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Goldcheer is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of stainless steel tanks with a beautiful appearance. We offer a complete range of stainless steel tanks to fully support your business, available in flexible MOQ, different sizes, and designs

  • Use a superior kind of stainless steel materials
  • Qualified stainless steel tanks supplier
  • 100% testing and inspection before shipping
  • With over 15 years of manufacturing experience
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Your Trusted Stainless Steel Tank Supplier

Goldcheer is the most professional manufacturer of a wide range of stainless steel tanks in China. Goldcheer is a company that maintains and develops the quality of every stainless steel tank and other food processing equipment. We produce the finest kind and safe stainless steel tank to make a good impact. At Goldcheer, you can find reliable stainless steel tanks with a wide range of selections. We are a top manufacturer that can provide better services. Choose Goldcheer for the improvement of your business production!

Goldcheer Stainless Steel Tank

Stainless Steel Storage Tank

The Goldcheer stainless steel storage tank is used for storing liquids, beverages, dairy, pharmacy, chemical industry, and so on.  We always use a superior kind of stainless steel materials in manufacturing this tank.

Stainless Steel Water Tank

This stainless steel water tank has a 50-30000L volume. This Goldcheer stainless steel water tank is applicable for water and any liquid products like juices, and others.

Stainless Steel Liquid Storage Tank

It is used as a liquid storage tank, liquid composing tank, temporary storage tank, and water storage tank. This tank is safe in storing any liquid products and also easy to clean.

Stainless Steel Mixing Tank

This type of mixing tanks could be used in food, beverage, pharmacy, wine, and other industries. The inside surface finish of the stainless steel mixing tank is mirror polished and it has a smooth surface.

Stainless Steel Mixing Tank with Agitator

It is primarily used to mix liquid products. This stainless steel mixing tank with an agitator of Goldcheer has the full capability to improve and enhance work efficiency in your production.

Industrial Stainless Steel Tank

Goldcheer industrial stainless steel tank is one of the most environmentally friendly tanks that is very easy to clean and very convenient to install at the same time easy to move when it is needed.

Stainless Steel Food Storage Tanks

These tanks are widely applied in beverages and foods. No more worries because these tanks of Goldcheer meet food safety standards. It is safe to use as a food storage tank.

Heavy-duty Stainless Steel Mixing Tanks

It is equipped by heavy-duty rollers, brake function rollers ensure safety during standing by. You can guarantee the great function of this stainless steel mixing tank. You can rely on the best service.

Stainless Steel BeverageTanks

This stainless steel beverage tank is used for mixing materials like juice, milk, drink, and so on. It is manufactured with an electric mixer and a motor which could be regulated.

Stainless Steel Jacketed Tank

It adopts the high quality of SUS304 material and meets with the food grade. The container of this tank has high-temperature insulation materials, anti-aging polyurethane foam.

Circular Stainless Steel Insulated Tank

This is a new generation of water tank products. This type of tank is suitable for large hotels, food processing, factories, and other places which require a lot of large water containers.

Stainless Steel Anti-corrosion Water Tank

This tank is one of the most popular tanks due to its corrosion-resistant. Your water of liquid products will be safe and stay clean. This is perfect for those factories that process liquid products.

Why Goldcheer Stainless Steel Tank

Goldcheer is an outstanding provider of different high-technology equipment and stainless steel tanks. We are in over 10 years of manufacturing industry and that experience allows us to be confident and we pride ourselves on our stainless steel tanks in different factories.

Manufacturing excellent stainless steel tanks is one of Goldcheer’s business fields. Since we always select quality and superior stainless steel materials, you can guarantee the quality and functional stainless steel tanks from Goldcheer.

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Gold Cheer Your Premier Stainless Steel Tank Manufacturer

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Goldcheer Stainless Steel Tank

If you are looking for a trusted manufacturer and supplier for your stainless steel tanks, Goldcheer is an expert manufacturer that is suitable for you and for your business. A lot of the business owners choose us as their prominent supplier because of the good reputation of our company.

Goldcheer always produces a functional and good condition of stainless steel tanks and other fruit, vegetable, and food processing equipment.  If you are planning to import a stainless steel tank from us, you made the best choice.

Goldcheeer stainless steel tanks are useful in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. This can be used as a storage tank, mixing tank, blending tank, and so on. Since it is made of stainless materials it can serve for a long time.

It features easy to clean, easy to install, and easy to move or relocate when it’s needed. Stainless steel tanks are perfect for hot and cold liquid products. You can use it for juice, water, milk, and other food and beverage industries.

Goldcheer manufactures a stainless steel tank that truly meets a food safety standard. We apply quality control to make sure the best condition of every product before we deliver it. All the stainless steel tanks of Goldcheer are manufactured with professional workers. 

At Goldcheer, you can find a wide selection of stainless steel tanks such as stainless steel water tanks, stainless steel mixing tanks, stainless steel storage tanks, stainless steel jacketed tank, industrial stainless steel tanks, and more.

If you need or interested in any of these products, please send us an inquiry, there will be professional technicians to provide services for you. We are glad to provide your needs on time. We will never hesitate to serve you.

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