, and commissioning.

If you need a reliable manufacturer to provide an onion processing plant, Goldcheer is the right solution for you. We make the most suitable and perfect processing machine for the onion to complete your production line.

Aside from onion processing plant, we also have a vast selection of processing machines, onion sorting machine, ginger processing machine, pumpkin processing plant, peas processing plant, date processing machine, and so on.

By the way, Our main production lines also have tomato paste production line, mango pulp production line, fruit(apple, orange) juice production line, guava passion fruit production line, yogurt production line, UHT milk production line, coconut milk powder production line, milk powder production line, honey production line, beer brewery production line.

If you are interested in our onion processing plant, please feel free to contact us. You can email or call us with your particular requirement.

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