Pipe UHT Sterilizer

Pipe UHT sterilizer is mainly used for sterilization of fruit juice, tea drink, milk, flavor milk. It can also be used for aseptic filling packing types products, such as Tetra paper brick, Tetra paper Pillow, aseptic soft plastic bag, aseptic PET bottles. The machine can match with a homogenizer, de-aerator for different functions.

Pipe UHT sterilizer adopts flat, horizontal, and helical sleeve pipes and its heat-transferring coefficient is close to the plate-type ones. However, it features higher-pressure proof and easier access for cleaning. The milk is pumped into a heat exchanger and homogenized after its temperature is raised to 65 ℃ to 70 ℃.

After homogenization, the products are heated to 90 ℃ for protein stabilizing, and the temperature will reach 120 ℃ to 137 ℃ for UHT sterilizing. Finally, the products are cooled to a suitable temperature according to different products and prepared for the filling station.

Capacity (t/h)Steam  pressure(bar)Steam consumption  (kg/h)Ice flow(t/h)Power (kw)Dimension (l×w×h)Weight (kg)

Pipe-type UHT sterilizer is suitable for hot processing of liquid foods and beverages. Compared to the other model, it has the following characteristics:

(1) High heat efficiency, can reach 90% of heat;

(2) Temperature difference between the product and the heating medium is small, so the heating is gentle;

(3) High automation, control and record the CIP cleaning, self-sterilizing, and the whole processing steps automatically;

(4) Precise and reliable sterilizing temperature control; all the affecting factors such as steam pressure, steam flow rate, product flow rate are all controllable;

(5) The inside of pipe adopts advanced polish procedure, automatic cleaning and self-sterilizing ensures the aseptic condition;

(6) Strong safety, the fittings all adopt reliable materials; There are pressure protection and alarm system for steam, hot water, and material.

(7) High reliable, main parts such as product pump, hot water pump, all kinds of valves, elements of the electrics are all world-known brands.

(8) With self CIP.

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