Stainless Steel Piston Pumps

The stainless steel piston pumps are widely used in the transfer of most liquids and slurries in food, medicine, chemicals, sewage, etc. for example tomato paste pump, fruit juice pump, milk pump, positive pump, wine pump, two-direction wine pump, grape juice pump, sewage pump, fruit jam pump, This pump does not produce foam, does not oxidize, and has no noise. It can replace centrifugal pumps, rotor pumps, screw pumps, diaphragm pumps, and multi-stage pumps. The pump head can reach 150-250 meters, and the suction height can be 4-6. Meter.

The stainless steel piston pump is in two directions, it can transfer the products and also can suck the products, it obtain high efficiency and smooth flow.







Motor powerkw1.15.5Fittingsφ4065Dimensionmm



1.Single – cylinder pump according to the specified flow rates

2.Pump body and all parts in contact with product made of stainless steel AISI 304

3.Equipped with a trolley on 4 rubber wheels

4.Interchangeable stainless steel valve seats

5.The pump body has been designed to ensure easy maintenance and cleaning

6.Three phase-double speed motor, IP55 protection

7.Electric control board equipped with magnetic starters with overload and under

voltage protection

8.Double-acting piston made of synthetic material ensuring longer cylinder life

9.Total liquid discharge through a plug and sterilization possibility

10.Stainless steel compensation chamber installed in the pump frame

11.Stainless steel interchangeable components

Goldcheer Stainless Steel Piston Pumps

Goldcheer is your expert manufacturer and supplier of high-quality stainless steel piston pumps. Goldcheer has a high efficiency to supply lasting and reliable stainless steel piston pumps. You can always trust the Goldcheer specifically when it comes to stainless steel piston pumps.  Goldcheer is always ready to serve you whenever you need pieces of equipment for your business.

stainless steel piston pump

Goldcheer stainless steel piston pump has very wide internal passages, and has a modest shaking of the pumped liquid. Stainless steel piston pump of Goldcheer also designed with high pumping capability with consistent and balanced flow of liquid. These Goldcheer stainless steel piston pump is made up of high-quality AISI316 stainless steel. 

Goldcheer stainless steel piston pumps can operate pressure up to 3500 bar and flow rate up to 4000l/min with the temperature of 200 degree celsius. Stainless steel piston pumps housing and inner parts can be composed of almost near any material. Our stainless steel piston pumps can possibly pump the abrasive, hot, cold, toxic, corrosive and even flammable fluids depending on your exact material choice. 

stainless steel piston pumpv

When operating our Goldcheer stainless steel piston pumps the pressure can be measured without affecting the flow rate. Goldcheer stainless steel piston pumps have capability to move viscous fluids, abrasives with proper valve design and slurries. The changes of the pressure and flow rate have a slight effect on the operation of the machine. Goldcheer stainless steel piston pumps are being used in consuming and widening cavities to move fluids.

Goldcheer is your trustworthy manufacturer of the finest pieces of equipment such as stainless steel piston pumps equipment.You can always accompany Goldcheer every time you need a useful and much beneficial stainless steel piston pump for your processing plants or businesses. Goldcheer is updated and makes sure that your stainless steel piston pump machine is an upgraded type of machine for the advantage of your business.

Goldcheer stainless steel piston pumps are designed by expert engineers and mechanics with high-quality materials which is perfect for your improving and developing business. Our stainless steel piston pumps are created with easy assembling operation. Goldcheer provides these high-tech stainless steel piston pumps for our customers for them to have their excellent finished products.

stainless steel piston pump

Beside supplying high-quality stainless steel piston pumps, Goldcheer also offers the best services in terms of selecting, processing and delivering your aimed pieces of equipment. Goldcheer is your experienced manufacturer in China who you can always rely on. We offer you the most capable pieces of equipment specifically our high-tech stainless steel piston pumps in any types, sizes and functions based on your application.

Working out with Golcheer is such an accomplished partnership which can enhance  and develop more for your business by using our modern stainless steel piston pumps equipment. We are always ready to answer, assist and serve you whatever and whenever you need our lasting stainless steel piston pumps.

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