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As your leading sweet potato processing plant manufacturer, Goldcheer will support you from the start to your success. We can help your sweet potato processing plant purchase save money and time. We can handle the rest so we can free your time.

  • Customized sweet potato processing plant for your production lines
  • W can offer our sweet potato processing plant affordable yet quality
  • Our complete of services can satisfy your needs and easier your process
  • We can meet your needs with our ideal sweet potato processing plant layouts
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Your Trusted Sweet Potato Processing Plant Supplier

We are trusted by many people in business for over 10 years providing great samples. It helps many of our customers to get more ideas to order. Our sweet potato processing plants are affordable perfect when saving a budget.

Goldcheer Sweet Potato Processing Plant Supplier

Automatic Sweet Potato Processing Plant

You can get all types of machines for your sweet potato processing lines. We can offer automatic machines at different functions.

Fully Automatic Sweet Potato Machines

We have full automatic sweet potato machines for different processing lines. We can guarantee perfect prices according to the capacity.

Potato Chips Making Machine

We have potato chips making machines like slicing, drying, fryer machines, and more. Get filling machines, sealing, and packing machines.

Semi-Automatic Sweet Potato Machines

Our semi-automatic machines of sweet potato processing are available at your ideal quantity. We can reach your location and send your orders.

Sweet Potato Automatic Drying Machine

After washing and slicing sweet potatoes, there are dryer machines we designed. You can get automatic sweet potato drying machines.

Sweet Potato Conveyor Machine

Our conveyor machines are able to move sweet potatoes to different processes. It is widely accessible in horizontal types at an affordable cost.

Sweet Potato Fries Making Slicer Machine

If sweet potato fries is your desired slice, we can supply affordable slicer for your projects. It has perfect blades and bolts for the durable foundation.

Sweet Potato Peeling Machine

Peeling is one of the exciting processes. Peeling clean sweet potato satisfies your eyes. It has speed control for low and high speeds.

Sweet Potato Rinsing Machine

After washing, the rinsing machines are ready to clean up well. Sweet potato rinsing machines have great capability to lessen your effort for this project.

Sweet Potato Slicing Machine

We designed slicing machines that able to create different shapes. You can choose our slicing machines to create sweet potato fries slice.

Sweet Potato Sorting Machine

After washing sweet potatoes, We have machines that able to sort different sizes accessible in the different numbers of rows at cheaper prices.

Sweet Potato Washing Machine

We designed machines for easier cleaning and washing process. We have sweet potato washing machines perfect for production support.

Why Goldcheer Sweet Potato Processing Plant

If you choose the right partner for your sweet potato processing plant orders, it has a great advantage and provides great benefits for your production lines. Goldcheer has the capability to ensure all satisfying services from production, sales, customer service, and so on.

Goldcheer is a trusted long-term partner with 10 years of service. We have a 10000 square meters plant area with a highly trained manufacturing team. Goldcheer is your reliable partner for your projects.

Sweet Potato Processing Plant

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Gold Cheer Your Premier Sweet Potato Processing Plant Manufacturer

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Goldcheer Sweet Potato Processing Plant

Are you looking for durable processing machines and a cost-effective offer for your sweet potato processing lines? Goldcheer is one of the trusted suppliers and manufacturers of different processing machines in China.

Goldcheer sweet potato processing plant is widely attainable in plenty of selections. You can add sweet potato washing machines, rinse machines, sorting machines, drying machines, peeling machines, slicing machines, and more.

Every processing machine has different functions and capabilities that surely help operations easier and fast. Goldcheer sweet potato washing machines have great cleaning abilities designed computer controls. It is multifunction designed with a rinsing process. Our sorting machines are designed with a different number of rows and able to sort sizes of sweet potatoes. It has horizontal and vertical selections.

Goldcheer fabricates drying machines to keep process and production clean. It has controllable heat and air pressure to maintain sweet potato’s quality and color. We also design peeling machines with different styles and peeling processes. Goldcheer ensures to design slicer machines to create different styles and shapes of sweet potato slices. It was able to provide fries, chips, and other types of slices.

We can meet your needs. Just send your production line needs and the layout of your sweet potato processing plant. We have 10 years of experience that we can assure you to provide great machine performance. We have skilled and hardworking manufacturing staff and friendly customer service to guide your inquiries.

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