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Goldcheer can be your loyal associates as your provider of high-quality stainless steel wine tanks. Most wine related business owners prefer to use Goldcheer stainless steel wine tanks to save more and for less maintenance considering that we made it more durable and can be used for a long time.

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Your Top Stainless Steel Wine Tanks Supplier

Goldcheer is your most trusted supplier of excellent quality of machines and tanks like stainless steel tanks for wines. We can fully source your plant or factories by our offered high-quality stainless steel wine tanks. By using the said type of wine tank, your wine products would be safe and surely clean. We use to manufacture easy to clean and to maintain machines and tanks especially stainless steel wine tanks. It is more advantageous for our clients processing plants. We maintain to be the top supplier and manufacturer in China by continuing our excellent services.

Goldcheer Stainless Steel Wine Tanks

Stainless Steel Conical Fermenter Wine Tank

The Goldcheer stainless steel conical fermenter wine tank widely used for pharmaceuticals, beverages and many other industrial and dairy sectors.

Stainless Steel Cubic Wine Tank

These stainless steel cubic wine tanks are also suitable for fields like oil, beverages, chemicals and many other bio-engineering projects.

Stainless Steel Dimple Jacket Wine Tank

When stainless steel dimple jacket wine tanks perform its function voltages of about 220v, 380v. It also has adjustable dimensions.

Stainless Steel Carbonated Wine Tank

This stainless steel wine tank processed carbonated beverages, It has the capacity to carry 50-10000L of wine and other applicable beverages.

Stainless Steel Fermentation Tank Wine

This stainless steel fermentation wine tank is very common and mainly used for fermenting alcoholic products like wine and used even in the medicine industry.

Stainless Steel Wine Storage Tank

The stainless steel wine storage tank made by Goldcheer is safer to use. It is made up of high-grade and reliable materials. Choose the best for your running business.

Stainless Steel Winery Equipment

We are proudly offering this modern design of stainless steel winery equipment. You can see for yourself how useful it is especially for your growing winery business.

Assembling Stainless Steel Wine Tank

A type of stainless steel wine tank that has a single layer and two jackets. It has the capacity to handle 750-5000 liters of liquid products.

Stainless Steel Brewing Wine Tanks

This stainless steel brewing wine tank is composed of valves such as sampling and discharging valves. It has complete parts that function so well.

Multi-functional Stainless Steel Wine Tanks

Goldcheer manufactures this multi-functional stainless steel wine tanks to achieve the uncommon and standard of brewing requirements.

Stainless Steel Inox Tank for Wine

This type od stainless steel wine tank has the dimension of 1300*1300*2600mm. In this tank usually the red wine has fermented.

High-pressure Stainless Steel Wine Tank

You can tell us your desired design and size of high-pressure stainless steel wine tanks that are perfect for your winery plants and business, and we can grant your desire.

Why Goldcheer Stainless Steel Wine Tanks

The stainless steel wine tanks provided by Goldcheer are very effective to use considering that it also allows fermenting and carbonating product elements all in a tank. All of the types of Goldcheer stainless steel wine tanks assures you absolute hygiene, durability, practical and safe to use.

We have a lot of available models and sizes that suit your specifications. Goldcheer can meet your requirement standards and expectations. Stainless steel wine tank with a friendly and budgetary cost is what you can get from Goldcheer. Contact us immediately if you are interested with our offered high-quality stainless steel wine tanks.

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Gold Cheer Your Best Stainless Steel Wine Tank Manufacturer

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Goldcheer Stainless Steel Wine Tanks

Goldcheer stainless steel wine tanks have different capacities where you can choose the most suitable for your business. We can manufacture stainless steel wine tanks with dimension of Φ920*1500mm-Φ2600*5500mm depending on its models and styles.

Our high-quality stainless steel wine tank also measures height of about 2180mm-6550mm based on the specific type you wanted. The Goldcheer stainless steel wine tanks according to its model also have different measures of cooling area. Just let us know your choice and we will give you more details.

Goldcheer is always ready to give you satisfying quality and performance of stainless steel wine tanks. We are always welcoming our new clients and fully guide you for all of the processing stages. Our high grade equipment is being used to make sure the perfect form of stainless steel wine tanks.

 So if you really want reliable stainless steel wine tanks and other related products for your running business, Goldcheer is the perfect place to be. Our machines and equipment are made up of high quality materials and components to achieve your ideal and lasting stainless steel wine tanks.

Choose your desire, and we will process your orders directly. The more quantity you buy, the more negotiable our stainless steel wine tanks are available. Just let us know your requirements and we will give you the perfect model that suits your applications. Expect fulfilling service on Goldcheer. Full time sales staff are willing to assist you.

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