Tunnel Sterilizer And Cooler

A tunnel sterilizer and cooler are used for the sterilization of filled containers including cans, glass bottles, etc. the machine is made of stainless steel 304. it is composed of a transfer squeegee, machine body, piping system, electricity controller cabinet. products can be transferred into a pointed position by roller chain. The sterilization time can be regulated by changing the transducer’s rotating speed.

Max sterilization temp.98℃98℃98℃98℃98℃
Length of sterilization, pre-cooling, and cooling zone4m, 1.5m, 1m5m, 1.7m, 1.2m6m, 1.9m, 1.2m7m, 1.9m, 1.2m11m, 2.8m, 1.6m
Width of belt1200mm1500mm1800mm2000mm2500mm
Speed of belt110-533mm/min110-533mm/min110-533mm/min110-533mm/min110-533mm/min
Machine weight3200kg3700kg4200kg4700kg7800kg

(1) Tunnel sterilizer and cooler adopt cycle hot water to sterilize, cycle warm water to pre-cool, and cooling water to cool. Low noise, accurate temperature control, sterilization time is adjustable, sterilization temperature control automatically. It is made of high-quality stainless steel, world-famous Intralox brand of polypropylene mesh belt, high-grade nozzle, Japan and Germany electrical components, machine quality can be comparable with the imported equipment.

(2) Fast heating and cooling rapidly to achieve sterilization.

(3) water can be recycled and used for the next sterilization, thermal recovery of high energy consumption.

(4) high grade of automation, automatic with PLC touch screen control.

(5) multi-stage heating and cooling can be adapted to a variety of materials, the requirements of the different sterilization process, which can store 10 kinds of sterilization process parameters;

(6) Parts in contact with the materials used are high-quality stainless steel equipment that meets food hygiene requirements.

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