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As your experienced orange sorting machine supplier and manufacturer in China, Goldcheer offers complete selections that will satisfy your needs. We can also help you save more cost and boom your brand!

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Your Trusted Orange Sorting Machine Supplier

Goldcheer can provide our customers with complete selections of orange sorting machines and other related processing machines. Wherever you are, we can supply your complete and exact requirements since we already reach lots of countries. You can ensure to get quality machines and satisfying services from Goldcheer.

Goldcheer Orange Sorting Machine

Automatic Orange Sorting Machines

We can supply an automatic orange sorting machine that is energized with 1.1KW power and 220 Voltage. It has customized dimensions and designs to suit your sorting applications.

High-quality Orange Sorting Machine

We highly present our high-quality 380V orange sorting machine powered with 1.1KW for your manufacturing plant. It has a reasonable system design, a high degree of accuracy, and a low broken rate.

Standard Orange Sorting Machine

Our standard orange sorting machine is manufactured using raw carbon steel and stainless steel materials. It is available in different designs and dimensions for your perfect sorting automation.

Multi-purpose Orange Sorting Machine

Goldcheer mulit-purpose orange sorting machine guarantees a long life span and outstanding performances. This is broadly used for sorting round shape vegetables and fruits like orange, lemon, tomato, citrus, etc.

Commercial Orange Sorting Machine

Goldcheer commercial orange sorting machine has the capacity to sort 1500kgof oranges and other round fruits per hour. It operates with a minimum voltage of 380V and 3kw power.

Frequency Control Orange Sorting Machine

We support your 10kw powered frequency control orange sorting machines for any grading/sorting applications. This machine has a specific weight of 1 ton and 12*3*1.2 specific dimensions.

Low Price Orange Sorting Machine

For your plant use, choose Goldcheer low price orange sorting machines. This definitely has  220 power voltage. The dimension of this machine can be customized as per customers` demands.

Size Clarifier Orange Sorting Machine

Goldcheer size clarifier orange sorting machine with high efficiency in screening, low noise benefits, plus customizable. This is isolated for the chemical and food industries.

Level Orange Sorting Machine

4-6 Level Orange Sorting Machine from Goldcheer was designed with multifunction options. Used to grade round fruits depending on sizes. Sorting and capacity levels can be custom-built based on customers` requests.

High-speed Orange Sorting Machine

Goldcheer high-speed orange sorting machine holds brush cleaning part, conveying feeder, waxing part, and hoist rod sorting unit. The machine`s dimension is customized according to the customer`s exact demand.

Orange Color Sorting Machine

We suggest an orange color sorting machine for your manufacturing plant. This is engineered using the latest technology and good quality components. This is dimensionally precise, durable, and reliable.

Sugar Orange Grading Machine

Goldcheer manufactured sugar orange grading machines from 304 stainless steel materials. The machine contains sorting parts, wax polishing, fan drying, wax drying, brush cleaning, and feeding elevator.

Why Goldcheer Orange Sorting Machine

Goldcheer has wide-ranging orange processing equipment production facilities. Every year, there are more than 200 sets of high-class orange sorting machines are distributed anywhere around the world.

We, professional engineers in Goldcheer manufactured different kinds of orange sorting machines with our functional and advanced equipment. Our excellent team from the manufacture, technical sales, and designs help to provide superior services. We are confident to meet your needs regarding orange sorting machines. Contact now.

Orange Sorting Machine

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Gold Cheer Your Premier Orange Sorting Machine Manufacturer

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Goldcheer Orange Sorting Machine

Premier industry all over the world, Goldcheer offers a wide selection of orange sorting machines to support the needs of your business. For how many years passed by since our company established, Goldcheer has turned into one of the reliable worldwide providers of orange sorting machines to several factories and customers.

Goldcheer orange sorting machine is one of the popular orange processing machines we highly present. It has the capacity to sort the orange depending on their sizes. Thus, the Goldcheer orange sorting machine is broadly used for grading or sorting any round shape vegetables and fruits such as lemon, apple, citrus, tomato, and especially oranges. This machine can classify 3-6 categories.

On the other hand, we manufactured different classes of orange sorting machines from materials, functions, customizations, styles, types, and so on. All our orange sorting machines are simple to use, highly featured, hygienic, and what`s interesting, they can help you save your money and time.

The orange sorting machine manufactured by Goldcheer composed of brush cleaning part, transporting feeder, waxing part, drying part, and hoist rod classification section. This machine has easy movement, a beautiful appearance, compact design, unhurt, and very accurate for your application.

Goldcheer is fully committed to satisfying customers with our satisfying machine and standard services. As a premier manufacturer in China, Goldcheer supplies superior services, operator training, great installations, and many others. We can provide the outstanding orange sorting machine to support your agricultural and business needs.

Together with our professional team, Goldcheer has more than 10+ years of experience in this industry and now has been trusted by many customers, business owners, and manufacturers from different countries.

By the way, Our main production lines also have tomato paste production line, mango pulp production line, fruit(apple, orange) juice production line, guava passion fruit production line, yogurt production line, UHT milk production line, coconut milk powder production line, milk powder production line, honey production line, beer brewery production line.

Do you want further information about Goldcheer’s services and offers? Contact us now!

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