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As a professional fruit processing machine manufacturer in China, we can customize any fruit processing machine based on your production needs. From fruit washing machine, pulping machine to Fruit Destoner, Goldcheer can always manufacture quality fruit processing equipment to help your fruit production. We have over 10 years of fruit processing machine manufacturing experience and have over 10 professional engineering to make turn key solution for your project.

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  • Goldcheer factory
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Tomato Processing Machine

Tomato processing machine that is design in washing and sorting fresh tomato with the water filtering system in order to remove the dirt from the skin. With tomato processing machine from fresh tomato it would become ketchup, puree, tomato paste, juice and others. Goldcheer develops and manufactures tomato process machines to help you easily process your tomato business.

Coconut Processing Machine

In Goldcheer, fabricated a lot of different types of coconut processing machine made from durable materials that lasts in a long period of time. Our coconut processing machine is best in dehusking to extracting coconut milk. All our coconut processing machine can meet all the high demand for coconut products in the global market.

Mango Processing Machine

Goldcheer develops and produces the best quality of mango processing machine for the production of mango juice and many other mango finished products. We can be able to supply different kinds of mango processing machine with specific customer requirements and ship nationwide.

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Apple Processing Machine
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Orange Processing Machine
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Guava Passion Fruit Processing Machine
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UHT Processing Machine
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Shanghai Goldcheer Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully completed the project of tomato paste packing line in Africa. In technology and after-sales service, we won the praise from the customers.

Gold Cheer Your Premier Fruit Processing Machine Manufacturer

Goldcheer specializes in manufacturing fruit processing machine in China. You can always trust us since we are experts and has a lot of experience in making fruit processing machine for more than 2 decades. Goldcheer supply thousands of fruit processing machine in different plants all over the world. We focus in becoming the best supplier of fruit and vegetable processing machine or any related machines for your product for your production plant.



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GoldCheer Fruit Processing Machine

Goldcheer is an expert manufacturer and supplier of fruit processing machines in China. We obtain a rich experience in the manufacturing industry and that experience allows us to manufacture high-end fruit processing machines. We also provide a full range of services to gratify our customer’s needs.

Goldcheer fruit processing machine is a high-durable machine and this is manufactured by solid and superior materials. To have the best result in processing your fruits, Goldcheer fruit processing machine is one of the recommended to use. Goldcheer fruit processing machine is a safe processing machine that enables you to produce safety products.

The Goldcheer fruit processing machine is perfect for different kinds of fruit fields like mango, orange apples, pineapple, jackfruit, and so on. If your business is all about processing fruits, Goldcheer offers a fruit processing machine that has a reliable performance in every operation.

At Goldcheer, our fruit processing machines are perfect for making jams, juice, and many more. We have different kinds of fruit processing machines that include the aseptic filling machine, fruit brush washing machine, fruit sorting machine, packing machines, fruit crushers, fruit destoner, and many more.

If you are looking for a trusted supplier for your fruit equipment and machines, Goldcheer is the best option for you. We offer a wide variety of fruit processing machines with affordable and friendly prices. Goldcheer fruit processing machines are perfect for your personal and business applications.

Goldcheer has 20 years of experience in the machines industry. We are the leading manufacturer of fruit processing machines and other food processing equipment. Goldcheer is your one-stop solution when it is all about fruit processing machines.

We can supply different types of processing machines according to your needs. Goldcheer can be your best partner that will support your projects.

Send us your ideal Goldcheer fruit processing machines and your inquiries. We will send you back our warm response!

Goldcheer Fruit Processing Machine

Goldcheer is a high-tech supplier and manufacturer of fruit processing machines. Goldcheer has a different kind of fruit processing machine which is best for those who have a processed fruit business. We offer a complete range of services to fulfill our customer’s needs. Goldcheer is your quality fruit processing machine manufacturer and factory in China.

Fruit Processing Machine

Goldcheer fruit processing machine offers the best and outstanding performance every working time. Using a Goldcheer fruit processing machine makes your processing procedure convenient and very easy. Goldcheer fruit processing machine is a machine that can be used in various kinds of fruits industry.

Goldcdheer fruit processing machine is ideal in different fields like apples, jackfruits, oranges, pineapple, and many more. Using a perfect and right fruit processing machine is the only way to achieve a favorable result of production. Goldcheer fruit processing machine is a kind of machine that will help you to reach a successful business.

As the world’s leading manufacturer of fruit processing machines, we offer various types of machines and equipment to process fruits like jackfruit processing machines, passion fruit processing machines, banana processing machines, dry fruits processing machines, and so on. So if ever you need a great kind of fruit or vegetables processing machine you can check at Goldcheer.

 Fruit Processing Machine

Goldcheer is the most respectable and honest supplier of fruit processing machines and equipment. Goldcheer is a company that formed of knowledgeable, expert, and skilled personnel. If you choose us as your business partner, you can guarantee that your fruit processing machines need will be gratified.

If you want to make sure to produce safe and healthy fruit products better you can use a Goldcheer fruit processing machine. All of our fruit processing machines and any types of our equipment are passed by FDA approved and quality inspections. We keep providing the latest and updated equipment.

 Fruit Processing Machine

Goldcheer has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying fruit processing machines. We have the full potential to support your project requirements from start to end. Due to our rich experience, we can absolutely provide a strong and genuine fruit processing machine. Goldcheer can give you an exactly turnkey solution of a fruit processing machine.

Producing a superior fruit processing machine is one of our business fields. You can always lean at Goldcheer for what you need. We are always happy and ready to provide for our customer’s needs especially when it’s all about fruit processing machines and any food processing equipment.

Please don’t hesitate to email or contact us if you have any questions about our services and products!

I know you’re probably looking for the best fruit processing machine for your food industry.

Or you would like to learn more about all machines you will use in the fruit processing industry.

Whichever, the case, this guide will answer all questions you have about fruit processing machines.

Let’s learn about the best fruit processing machine here!

What is a Fruit Processing Machine?

Figure 1 Fruit Processing Machine

Figure 1 Fruit Processing Machine

These are machines you will use to prepare fruits for human consumption through canning, drying, freezing, concentrating, crushing, sorting or washing.

Basically, they help add value to your fruits, hence increasing the shelf life of fruit products.

In short, by integrating these machines, you can have a range of products from fruits.

As a result, they will increase chances of profiting from your fruit business.

What does a Fruit Processing Machine do?

There are large and small fruit processing machines. These machines can handle specific fruits while others can handle a large variety of fruits.

A fruit processing machine is capable of performing several tasks efficiently and reliably. Here are some tasks a fruit processing machine can perform:


This is a process where the fruit processing machine will arrange the fruits in a systematic order. Sorting can happen in two distinct ways: ordering and categorizing.

Ordering involves arranging the fruits in a specific sequence as per the fruit processing criterion. Categorizing involves grouping the fruits that have similar properties.


This involves basing the fruits in terms of their physical qualities such as size, color, weight, shape, etc. A fruit processing machine can perform machine grading or manual grading.

Manual grading involves the use of human labor while machine grading uses sophisticated systems to grade. Machine grading is quicker, cost-effective, and reliable than manual grading.


It is important to wash the fruits before proceeding to process them. Washing can happen in a high-pressure soak unit or a spray system.

In certain situations, one may add a surfactant or a detergent. These will assist in the removal of stubborn soil that attaches to the fruits.

For instance, in the processing of apple fruits, it is important to use a high-quality wash. This will ensure that you safely eliminate microorganisms that are responsible for the formation of mycotoxins.


Most fresh fruits are best when they are in a raw state. However, cooking can intensity the flavors and form appealing textures, mostly in unripe fruits.


This process involves cooking fruits by scalding them in boiling water. You will remove them after a short duration, then place them inside iced water or cold running water.

The cold water or ice will stop the cooking process. Blanching will lower the loss in quality over a long time and most people will blanch before freezing, drying, or canning fruits.

Figure 2 Rotary Drum Vegetable and Fruit Blancher and Cooler

Figure 2 Rotary Drum Vegetable and Fruit Blancher and Cooler


This assists in achieving a homogeneous mixture of the fruits you are working with.


Here, the fruit processing machine will calculate accurate weights of fruits before or during packing. It assists in ensuring the package contains the right amount of processed fruits before transportation.


This involves placing the processed fruits in a holding container to protect them from external elements. Packing will assist in protecting the fruits from sunlight, moisture, bacteria, etc.

What are the Benefits of Fruit Processing Machine for your Business?

Some of the advantages of investing in fruit processing machine include:

Improve Product Appeal

A fruit processing machine will prepare fruits to give them an aesthetic value. It enhances the flavor, aroma, nutrition, etc., and makes it easy to consume.

Guarantees Efficiency and Reliability

Fruit processing machine will continually prepare fruits as long as it is in a good working condition. This allows one to meet production needs while producing quality processed fruits for consumption.

Ensures Time-saving

Processing fruits manually will take a lot of time as the workers cannot surpass a certain working limit.

Also, it is not efficient as it will not produce consistently processed fruits.

Using a fruit processing machine will save the business a lot of time as the machine will have a high production capacity.

This allows you to meet your production needs within a short time.

Offers Product Protection

After packing, a fruit processing machine will offer physical protection from environmental elements that would otherwise damage the products.

These environmental elements include moisture, sunlight, dust, or air.

Increase Speed of Production

There are various fruit processing machines available in the market such as manual and automatic machines.

The automatic fruit processing machines have a high fruit processing capacity than the manual versions.

Ease of Use

Some fruit processing machines have programmable logic controllers [PLC]. This component helps the operators to make changes during the operation on the machine.

Besides, one can monitor the entire fruit processing as it goes on.

Prevents Contamination

The automatic versions will process fruits independently thus limiting chances of contamination from occurring. This means you will maintain a high-quality process and clients will have the best quality product.


The initial cost of acquiring a fruit processing machine may be high and out of your budgetary limits. However, it will lower the business’ recurring costs as it needs less supervision during the whole process.

They can perform the fruit processing once you input the production parameters in the control panel.

Figure 3 Fruits Washing Machine

Figure 3 Fruits Washing Machine

Which Materials are Fruit Processing Machines made of?

The best material to construct a fruit processing machine is mainly stainless steel.

Stainless steel is a perfect material for all sections that are in direct contact with fruits.

However, other sections of the machines can be made from different materials.

What is the Difference between Small-scale and Large-scale Fruit Processing Machine?

Here is how the two types of fruit processing machines compare:


Small-scale fruit processing machines are cheaper than large-scale fruit processing machines.

Production Capacity

Since large-scale fruit processing machines are expensive, the production capacity is also high. It can prepare large amounts of fruits within a short time.

Level of Automation

Large-scale fruit processing machines usually come with a lot of technology. This assists in ensuring the production are repeatable and quick with little to no human intervention.


It is simple and cost-effective to maintain and clean a small-scale fruit processing machine. This is because it has few and simple parts.


Large-scale fruit processing machines have several components that can handle large productions. On the other hand, small-scale fruit processing machines come with few and simple parts.

Work Area

Small-scale fruit processing machines will occupy less work area than large-scale fruit processing machines.


It takes time and effort to move a large-scale fruit processing machine as it is large and heavy. On the other hand, small-scale fruit processing machines are easy to move around in the work area.


Since large-scale fruit processing machines have several parts, they weigh more than small-scale fruit processing machines.


It is easy and simple to integrate large-scale fruit processing machines with other equipment in the production line.

This allows you to have a seamless production plant in which you will perform several functions like labeling, branding, etc.

What Types of Fruit Processing Machine do you offer?

There are different types of fruit processing machines and they include:

Fruit Peeling Coring Machine

This is a machine that will assist in processing fruits by peeling them. It will peel, core, and slice the fruits in one pass.

Operation of the machine begin by placing the fruit on the spindle. The peeler will automatically detect and peel the fruits.

Also, the machine will cut out the core of the fruit. Besides, the machine can segment the fruit depending on the production needs.

Figure 4 Fruit Peeling Machine

Figure 4 Fruit Peeling Machine

Fruit Bubble Washing Machine

This is a machine that will wash the debris and dirt off fruits before proceeding to the processing stage. It ensures that no debris finds its way to the final product.

Also, it helps to keep the fruits clean and plays a vital role in a fruit juice processing line.

This machine consists of a hopper, tanks, rollers, turnover equipment, blowers, and sprayers.

Once you turn on the machine, the blower will supply the airflow that will keep the water in a tumbling motion.

As the water rolls, rapid flows will rub on the fruits surface, making the machine clean the fruits without damaging them.

Fruit Brush Washing Machine

It is also known as the brush roller machine. This is a machine that is responsible for the elimination of impurities and pesticide residues from fruits.

It has rows of brushes that assist in achieving a high level of cleanliness. It can handle various fruits like oranges, tomatoes, apples, pineapples, etc.

Fruit Sorting Machine

This is a machine that grades and sorts fruits depending on their weight. The machine is suitable for sorting fruits such as apples, pears, mangoes, oranges, pineapples, plums, etc.

It offers an accurate grading capability and is suitable for both large and medium-sized fruit processing industries.

Fruit Crusher

This is a machine that will crush different types of fruits turning them into a pulp.

The main application is the conversion of raw fruit into juice or wine.

It can handle varying fruits such as grapes, berries, cherry, blueberry, cranberry, etc.

Fruit Destoner

This type of fruit processing machine helps in pitting of fruits for the production of high-quality spirits. It is suitable for plums, cherries, apricots, peaches, etc. Also, it can make jams, juices, tomato sauce, etc.

First step in the operation of fruit destoner involves feeding fruits in the funnel manually or with the help of a washing elevator. The fruits will move into the rotor unit through a drive intake screw.

These rotor blades will force the fruits against the internal walls of the sieve. This makes the flesh of the fruits press against the holes on the sieves.

The core will remain behind in the rotor chamber and moves to the exit chute. You can adjust the roller gap depending on the type and size of fruit, and the degree of the rubber roller wear.

Pre-heater Machine for Fruits

This is a machine that will help in inactivation of enzymes, softening of tissues, and pasteurization of fruits. It will affect the form, color, and viscosity of the final product.

It is suitable for the thermal treatment of highly viscous products and products that have pulps or solids.

Fruit Pulping Machine

This machine is suitable for processing fruits into pulp. It is suitable for the separation of residue and pulp from fruits after crushing and pre-boiling.

Its operation begins by conveying fresh fruits via a feeding port. The fruits then proceed to the beater via the feed blades.

Here, the beaters will pound the fresh fruits into a pulp. The puree and fruit juice will move through the holes on the screen however, the residue will exit via a slag hole.

Belt Fruit Juice Extractor

This is a machine that will extract juice from fruits by using a system of rollers that apply pressure.

It first feeds the crushed materials into the hopper and then proceed by squeezing water out leaving filter cakes.

The product then moves via a series of rollers that will dehydrate it using pressure. After dehydration, scrapers will scrape off filter cakes away from the belt and high-pressure spray nozzles wash the belts.

Fruit and Vegetable Spiral Washing Blancher Machine

This is a machine that pre-boils fruits and vegetables to prevent browning. It also inhibits active enzymes by making the pectin decompose and enhancing the rate of juice extracting.

Materials will move into the spiral pre-boiling machine via the inlet chute. The materials in the tank and the water will heat on steam and enter the internal tank via the pipes.

Also, the spiral propeller will make the materials move forward during the heating process. The materials will exit via the outlet once it reaches the temperature and time as per the production requirement.

Fruit Slicing Machine

This is a machine that will assist you to quickly slice different fruits into thin pieces. It has a high operating capacity and can handle a large capacity of fruits per unit time.

The slicing process begin by setting and regulating the thickness of the slices depending on your production needs. Place the fruits at the inlet, which will then fall on the slicer in a vertical position.

Thereafter, a rotary cutter will slice the fruits uniformly. The slices will then exit the machine ready for packaging.

It is safe, easy to operate, and energy-efficient machine that will produce uniform slices and allows you to adjust the thickness.

Figure 5 Automatic Fruit Slicing Machine

Figure 5 Automatic Fruit Slicing Machine

What should you Consider when Buying Fruit Processing Machine?

It might be hard to buy a fruit processing machine as there are several options available in the market.

This is because they come with different specifications and features.

Here are some factors to consider when buying a fruit processing machine:


The amount you have will determine the type of fruit processing machine you can purchase. Fully automatic machines will cost more than manual fruit processing machines.


Ensure to purchase a fruit processing machine that will help you achieve the best fruit processing procedures.

Machine Configuration

A fruit processing machine will come in different designs and sizes. Always ensure you select a machine that will fit in your work area.

For instance, small-scale fruit processing machines occupy less space than large-scale fruit processing machines.

Production Capacity

It is vital to select a fruit processing machine that can prepare lots of fruits per unit of time. This will ensure that you continue meeting your client’s needs.

Large machines always offer a high production capacity than small machines.

Body Material

Since fruit processing machines come into contact with food for human consumption, the material of construction is important.

Stainless steel is the best material to make a fruit processing machine with since it is durable. It is also resistant to corrosion and extreme working environments.

Level of Technology

Fully automatic fruit processing machines always have a high level of technology. This means it offers a high production capacity and the best fruit processing capabilities.


It is important to have a fruit processing machine that is easy to clean and repair. This will save you a lot since there will be minimal downtime.

Besides, ease of cleaning will ensure you continue producing quality processed fruits.

Compliance with Quality Standards

When the machine complies with quality standards, it means you offer safety and the best fruit processing methods.

Which Control Options do you Provide for Fruit Processing Machine?

There are three kinds of control mechanisms that you can have in a fruit processing machine which include:

Manual Control

This kind of control demands the use of human labor. The machine will not operate when there are no operators.

This control method is time-intensive and costly in the long run. Besides, it will not offer a consistent and reliable fruit processing method.

Also, it an affordable system than semi-automatic and fully automatic versions.

Semi-automatic Control

This kind of control applies both manual and automatic versions.

It needs few operators to control the machine due to the level of automation it has in it.

Besides, it is much quicker and reliable than a manual control system.

Also, it is expensive than a manual control system.

Fully Automatic Control

This control system will operate independently with little or no human supervision.

It is the most expensive of these control systems.

Besides, this system is fast, consistent, efficient, and reliable.

Most machine use PCL with fully integrated HMI.

Where it allows you to monitor and key in various configurations, depending on your production needs.

In most cases, they are common in industrial fruit processing machines.

The automation is possible with the help of various sensors, which help optimize the fruit processing.

What is the Difference between Batch and Continuous Fruit Processing Machine?

In a batch fruit processing machine, the machine will follow a series of steps in a specific order to process fruits.

On the other hand, a continuous fruit processing machine will process a single unit of fruits in every step with no break in time.

Here is how the two fruit processing machine types compare:


The scheduling in a batch fruit processing machines happens to maintain timing between different stages.

In a continuous fruit processing machine, every equipment will perform a specific processing task and function in a steady form.

Cost of the Equipment

It is affordable to acquire a batch fruit processing machine. The cost of a continuous fruit processing machine is usually high.

Controlling System

It is easy to control a batch fruit processing machine. Besides, controlling a continuous fruit processing machine needs the use of sophisticated control systems.


A batch fruit processing machine will require a small workforce.

On the other hand, a continuous fruit processing machine is usually fully automatic. If not, it will require a large workforce.

What are the Design Considerations for Fruit Processing Machine?

Several factors need consideration when designing a fruit processing machine including:

Figure 6 Types of Fruit Processing Machine

Figure 6 Types of Fruit Processing Machine


This is the specific task that the fruit processing machine will do. For instance, a fruit washing machine and a fruit peeling machine will have different designs.

Hygienic Design

It is a vital factor because the fruit is for human consumption and you need to eliminate instances of fruit contamination.

The best material for this is high-quality stainless steel.

In fact, most fruit processing machines are adopting CIP System.

Depending on the design of the machine, you can use either automatic CIP systems or integrated CIP system.

Construction Requirements

You must use high-quality material for the construction of a fruit processing machine. This is because you need a material that offers resistance to corrosion and other extreme elements.

Should you Choose New or Used Fruit Processing Machine?

This depends on your budget.

A new fruit processing machine will not have any underlying damages that you may not notice in a used machine.

Besides, there are used fruit processing machines that are in good condition.

From experience, I will advise you go for a brand new fruit processing machines.

This is mainly due to the following reasons:

  1. Brand new machines have a longer warranty period that used fruit processing machines
  2. With brand new fruit processing machines, you will not experience frequent downtime due to possible wear and tear
  • Normally, brand new fruit processing machines will guarantee high efficiency and productivity
  1. You can get brand new fruit processing machine at affordable prices considering China. You can learn more about fruit processing equipment and machines prices.

What is the Output Capacity of Fruit Processing Machine?

The output will depend on the design and configuration of the fruit processing machine.

Depending on your requirements or future prospects, you can choose fruit processing machine with high production capacity or low.

However, it is important to choose a machine that allows for future expansion.

What is the Electricity Connecting Options for Fruit Processing Machine?

The power requirements in fruit processing machines will vary greatly and the connectivity options include:

Single Phase

This has only one live wire connection.

Three Phase

This has three live wire connections.

Remember, the voltage and frequency will depending on the country where you intent to install the fruit processing machine.

Whether you will use 220 V / 380 V, 50 Hz or 240 V, 60 Hz will depending on the power supplier in your country.

You don’t have to worry about this since the machine will be fully configured in the factory.

How much Power does Fruit Processing Machine Consume?

The power consumption will vary from one machine to another.

This is because they have different capabilities and they can come as manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic.

You will get accurate information about power consumption from the user manual.

For instance, a pineapple peeler machine may use 4kw, while vegetable and fruit spiral blender may require 5kw.

Again, the power consumption or energy bills will depending how you effectively operate the machine.

Of course, the maintenance schedule of fruit processing machine will also play an important factor.

Which Factors influence the Service Life of Fruit Processing Machine?

They include:

  • Frequency of use.
  • How frequently you clean and maintain the fruit processing machine
  • Using the recommended repair and replacement of parts.
  • Nature of the chemical components you are using.
  • Operational parameters – operating fruit processing machine beyond the recommended parameters will result in faster wear and tear
  • Failure to follow the recommended operation guidelines may reduce the lifespan of fruit processing machine

What are the Safety Features for Fruit Processing Machine?

The safety features will make the machine easy to monitor and repair in case of emergencies.

These include:

  • Automatic sensors that detect malfunctions.
  • Emergency buttons to shut off the machine completely.

The sensors will send feedback to the operator for further investigation.

Besides, the safety features will detect foreign bodies that will contaminate fruits and automatically remove them.

In semi-automatic versions, these sensors will warn operators thus prompting them to take action.

In short, the good thing about automated fruit processing machine is the safety protocols.

How do you Clean and Maintain Fruit Processing Machine?

Cleaning and maintain the fruit processing machine is essential for service life and performance.

Apart from that, it is a very important aspect for the safety and the taste of the final fruit products.

Here are the main factors that you must consider in the cleaning and maintenance of fruit processing machines.

  • Hygiene During Operation

You must take hygiene during the operation of the fruit processing machine very seriously.

It is important to clean all the parts of the machine by eliminating protective oil on the surface of the machine.

You must also remember to remove the residual moisture on the machine using a clean and dry piece of towel.

It also has a clean in place system which automatically cleans the machine after completing a production process.

After the production process, you must also get rid of the waste products to eliminate any form of contamination.

  • Maintenance of the Machine

You should also maintain the fruit processing equipment on a regular basis by doing frequent inspections.

Make sure that you check every part of the machine and replace any of the broken parts on the machine.

Make sure that you replace or refill the oil on the fruit processing machines on a regular basis.

Figure 7 Fruit Processing Machine Maintenance

Figure 7 Fruit Processing Machine Maintenance

What are the Material Requirements for Fruit Processing Machine Contact Parts?

According to requirement by the FDA and cGMP requirements, all parts that are in direct contact with food should be stainless steel.

This is mainly because stainless steel is easier to sterilize besides being strong, durable and rustproof.

Therefore, you will easily maintain high standards of hygiene and avoid possible contamination when fruit processing machine is made from SS 304 stainless steel.


What is Throttle Valve for Fruit Processing Machine and why is it Important?

This is a device that will regulate the supply of fluids to the fruit processing machine.

It ensures the right amount of fluids enter and exit the machine to enhance the production process.

What do you mean by ‘Heating Profile’ for Fruit Processing Machine?

This is the combination of time and temperature to eliminate certain microorganisms from fruits.

How do you make User Requirement Specification (URS) for Fruit Processing Machine?

A URS document is where you specify the fruit processing machine requirements you need. It should contain the introduction and overview of the machine.

The overview should have information like size, capacity, accuracy, material construction, etc. Also, include operational requirements, utilities, abbreviations, supporting documents, and approval of the fruit processing machine.

This document ensures that you purchase the right machine and that it operates as per your application needs.

How is Factory Acceptance Testing for Fruit Machine done in China?

This test ascertains that the machine has the right build and design as per the specific instructions.

Here are the steps on how to conduct a factory assessment test [FAT]:

Preparation Stage

The manufacturers of the machine will present the FAT procedure to the client. The client reviews and approves it then the manufacturer tests the machine.

Documentation Stage

Manufacturers collect and review documentation during the FAT test. Also, they provide these documents before, during, and after the FAT test.

Testing Stage

Here, you test all components of the machine to ensure that they work perfectly and meet the set standards.

What are the Recommended Quality and Safety Standards for Fruit Processing Machine?

These include:

  • Current Good Manufacturing Practice [cGMP]
  • CE mark
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substance [RoHS]
  • Food and Drug Administration [FDA]
  • FCC
  • IP rating from come components
  • UL certification for certain components

Which Factors Determine Fruit Processing Machine Price?

These include:

  • Condition of machine – brand new machines are slightly more expensive than used machines
  • Technology – although technology may offer benefits such as efficiency, optimized processing, safety, high level and high level of hygiene, among other benefits, initial cost is usually high.

However, what most people will not tell you is that the operational costs will be very low.

  • Type of machine – for instance, fully automated machine will be more expensive that manual fruit processing machine. Also, a multifunction fruit processing machine will be more expensive than a machine that can perform say only one function.
  • Capacity – the higher the production of the machine, the higher you’re likely to pay more.
  • Manufacturer – buying fruit processing machine from European manufacturers is more expensive than sourcing it from China

To get an accurate prices for fruit processing machine, contact our engineers. They will help you find a fruit processing machine at affordable prices.

What is Equipment Identification for Fruit Processing Machine?

They are:

  • Name and address of the manufacturer
  • Serial number
  • Date of manufacture
  • Serial number

What are the Waste you can get from Fruit Processing Machine?

Fruit processing machines produce a lot of waste that have:

  • High organic content
  • Cleansing agents
  • Blanching agents
  • Salt
  • Suspended solids like fibers
  • Pesticide residue
  • Discarded fruits

How can you Prevent and Control Pollution from Fruit Processing Machine?

Figure 8 Vegetable and Fruit Processing Machine

Figure 8 Vegetable and Fruit Processing Machine

It is possible to lower wastewater volumes up to 95% by using good practices.

Some methods worth adopting are:

  • Purchasing raw fruits that are clean thus lowering the concentration of dirt and other organic elements.
  • Applying dry techniques like air jets or vibration systems to clean the raw fruits.
  • Separating and recirculating process wastewaters.
  • Applying counter-current units if washing is mandatory.
  • Using steam and not hot water to lower the wastewater that you will treat.
  • Minimizing the usage of water to clean the machines.
  • Eliminating solid waste by not using water.
  • Recycling and reusing wastewater and solid waste to produce products.

Why should you Import Fruit Processing Machine from China?

China offers several advantages such as:

  • Competitive prices
  • Turnkey solutions
  • A variety and custom designs
  • Quality compliance
  • Better after sales services
  • Chinese manufacturers strive to build long-term cooperation with clients
  • Accessibility of spare parts
  • Most Chinese manufacturer support OEM

Which Kind of Fruits can you make in Fruit Processing Machine?

They are and not limited to:

  • Apples
  • Pineapples
  • Banana
  • Berries
  • Blackcurrant
  • Cherries
  • Guava
  • Lemon, etc.

Figure 9 Automatic Passion Fruit Processing Machine

Figure 9 Automatic Passion Fruit Processing Machine

Which Kinds of Operations can Fruit Processing Machines Perform?

These include:

  • Freezing
  • Dehydration
  • Canning
  • Fermentation
  • Smoking
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging
  • Pasteurization

Do you have Small Scale Fruit Juice Processing Equipment?

Yes, we offer both small-scale and large-scale fruit processing equipment.

Basically we can customize fruit processing machines depending on your production needs and requirements.

What are the Pre-requisites in Fruit Processing Machine?

You need to have proper knowledge on how to operate the fruit processing machines.

In other words, you must prepare adequately and plan the fruit processing in advance.

Here are the main pre-requisites that you must have in the fruit processing machine.

Raw Materials

You must have the raw materials that you will use during the processing of the fruits on the fruit processing machines.

Some of the raw materials that you will need are the fruits and the fruit processing machines among others.

Proper Packaging

You must also plan for how to package the fruit processing products as soon as the process is complete.

The type of packaging that you will use will depend on the final products that comes after completing food processing.


You should also consider having all the equipment that you need for food processing in place before using the machine.

The equipment will aid in performing additional services that the food processing equipment may not handle.

Figure 10 Pineapple processing machine

Figure 10 Pineapple processing machine


You must also have the right staff with the right kind of knowledge or experience in operating the food processing machines.

The staff must have knowledge to program, operate, troubleshoot, and fix problems that may arise with the food processing machines.

Record Keeping

You should also plan on how you will keep or maintain the records of food processing with proper documentation.

It is a very important step that will help in planning and monitoring the operations of the food processing machines.

Is there a difference between Fruit and Vegetable Processing Equipment?

Figure 11 Vegetabl eprocessing machine

Figure 11 Vegetable processing machine

Well, you may use a complete fruit and vegetable processing equipment line.

Here, you will have a complete line that can handle processing of both fruits and vegetables.

On the other hand, you can have two separate machines, which will handle fruits and vegetable differently.

In other words, you may have a fruit processing machine and a vegetable processing machine depending on the application.

There are cases where you will use the fruit processing machine to process vegetables.

In the flip side, you may also use the vegetable processing machine to process fruits.

How does Tomatoes Processing Machine compare to Coconut Processing Machine?

Figure 12 Tomatoe processing machine

Figure 12 Tomatoes processing machine

Just from the name, you can note that the tomato processing machine and coconut processing machine process different fruits.

You will use the tomato processing machine to process tomatoes while the coconut processing machine process coconuts.

The components within the tomato processing machine differ from the components within the coconut processing machine.

You will also classify the tomato processing machine under the vegetable processing machine category.

On the other hand, you will have the coconut processing machine under the fruit processing machine category.

Figure 13 Coconut processing machine

Figure 13 Coconut processing machine

You can use the tomato processing machine to produce different types of products from the tomato.

On the flip side, you can also have coconut processing machine produce numerous products from the coconut fruit.

Why is Clean-in-place Critical in Fruit Processing Machine?

It is important to have a clean in place system in the fruit processing machine to clean the machine immediately.

It is an automatic system which you will use to clean the interior of the machine as soon as processing is complete.

You can use the clean in place system to clean the machine in a very short period thus saving on time.

Since it is automatic, it ensures that you clean all the parts of the machine every time you complete a production circle.

It will help in improving the productivity of the machine while reducing or eliminating downtime on the machine.

In addition to that, it will reduce the chemical handling procedures with very simple operation parameters.

Finally, it is a very important aspect that will eliminate any form of contamination on the fruit processing machines.

How does Fruit Processing Machine Produce Juice?

You can produce or process juice out of the fruit processing machine.

The type of juice that you will produce will depend on the fruit.

For instance, you can produce mango juice out of the mango fruits using the mango fruit processing machine.

Here are the main steps that you will follow when producing juice using the fruit processing machine.

Figure 14 Juice production machine

Figure 14 Juice production machine

Step One: Preparation Stage

Firstly, you will begin the whole process by preparing the fruit processing machine and the fruits.

Here, you will make sure that you have all the ingredients that you need for the whole process of juice extraction.

You will have to wash the fruits very well to decontaminate the fruits and eliminate any pathogen.

You will also discard the fruits and remove any part of the fruit that is damaged to ensure the juice is fresh.

Depending on the nutrient requirement of the juice, you may nit need to remove the skin on the fruit.

On the other hand, you may also have to remove the skin thus ensuring that you have the internal parts only.

Step Two: Extracting Juice

As soon as you have the fruits ready, you can now begin the juice extraction process by eliminating juice from fibrous.

The machine will begin the extraction process by chopping the fruits into smaller parts thus increasing the surface area.

An increase in surface area will lead to a better and then a launch cell fluid elimination.

After that, you will prepare the chopped fruits well to prevent any loss of nutrients or aroma from the fruits.

Depending on the type of fruits, you will use different types of preparation methods for the chopped fruits.

After that, the machine will proceed to extracting all the juice from the chopped fruits.

Here, you may have to use different juice extraction methods depending on the type of fruits.

There are instances where you may have to introduce heat at various temperatures to produce juice.

Step Three: Filtration

As soon as you have the juice, you will be forced to filter the juice to remove the hard solid particles.

You can pass the products through straining and clarification to ensure that it is as soft as possible.

You do not require any solid particles within the juice thus the need of filtering the juice.

After that, you will blend the juice well to ensure that the smaller solid particles are eliminated completely.

You will also pasteurize the juice to kill any germs that may be in the juice thus eliminating contamination.

It will help in making the juice sterile and clean for human consumption.

Step Four: Packaging

Here, you will fill different types of packages with enough fruit juice depending on the capacity you require.

After that, you will seal the packages completely to prevent entry of unwanted pathogens.

Finally, you will label the packages accordingly before storage in a cool environment awaiting distribution.

What is Particulate Integrity in Fruit Processing Machine?

Particulate integrity is the process by which the fruit processing machines maintains integrity of the fruits.

In other words, the machine will ensure that the final product has all the nutrients of the original fruits.

At the end of fruit processing, the machine will ensure that the final product also maintains the original fruit freshness.

In addition to that, it will also make sure that the final product is sterile and harmless for human consumption.

How does Fruit Slicing Machine compare to Vegetable Cutting Machine?

You will use the fruit slicing machine and the vegetable cutting machines to make smaller pieces of the fruits and vegetable.

These machines will help in making the whole fruit and vegetable processing procedure simpler.

They come complete with blades that help in slicing and cutting the fruits and the vegetables.

Despite the fact that it makes the work easier, it also comes with its fair share of limitations.

For instance, in case you cut the fruits and vegetables using the machines, you might lose the nutrient contents.

In other words, these machines injure the cells within the vegetables and fruits that affecting the whole nutrient makeup.

Figure 15 Fruit slicing machine

Figure 15 Fruit slicing machine

What are the Key Requirements for Starting Fruit Processing Industry?

Starting a fruit processing industry requires you to have specific things in place.

In other words, you will have to prepare all the important details before you in the fruit processing industry.

Here are the main requirements that you must have in place before starting the fruit processing industry.

Necessary Infrastructure

First, you must have all the necessary infrastructure that you will need to lodge the necessary fruit processing equipment.

Here, you will look at the cost and the quality of the infrastructure for starting the fruit processing industry.

Since you will be dealing with food for human consumption, you must have a look at the quality specifications.

Physical Layout

You will have to decide on the best physical layout of the fruit processing industry and how you will arrange the equipment.

Here, you will make sure that all the equipment is in a particular order thus enabling smooth transition through different processes.

Production Site

It is also important that you have a look at the best production site for the fruit production industry.

Here, you will look at the construction of the production site which must accommodate every aspect of the production process.

Basic Service Installations

You must also look at the availability of the most basic production requirements within the production site.

In this case, you will look at the availability of electricity, enough clean water, and proper disposal of waste products.

Basic Facilities and Equipment

You must also have all the basic facilities and equipment that you need for the fruit processing industry.

Some of the basic facilities that you will need are access to constant supply of raw materials and processing machines.

Get the Necessary Licenses

You will need all the necessary licenses as prescribed by the local authorities.

Remember, any plant processing and producing plant products must comply with the necessary health regulations.

Quality Control

Since we are looking at fruits, it is important to make sure that you maintain very high quality of machines and products.

This is the point where sanitization of the equipment or facilities is also very important for the whole process.

You must also make sure that the packaging, transporting and storage equipment is clean enough to prevent contamination.

How can you Package Processed Fruits?

As soon as fruit processing is complete, you must package the fruits in different types of packages.

You must make sure that the packages are clean and can maintain integrity of the products for longer periods.

Here are some of the packages for the processed fruits.

  • Primary and secondary containers with hermetic closures or other types of closures
  • Films, foils, and other plastic materials.
  • Plastic Sheets and Receptacles
  • Laminates
  • Glass Containers
  • Paper Packages
  • Tin Cand or Tin Plates

Can you Integrate Analytical or Quality Control Units with Fruit Processing Machine?

You must maintain very high-quality control aspects within the fruit processing machines.

Here, you will ensure high-quality control and integrate analytical control in the following aspects.

  • Selection and Inspection of the Raw Materials and Machines
  • Washing and Sorting of the Fruits and Equipment
  • Pasteurization of the Fruit Processing Products
  • Pulp Extraction
  • Product Labeling and Storage

Some of the quality control tests that you must carry out are acidity, pH level, and solubility levels of solids.

To succeed in the entire process, you must have the following quality analytical aspects or equipment.

  • 50 cc burette.
  • 100 and 250 cc precipitation beakers.
  • Burette support.
  • Nut fixing the support.
  • Potentiometer (pH meter).
  • Magnetic agitator.
  • 10 and 20 cc pipettes.
  • 250 cc glass flask.
  • Distilled water.

You must note that the analytical Equipment will vary considerably depending on the type of analysis.

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