Small Lab Spray Dryer

Small laboratory spray dryer is mainly used in universities, research institutes, and food and pharmaceutical industry laboratory production of trace particles of powder, for all solutions such as emulsions, suspensions with broad-spectrum applicability.

Water evaporating capacity1500-2000ml/h
Air inlet temperature30~400℃
Air outlet temperature30~200℃
Max products inlet capacity5000ml/h
Min products inlet50ml
Total power3.8kw/220v
Blower power0.6kw  max capacity:5.6m³/min Max pressure 1020Pa
Size of machine1380mmx770mmx590mm

(1)Manual control and automatic control

(2)The machine is with desperation protection function, the machine will automatically remind the operator in case the operator does the wrong operation on the blower and heater switch.

(3)Spray nozzle size: 0.5mm/ 0.7mm/0.75mm/1.0mm/1.5mm/2.0mm customer can choose the suitable one accordingly

(4)With a spray nozzle cleaning device, if the spray nozzle is blocked, it will be clean automatically, the frequency can be adjusted.

(5)Material: stainless steel 304, spraying, drying, power collecting device is made of high-quality glass.

(6)With oil-free air compressor and air storage tank

(7)Time setting function, the operator can set the machine working time, no need operator, the machine will stop when the setting time over.

(8)Blower stop automatically. when the air inlet temp. is less than 30 c, the blower stops automatically, no need manual turn off the blower.

(9)Air compressor 0.2kw, working pressure 2~3bar

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