Your Trusted Tunnel Pasteurizer Provider in China

Goldcheer is the leading and top manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of tunnel pasteurizers and other types of equipment in China. We have over 15 years of experience in producing a high-end tunnel pasteurizer nationwide. We are glad to provide your needs to complete your production.

  • Provide a quality tunnel pasteurized product
  • Offer apple tunnel pasteurizer with reliable performance
  • Give a satisfying services
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Your Trusted Tunnel Pasteurizer Supplier

Goldcheer is a high-reliable and the most recommended tunnel pasteurizer supplier in China. We are an ISO-certified manufacturer that can produce a tunnel pasteurizer that truly meets international standards. Goldcheer provides equipment with stable performance. At Goldcheer you can find a wide selection of tunnel pasteurizers that can complete your production line. We are looking forward to working with you and providing your needs. 

Goldcheer Tunnel Pasteurizer

Bottle Tunnel Pasteurizer

This type of tunnel pasteurizer contains 8 temperature zones, the minimum temperature difference between zones confirms a good sterilizing effect and also reduces bottle broken rate.

UHT Tunnel Pasteurizer

The Goldcheer UHT tunnel pasteurizer consists of a water recycling tank, liquid container, and a compressor for cooling the liquid. This enhances its usability for your production line.

Automatic Tunnel Pasteurizer

Goldcheer automatic tunnel pasteurizer runs smoothly, the stainless steel mesh belt has high strength, small flexibility is not easy to be deformed, and easy to maintain.

Tunnel Pasteurizer for Beer

The Tunnel pasteurizer for beer is widely used in beer factories to sterilize the beer with the bottle or cans. It can kill all bacteria which possibly exist in liquid products or packages.

Tunnel Pasteurizer for Glass Bottle

Providing a good quality tunnel pasteurizer sterilizer machine for glass bottles is our main product. It comes in various designs, styles, and features. It provides better services.

Tunnel Tomato Paste Pasteurizer

The whole parts of the tunnel tomato paste pasteurizer made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel. The temperature and speed of this machine can be set according to the process requirements.

Spraying Type Tunnel Pasteurizer

This tunnel pasteurizer works to sterilize products and containers together so that you bottle eliminate various possible causes of the growth of harmful bacteria within the allowed time.

Small Tunnel Pasteurizer

The Goldcheer small tunnel pasteurizer is made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel to ensure food safety and hygiene. Using steam heating, and saving more energy.

Cans juice Tunnel Pasteurizer

This tunnel pasteurizer has the advantages of high strength, small expansion, no deformation, and easy cleaning. Effectively achieves the sterilization effect and improves working efficiency.

Tunnel Pasteurizer for canned food

The Goldcheer tunnel pasteurizer for canned food is also suitable for the process of blanching or pre-cooking fruits, vegetables, and other food and beverage products.

Tunnel Pasteurizer for Milk

The Goldcheer tunnel pasteurizer for milk improves the product quality for you, at the same time, using this tunnel pasteurizer can save you a lot of money and labor cost.

Semi Automatic Tunnel Pasteurizer

GoldCheer semi-automatic tunnel pasteurizer suitable for low-temperature sterilization of foods and beverages such as pickled vegetables, low-temperature meat products, and milk products.

Why Goldcheer Tunnel Pasteurizer

Goldcheer is a well-known manufacturer of different tunnel pasteurizers. If you choose us as your permanent manufacturer, you made the right decision.  We offer a turnkey solution for tunnel pasteurizer needs. Goldcheer your a great source for any processing equipment.

Goldcheer manufacture tunnel pasteurizers that can meet your standards. So if you are looking for durable tunnel pasteurizers you must choose Goldcheer as your supplier. We, Goldcheer is the manufacturer that owns the full capability to provide for your needs on time and suitable in your budget.

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Gold Cheer Your Premier Tunnel Pasteurizer Manufacturer

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Goldcheer Tunnel Pasteurizer

Goldcheer is a highly recommended manufacturer and supplier of tunnel pasteurizers. We are a reputable company in this industry. We obtain a rich experience, and that experience enables us to deliver our products with confidence.

Goldcheer tunnel pasteurizer is a unit that used to sterilize some products. It is the other way of killing and eliminating of unwanted bacteria from products and packages. It helps you to produce finished products with the highest quality.

Goldcheer offers a wide selection of tunnel pasteurizers like small pasteurizers, semi-automatic tunnel pasteurizers, automatic tunnel pasteurizers, tunnel pasteurizers for milk, tunnel pasteurizer canned products, bottle tunnel pasteurizer, and many more.

Goldcheer tunnel pasteurizer production line is a truly trusted equipment when you use it. Goldcheer tunnel pasteurizer is always passed by quality inspection so that you can assure the best work of it in your production line.

We can provide you a great tunnel pasteurizer with the best design and best capacity. Goldcheer can supply you with a tunnel pasteurizer that is suited and perfect for your business. We always strive to meet your project requirements.

 We also offer installation and operator training to make sure the right use of every piece of tunnel pasteurizer and other types of equipment.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about our tunnel pasteurizer!

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